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  1. Which is exactly why both Jameis and the Falcons do not want this option - - Falcons have no money to pay him - Ryan is historically durable and is unlikely to be down any for Jameis to expect to have playing time - Neither side would want to sign a multi-year contract - If Jameis does play and play well, he would be go elsewhere next year - Ryan is under contract for 4 more years with a lot guaranteed - Jameis has better chances to play behind declining QB's-Detroit? Pittsburgh? Indianapolis? - Falcons have bigger starting roles to fill, spend less on bench warmers? - Do Jameis and Koetter feel his success was better together or with other people? - Brees was hinting retiring soon, Bridgewater saw a chance for a QB job there (does Jameis see that here?) - New Orleans feared Brees retiring and had Bridgewater around for safety (do we fear Ryan retiring?) - Schaub started one game last year and threw 400+ yards-we did not lose because of him
  2. Ryan will last into his 40's unless our OL gets worse (his contract goes 4 more seasons already) Watson will end up like Cam and ready-to-retire by 30 unless he transforms into more of a pocket passer *Ryan turns 35 next month, Watson turns 25 in 5 months
  3. No way we draft a RB in round 2 after spending $5m on Gurley (unless they are truly worried about his physical) and with such a glaring need at CB right now. Is Throckmorton supposed to be Mack's replacement - surely there are better options if we are looking for a true full-time center for the future? Or, is he supposed to be an all-around backup for all positions on the OL?
  4. Quality over Quantity Sanu - getting older, injured now, great career but not necessarily great now Trufant - way overpaid and not what he was 3-4 years ago Freeman - another head injury from retirement, has anybody else signed him yet? Campbell - good but not great, was overpaid in FA Hooper - one we might miss this year but Browns paid premium $ for him that we did not have Stocker - one we definitely are not going to miss Beasley - should have been gone a year ago Of these, maybe 3 at most we would want?
  5. Then they should have traded him and developed Graham in the 2nd half of last year.
  6. He was clearly on an upward progression in his career (as opposed to Beasley who spiked and was going down). They should have signed him before or early in the 2019-20 season to an extension of some type. The Falcons gambled that he was not going to get better and that there would be little demand for TE's this offseason. Instead, they were wrong on both accounts. However, I do give them credit for finding Hurst as a solution although it cost them a 2nd rounder.
  7. I cannot watch it without thinking of the JFK assassination - something just isn't right about both of them.
  8. I figured I would have a bunch of people mentioning him if I did not include him since he was technically on IR last year but just became a FA this year - I changed him to Kemal Ishmael.
  9. There was a lot of emotion over Matt Bryant's departure last offseason-so much so that we ended up bringing him back only to watch him probably underperform. So, of all the Falcons we have said goodbye to this offseason, what Falcon can we say we miss the MOST (would want to bring back if possible) versus the LEAST (would not consider bringing back). These lists are not 100% so feel free to hit the other option and post who that is.
  10. Jason Butt of the Athletic has the Falcons picking up Kenneth Murray (LB-Oklahoma) now in his mock - I would have not even thought of him until today, he would be a clear replacement for Devondre, but nobody else has really even mentioned him.
  11. How many actually saw us ending up with Lindstrom & McGary Last Year (2019) in the 1st Round? How many actually thought we would end up with Ridley the Year Before (2018)? Perhaps the approach we should have in these threads is not to go with what we expect to happen - Henderson, Kinlaw, Chaisson, etc., BUT instead to think about what we least expect to happen. I do not mean something ridiculous like trading up for Burrow, trading our 1st for multiple 7th round picks or a 1st rounder in 2023, or packaging Julio and our 1st round pick for a RB. But what are some really unexpected things but not necessarily ridiculous things we could do? Sample - We are really worried about Gurley and draft Swift to be safe? Perhaps trade our #16 down a few slots to maybe get Swift and Chaisson or maybe Epenesa?
  12. Gurley knows his body and would be unwise to sign a new deal knowing he would fail his physical 2 months later (or even 3-4 months later). If he knows his knee is gone and he cannot run near what he used to and then signed a deal requiring a physical that he was going to fail, how could he expect any team to sign him after that? If he fails this physical, his career will be over with unless he maybe has some major surgery or one-year vacation in which he convinces the NFL he has recovered.
  13. TD only cares about this year - if we do not get the playoffs (although almost half the NFL will now), he will not have a job next year. He will trade our 1st next year if he can get something for it.
  14. Is there a deadline for one to make last edits? 1. Chase Young DE - Ohio State 2. CJ Henderson CB - Florida 3. AJ Epenesa DE - Iowa 4. Javon Kinlaw DT - South Carolina 5. K'Lavon Chaisson DE - LSU 6. AJ Terrell CB - Clemson 7. Yetur Gross-Matos DE - Penn State 8. Trevon Diggs CB - Alabama 9. Noah Igbinoghene CB - Auburn 10. Bryce Hall CB - Virginia 11. Justin Madubuike DT - Texas A&M 12. Tyler Biadasz C - Wisconsin 13. Nick Harris C - Washington 14. Matt Hennessy C - Temple 15. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB - LSU 16. Zach Moss RB - Utah 17. Eno Benjamin RB - Arizona State 18. JR Reed S - Georgia 19. Rodrigo Blankenship K - Georgia 20. Tyler Clark DT - Georgia TB1 - CB, DE/OLB/Edge, DT, C, RB, LB TB2 - CB, DE/OLB/Edge TB3 - DE/OLB/Edge
  15. Senat - our secret weapon that has been held back as a surprise pro-bowl starter to unleash this year?