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  1. I am. I live in atlanta so i feel for the team
  2. If it becomes a boring team i might cheer for the team ryan is on or julio. Most likely i will stay here but just saying. I might give nfl a break like i did when vick left. Who knows
  3. Yeah i believe in a future after the ryan era. The problem is i dont know if i will be a fan after the julio era. I dont watch alot of college football but i didnt thought we could pass on tua if he was available at our high pick. So that being said i believe we should pick wr first. Somebody like cdee Lamb or metcalf we need. Im not as smart as you guys but i believe their is alot of inteligence in this board and you guys should get organize to post about hc and draft picks. I believe we add
  4. Maybe he can get ryan to escape sacks like watson you know
  5. I dont understan why td gets brought up to the firing ?
  6. Are you mocking my name? More respect please
  7. Im trolling all cowboys YouTube and you come up with this?
  8. Gurley looks pretty good. Hopefully he gets over 20 carries
  9. We are going against a practice squad on defense. If our defense is really that bad that we make Dak look like a mvp, its the only way i see us loosing, well so be it. 2021. They have 2 star LB out, a CB, a TE, OL rookies. All i want with the W is one int
  10. I will have more insight of the cowboys after the game. Lol. Anything i should look at?
  11. If we loose to this injur cowboy team might as well give up on the season. I wasnt confident 2 days ago but cb LB te and line all messed up
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