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  1. CB darqueze dennard. Anybody knows him? It looks like he was a bengal
  2. Monstert had the highest speed rating on madden with 96 and like a 91 plus overall. You guys are missing something. This will be like having freeman and colmena all over again maybe better depending on gurley health
  3. We dont have to face a división rival in the playoff til a 3 round? Is this right. No tom Brady or drew till late and this year there is a extra team in the playoff. And the island to start the season is being constructed right now.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CChfVOvnrCa/?igshid=1ucnjw1uz3lut this looks beautiful
  5. 49ners rb raheem monstert might be coming to the falcons. If we get him we are a deep playoff team because are 2 and 3rd rb suck. We dont know how gurley health is. I seen videos of him training and he looks good but last video i saw of him he is in a rehab in california. Monstert is legit. Bring him in please. We have like 11m last thing a read here
  6. My order has been pending for a week. Idk when im getting my Julio white new uniform jersey
  7. I just order a Julio Jones new uniform white jersey and i have a matt Ryan old black. Anybody has order the new uniforms?
  8. Number 1. We dont have a number 1 cb Number 2. Dirk koetter sucks. I thought he was fired but realize he just got move to oc. He does a horrible job. He coached last year like if he still wants to be a buc. Im not running with it Number 3. We are on the toghess división. I dont know if you guys know that playoff spot got level a extra 2 spots so that works in our favor
  9. Well just seeing falcons defense leaving seahawks to a low scoring game. Expecting alot of balls flying over our cbs against almost all qb we face
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