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  1. I have andrew luck in my fantasy and matt ryan too. I'm starting luck this week for second time. You guys are all welcome to join this bandwagon.
  2. If they are both on the field to start this game I'm going to get a heart attack
  3. For a better chance for us to make the playoff I'm going with the seahawks. If they win tomorrow they wont tie with us because they play the panthers and the chief later on. So I'm hoping for a win tommorow and loses down the stretch. But really looking at the schedule we are done. Can only afford 1 lost and we play the cowboys the saints the packers ravens panthers. Just realize we are cooked
  4. I'm sure am. So excited. Panthers have a really easy schedule but last 3 games are saint falcon saint. We need to keep wining and hopefully panthers loose to the Seahawks too. Almost in the playoff picture
  5. This game is so important
  6. Yes. I just want to be in the playoff picture soonest as possible
  7. Deion later in the season means he plays vs the cowboys?
  8. My stats got us 7th and only team in front of us is the bears if playoff where today
  9. I say we would of had a better with deion but I will take oloukn over crawford. Deion was my favorite player last year but this season before it started I went with mckenley. He has 6 sacks I think. And our bad players are the cb not the middle or the run. Vic is as bad as crawford and takk is on every play. But we would of had a better record if we had 1 sack up to here?
  10. I thought I read this before and I didnt. Great article. I love when he goes in the game. Add him on twitter he added me back. Great player