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  1. Depth chart? So Darren hall is a cb not a safety or am I missing another rookie name hall?
  2. I'm just thinking if Ryan made Ridley I great receiver having to deal with pump fakes, adjusting to route adjustments, avoiding hits, throwing to turf areas.... Imagine when he clicks with Pitts. Remember at first Ridley cause interception by running routes to what seemed miscommunication but at the end it's a beauty. Hopefully it doesn't take long for Pitts
  3. Followed by Metcalf who is 2nd. So we basically have a Julio like big target on the team. Matt Ryan is going to love this player maybe as much. So Ryan can just throw anything to this guy and it will be a catch. Wait until the chemistry starts clicking....
  4. So i see dj Moore was picked 24. Ridley was 2nd at 26. Now I kinda remember. Gallup was picked 81. Sutton to the broncos was 3rd and most top 10 wr I don't know. I guess that miller is the one on the BUCS. And there's a dirk I don't know. In my opinion we got a pretty good pick
  5. So Calvin was drafted in the 2018 class. Pick number 26. I can do this by myself but some of you should know out of the top of your head. What was the list of the 10 wr drafted and in what pick? Because 26 is a really late pick for what this guy does. I got the comparison from undisputed. They did this but whit ceede lamb. So was Ridley the wr steal of the draft or are there any other good one? I can think of Metcalf in Seattle but not 100% he was 2018. Thanks for the help and let's discuss
  6. You guys are great giving information and insights when it comes to the falcons, some not so good. but you guys are too quick and childish when it comes to a negative point of view about something related to the team. Why will you just give downgrades when somebody points a flag about the team? So you all look foolish having big praises on the team and then we finish 3-14. Y got 30 downgrades for asking what will be your 2nd team if we don't make the playoffs. I don't take anything to the heart that could be said but you guys look like kids supporting the team
  7. I'm not even going to read. This site is so wrong. How is this site better than a QBR?
  8. So the falcons game doesn't show to be on any network. Anybody think it's possible to get it live with some tools?
  9. So if we don't make the playoffs what team will you be rooting for?
  10. Kyle Pitts to be 65% of what Julio Jones is. Since the new coaching staff is 75% better than before. Is that too much to ask for? For a 4th round pick
  11. I could stick for 3-5 but out of the playoff I mean
  12. If the falcons go 3-5, which could happen since we don't have julio. What would your 2nd team to go for? Because mines is the bills since I go for the underdogs and they are not favorites
  13. Like i was saying we have the same chanxes of winning ruund 1 as the hawks winning this serious
  14. It looks like the falcons will have the same chances to win a súper bowl as the hawks have as winning the championship. Maybe less. And will have the same chances to win a first round then that of the hawks beeting the sixers. We might have the same chances starting the season you had for the hawks making the playoff. So fingers cross we make the playoff since we have the 3rd easiest schedule comparing 2019 win porcentege win ratio. But we play the súper bowl winner twice. Good luck to all
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