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  1. You are missing the liability to have freeman on our offensive back. Rather throw it every down
  2. I used to watch last season all games that we win, through the week. I used to watch it through kodi but its not showing games this season. Please help me with a link
  3. Didnt he left injured first game?
  4. How far was the kick? From what yrd line?
  5. I know you guys going to say "well we got freeman so freeman is better". That's really how I feel. Because at the end of the year freeman will have more yards than coleman. Who do you take?
  6. He looks ready with Shanahan
  7. Are we the away team? Where can you watch the game? And what players like ito smith do you think are going to catch some minutes in playing field. I will watch just to see oliver and ito. What back strings are you looking foward
  8. Kawi Leonard from 3
  9. Google falcon jaguar. There's is a game at 7:00pm. I saw the thread yesterday too
  10. I don't see any stats or game has started.... it's been a good hour. Anybody?
  11. Game thread???
  12. I don't see the game anywhere to be found
  13. Don't we have freeman and ito smith sign up for atleast 2 more years. Why do we draft a rb? Is this just in case one goes down?
  14. Ok I'm getting confused. The marcus green we sign is a rb right, not a wr?
  15. We on pick 196. When do we pick?
  16. 5 interceptions in 3 season. Wth
  17. So this 5th rounder we might never see play in the regular season
  18. When do we pick again?
  19. So the buccs are going to try to handle our wr with 2 rookie cb. Read the panthers are doing awful and they come and pick a qb. What are the saints doing? Haven't seen them. Tell me more because it looks like we are going to have the best draft picks in the nfc south
  20. Yeah draft ridley brother. We need sanu replacement
  21. Yeah I see the saints had 0 picks in first round