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  1. It looks like the falcons will have the same chances to win a súper bowl as the hawks have as winning the championship. Maybe less. And will have the same chances to win a first round then that of the hawks beeting the sixers. We might have the same chances starting the season you had for the hawks making the playoff. So fingers cross we make the playoff since we have the 3rd easiest schedule comparing 2019 win porcentege win ratio. But we play the súper bowl winner twice. Good luck to all
  2. So its good when you can find a video talking something falcons. I seen these guys talk some lot about our team and with some good knowlege. I appreciate them. So lets watch
  3. This guys pretty good. They are always talking falcon.
  4. Deion jones has to be the player im more excited about in defense. Even olukon and grady before davidson
  5. Do you think calvin will or can be a probowler? How many yards he will give us as 1wr? Will he miss 1 or 2 games due to injury. Im 80% sure de wont make the playoff without julio
  6. Ok we loose julio jones but our weapons have to feel like a amusement park for AS. He never had a good qb. Just a really good rb. But nothing else. Tight end wide receive. We going to have hurst pitts calvin and rb smith. You guys have to understand our play schemes where a F specially on defense. If we upgrade that to a B i still dont know if we make the playoff without julio
  7. I put a TD interview where he said we had 7 or 8 players yo cut to make room for the cap. The question is who those 8 players where
  8. So what is with the june 1st date? I guess thats when teams sign the rookie class? Also extensions and trades make for cash sense after that date?
  9. Ok so cap space wont let us sign the draft class. How about of we drop guys like fowler who is injury prone and we also cut hayden hurst. How much money will we have left? I guess restructure grady too. Problem solved for 2021?
  10. Ok this is going our way. Based on the 2020 schedule the easiest is for the eagles .430 next is the cowboys .452 makes sense since they are in the nfc least last year having to go 2 times against those previous récords. And slightly 3rd over the cowboys is the falcons schedule .454 follow by the bucs .465 denver and dolphins 5th with .471 this is per nfl source.
  11. What am i missing on tony González? Started watching nfl few years in michael vick and tony González was never that good. But his stats say otherwise. I liked TE crumpler too just cant remember if he was good just in madden or real life too. Deangelo hall had a amazing 3 year start. Sad he wont make it
  12. I just came from reading the julio trade threat and over there they have him gone next season reason being cap. Im rooting for him but good to see those awful numbers. Hopefully terell and our rookie jump ahead of him just in case he has to be gone we stay with the best
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