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  1. Interesting that I am not the only one who brings throat lozenges in their pocket. I am a season ticket holder, and the last time I felt the dome was extremely loud was at both of the 2004 games against the Rams. It was so loud that a safety or TD in the end zone was the result. (I sit near the end zone on the end where the Falcons run onto the field.) I can assure you that although I am in the upper deck area I do everything I can when the other team is on offense to mess them up with noise. On the other hand when the Falcons are on offensive I am taking the throat lozenges. They really
  2. Happy New Year....I'll be at the dome tommorrow to ring this one in with a win! Go Falcons!
  3. I'll be there next Monday, and will most certainly lose my voice as I assist the aints offensive line in moving at the wrong time...Should be quite loud...Don't you think...
  4. Although I agree with the first post..winning is never boring to me. As for the aints fans...I still see some postings on ESPN, etc. where they feel the Falcons are not capable of reaching the Super Bowl...similar to Dilfer and ESPN tonight... However, if you simply keep winning you will get there, but that is the trick in the playoffs...
  5. The Seattle win was big because we only have to win one of the next two games. However, I agree that there is no reason not to win both of them! I'll be at both games and would love to see the Falcons win them both!
  6. Yeah, I saw this too. I think we are great to watch because we are winning! I wish I had recorded that and sent it to the Falcons at Flowery Branch. What was so crazy is after Dilfer said that they talk about two teams that could go to the super bowl the aints and the ravens, both of which we have defeated....well I still think winning counts...so GO Falcons!!
  7. Agreed! As a STH it is great to go to the dome and leave with a win! Sunday, it's time to win one on the road! Go Falcons![/font]
  8. I just got a windows 7 phone too...it rocks...I suggest you reconsider....
  9. Totally agree...the Seattle game is huge for home field and more really IMHO
  10. I think the Seattle game is going to be an important one for the Falcons next weekend. I hope the game today is very physical for the shehawks...
  11. As I watch the games today develop a Falcon win next week would be huge, and would really impact the Saints keeping them from winning the division. Of course this would require a last game win as well with Carolina. Regardless, the Seattle game looms large to me.
  12. Odd...they had a poll who would win the Ravens Falcons game too...Only Georgia thought the Falcons would win...along with Herm Edwards on ESPN...But as long as we win I could care less....just keep winning!!
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