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  1. ryantlanta liked a post in a topic by run_vick_run in Fans get your Money Back ----- Falcons amazing Offer !!   
    You are missing the liability to have freeman on our offensive back. Rather throw it every down
  2. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by RING OF HONOR in Where can I watch falcon vs eagles full game replay   
    Im confused....did you just answer yourself 
  3. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by falcons007 in QB With 3 or more picks in a game.   
    From 2008, here is list of QB and  most number of games with 3 picks are more. Brees is 6th with 11 games. Ryan has highest winning % when throwing 3 or more picks. 
    1. Eli - 18 games 3-15 record.
    2. Fitz : 15 games 0-15 record. 
    3. Cam Newton 13, 1-12 
    4. Matt Stafford  12, 1-11.
    6. Brees 11, 3-8. 
    7. Philip Rivers 10, 1-9
    Ryan with the game against philly has 10 games with 3 or more picks.
    Ryan is 5-5 when he throws 3 or more interceptions in a game.
    edit: Rodgers is 0-4.
  4. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by athell in Falcon vs Jaguars in a few minutes   
    Ok Free...I see you!  Nice 1st down run there...move dem chains!
  5. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by Drew4719 in Falcon vs Jaguars in a few minutes   
    Neither do I, although I’m not sure what I’m looking for lol. Sorry man, we play the jags for real in the last home game of the season, December 22nd. I guess you’ll have to wait until then.
  6. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by PriMeTiiMe in Falcon vs Jaguars in a few minutes   
    Kids this is why you dont do meth.
  7. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by falconfreek123 in Ryan: thanks...   
    FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) -- Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff received a text from Matt Ryan during the NFL draft.
    The Falcons' quarterback obviously approved of the team's first-round selections of two offensive linemen.
    Dimitroff said the message from Ryan was brief: ''Thanks. Just thanks and wow.''
      For Dimitroff and coach Dan Quinn, the top priority of the offseason was to build a better line after Ryan was sacked 42 times last season, the second-highest total of his career. He was hit 113 times, the third-most in the league.
    Dimitroff's first pick was guard Chris Lindstrom of Boston College. He then traded away the Falcons' second- and third-round picks to add tackle Kaleb McGary of Washington late in the first round.
    An improved line also would be key to the team's hopes of boosting the running game, which sagged last season.
    ''Make no mistake about it, we knew what we needed to do in this offseason and that was to continue to fortify Matt and the offensive line,'' Dimitroff said
    Lindstrom and McGary could form a new starting tandem on the right side of the Falcons' line. Clearly, they are the key to how this draft will be remembered.
    ''It may not have been shiny but I don't think grit is real shiny,'' Quinn said taking two offensive linemen in the first round. ''I'm real thrilled they'll be part of this group for a long time.''
    Dimitroff went to work on addressing other needs on Saturday's final day of the draft. Cornerbacks Kendall Sheffield of Ohio State and Jordan Miller of Washington, defensive end John Cominsky of Charleston and running back Qadree Ollison of Pittsburgh each were picked to bolster areas of pressing concern.
    The team's last pick, running back Marcus Green of Louisiana-Monroe, may make an immediate contribution as a return specialist. The versatile Green (5-8, 190) was primarily a wide receiver in college, but the Falcons are intrigued by his big-play potential at running back and on returns.
    Cominsky or Green could develop into long-term surprises of the draft class.
    After continuing his streak of making at least one trade in each of his 12 drafts as Atlanta's general manager by adding a second first-round pick, Dimitroff remained inactive on the second day of the draft. Dimitroff traded away his second- and third-round picks but was widely expected to pull off a trade back into the second day. The surprise was he couldn't deal two or more of his Saturday picks to move back into the second or third rounds.
    Atlanta had ample picks to allow Dimitroff the luxury of overhauling the offensive line with two first-round picks. He knew taking a guard so high in the first round would generate some negative reviews, but he and coach Dan Quinn agreed Lindstrom was the right pick. Adding McGary at No. 31 overall meant the Falcons could have two rookies starting on the right side of the line.
    Dimitroff may have gambled on some high-upside picks, including Cominsky, who was an option quarterback in high school before gaining 70 pounds in college. Ollison, a power runner, had inconsistent production at Pittsburgh.
    It will be judged as a successful draft if Lindstrom and McGary win starting jobs, Ollison can be a complementary running back with Devonta Freeman and Sheffield and Cominsky win roster spots and contribute on special teams.
    Dimitroff was successful in filling needs, though there may be room for more help on the defensive line, at linebacker and perhaps at running back from undrafted free agents.
  8. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by Jesus in Sanu is staying that's why we didn't draft a wr   
    His blocking is awesome as well. I kinda would not be opposed to keeping him around until he can't play anymore. 
  9. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by PriMeTiiMe in We grabbed a corner   
    end of 4. We gave up our 6th move up.
  10. FalconBlood liked a post in a topic by run_vick_run in FALCONBLOOD'S Day 3 Mock Draft   
    Yeah draft ridley brother. We need sanu replacement
  11. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by KRUNKuno in Logged On Just To Say   
    Chris Lindstrom has been my favorite player in this draft since November.
  12. run_vick_run liked a post in a topic by Drunken Minotaur Zebra in For all of you about to implode   
    Before you lose your cookies...
    We just took the best guard in the draft. People are complaining we're "stacked" at guard/OL. 
    You know who won a Super Bowl because of great guards/OL? Brees. Brady. You name it. 
    We FINALLY take a pick to protect Matt, and one that is as close to a guaranteed pick as you'll get at 14. Plus the side note of him being from BC. 
    Perspective. It helps. 
    Edit: seeing people saying we could have gotten him later.. how? We playing what ifs? What about trading back? What if we couldn't find a good trade partner? What if we had good intel that Taylor & Ford weren't fits for a few teams and they were eyeing Lindstrom? What if he was just by far the best OG, or even OL, they saw after interviews, etc.? You can play what ifs all day. 
    People called Neal a reach at 17 too. 
    Edit #2: Aaaaand Taylor has knee concerns, Howard got taken over him. Ford still on board (even though he's not as refined or able to play T like Lindstrom). Troffed?