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  1. Sort of what I am thinking - we still have a prison sentence but it seems we can at least see some chance of parole
  2. Simple question - the Falcons obviously lost today but they possibly appeared more competitive than expected and almost nobody expected them to win today. So, are you feeling better about them?
  3. Today was arguably the hardest game we have on our schedule this year. Our game in San Francisco is maybe comparable but who knows how their season will turn out depending on who is their QB. We also have a bad game in Buffalo in January but maybe it will be meaningless to them by then.
  4. This can be restructured, Ryan barely makes the top 10 in annual salary for QB's these days.
  5. People take for granted how great it has been to not have to worry about the QB position for 13 years and think that getting another QB even as good as Ryan is now is just a simple draft pick. Before Ryan we went through numerous QB's for at least 2 decades following Bartkowski including the short-lived Vick years (great on the field, terrible off the field) and the likes of Hebert and George and Archer and so on. Or, just look at Indy that is living with Wentz now after thinking Luck was their long-term solution. Or, look at the Rams that have reverted to Stafford (similar to Ryan) after the Goff years.
  6. The Braves won today so I guess it was destined we lose today
  7. Well maybe things will be a lot different by week 13 when we see these guys again?
  8. This is the most stressful up-and-down team to possibly root for - and it is not because of lack of effort but a ridiculous amount of bad luck
  9. Saves some time actually if he takes a sack and then Brady comes out and gets another TD (Gronk?). Instead we take out the middle piece?
  10. But do you ever see him make some amazing runs or really throw difficult passes or really do anything great? It is his supporting pieces and bad defenses that ultimately make him look amazing.
  11. Blessing in disguise - we hold the ball longer and keep it out of their hands
  12. Is this the inverse of last years game where we were winning 17-0 at half versus the Bucs?
  13. I just hope it carries to next week and we can truly beat a low-level team like the Giants
  14. Brady's play these days reminds me of the steroids days in baseball when everyone knew players were juiced - there is just something that does not make sense with him
  15. Of course the batted ball lands perfectly in one of their defenders' hands
  16. But notice their improvement suddenly came when Brady arrived and his buddy Gronk followed.
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