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  1. Let's Vote 10X each ...or more!!!! We all know that our players will be ignored by the league! http://www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot
  2. First Take is scripted. Panel has to always disagree to make it interesting. Skip just says the opposite of common sense.
  3. The Old Lot B (Covered- Under the bridge just in case it rains) You can enter at Marietta St or MLK
  4. "hey, that's not the guy on all film we watched! Too Many Weapons
  5. Great point. The crowd would be mixed and we would somewhat lose the home field advantage. The 'Vick 1st Fans' would surely show up
  6. This is not about fearing any QB or team but who do you think we match up better with? NFC TITLE GAME AT THE GEORGIA DOME
  7. Green Bay is getting healthy and Rodgers is a top notch QB. Eli can be anywhere between top notch and mediocre on any given Sunday. Vick is playing great but more importantly his O-Line is giving him all the time in the world to sit in the pocket and let those long plays develop. This is not about fearing any team but who do you think we would match up the best against? I intentionally left out the Saints. Because of the rivalry I thought everyone would pick them.
  8. ESPN Last Power Rankings 1. Ravens 2. Giants (Lost Today to the Cowboys) 3. Falcons You have to beat the best to be the best. Analyst Picks: Marshall Faulk -Ravens- Steve Mariucci -Ravens- Brian Billick -Ravens- Kurt Warner -Ravens- Deion Sanders -Falcons- Sterling Sharpe -Falcons- Can you hear me now?
  9. Amazing how loud it was considering there were many empty seats scattered throughout the dome. I only have 2 season tickets but wish I could afford more because soon the bandwagon jumpers will show up and need tickets. Scalpers dream.
  10. Sorry but I DID post it first. So YOU put up a repeat but only a re-tard would care.
  11. Check out NFL Network. They are replaying the Saints game.
  12. Age must not matter if our #1 DE is 32, injury prone and coming off a bad season. We are always one injury away from being below average so why not take a chance on a veteran RB, WR or DE. Yeah we picked up a good CB but Gonzo and Abe and our O-Line are aging rapidly. Do you really think that one move per year will get us there?
  13. Lets be honest. Do we really have a better roster than last year? Sure we have Jerry and Douglas coming back but returning from major injuries is always a question mark. Our offense depends too much on Turner. Can our O-Line pass block long enough to throw the ball deep? Can Matt throw the ball deep? and Can anyone other than Roddy even go deep? Will continue to be predictable on offense? Do we really believe in our D-End situation or our #2 Corner? It seems like every year we go into the season with our fingers crossed while other teams make more moves and take more chances. Don't beat me up
  14. Looks like you are in Section 322....that's where I sit...Row 7
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