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  1. Well, these people will change their tune in 10 years or so if health care is not reformed. Cost per year is estimated to be $23,842 per family by 2020.
  2. Best? wrong, we may have the most advanced. We also have the most advanced military in the world, a GOVERNMENT RUN military. If you think Americans are satisfied with their health insurance by a large majority you live on a different planet than the rest of us... I own an insurance agency, I know firsthand that people are dropping coverage because of the high cost. A young family of 4 pays on average $10,000 a year for health insurance if their employer doesn't provide health insurance benefits. That price is increasing at a 5:1 rate vs. wages.
  3. Yeah, and the status quo is so cost efficient and productive. Lets just ignore the fact that healthcare costs are escalating at a 5:1 clip vs. average income. It's time to quit the bipartisan talk and realize that bald faced liars and defenders of the corporations that are ripping the American people off need to be put in their place, the minority. They do not run things anymore, they ran our economy into the ground. It's time for progressives to rebuild America with or without the lunatic right wing. /rant
  4. Most people have to have something to depend on, we are a dependent species; even though many try and promote independence. Religion is a tool to help people, we are weak and most have to have something to lean on, something bigger than themselves; because in reality we are ALL very alone. It's hard for people to accept responsibility for their actions. Having am imaginary "god" or outside source to purify your errors is something many need to cope with life. While I know there is no god, I understand that some people need to believe, life scares them, death scares them. When there is no fear
  5. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/prayernation.asp
  6. Huh? Achilles Return = The Egoist? No way! Sup bro!
  7. Ft Lost in the woods misery for basic, Ft Huachuca for AIT, 97G, Ft Benning for jump school then Ft Bragg and beyond. What year were you at Huachuca?
  8. 504th PIR aka Devil Brigade 82nd Airborne 87-93 Panama 1989 Operation Just Cause Iraq 1991 West Flank
  9. You're just being a doosh! I guess I should have said "mad props to all my FELLOW war vets" and I wouldn't have got flamed :P hahaha fat chance! Good to see your sorry azz too cappy :P 504th Ft Bragg 87-93 "Devil Brigade" "Strike Hold"
  10. Here's to everyone who has served, is serving and will serve their country. CHEERS!
  11. Watch Mancow get waterboarded on youtube. Long time no see to everyone btw
  12. In case you guys want to open your eyes and get a taste of reality... nevermind.
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