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  1. I hate that voice Bale does. He ruins Batman. Keaton > Bale
  2. Is Gritz bi-polar? This is like the 3rd time he has "quit" the message board.
  3. Wow, I never knew that. That makes sense, though. And that would make a defense look better than it really is. I'm gonna do the history of all the Super Bowls and see if it holds true for most of them or if it's a recent last 20 years thing.
  4. Favre > http://washington-hunters.com/index.php
  5. I'm here. But I have been here for 7 years unlike the trolls that show up the day before a game.
  6. Shaun Hill at home: 7-0 win loss record 102.2 passer rating ------------------------------ Matt Ryan in road games: 4-6 win loss record 82.4 passer rating After bye week = 0-1
  7. Falcons used to be in the NFC West. How many 12-4 seasons did they put up?
  8. He is number 11 right now in passer rating and was 12th last year. 10-4 as a starter and 7-0 at home. Just wait until he has a WR that can catch the ball when Crabtree starts playing. Right now he is throwing passes to a 45 year old Isaac Bruce and a WR that played QB in college.
  9. Only Pure Football members can delete posts.
  10. You like to point out how Atlanta has won against 2 division champs from last year. Then you say the 49ers have not beat anyone good. Using your logic, the 49ers beat the Cardinals...you know, the team that was in the SUPER BOWL last year. Super Bowl > division champ
  11. So, 700 scientists reject global warming. What about the 250,000+ that believe it?
  12. And Shaun Hill has never lost a game at home as the starting QB. I honestly feel the Falcons will be falling to 2-2.
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