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  1. Field position is a team stat and can be blamed on the defense and the returner (and unit). The Falcons defense can be blamed some this year for this, but Roberts has certainly not helped. Roberts should be able to fair catch any kick - when he waives his hand, he has a promise that no opponent will interfere with him (at risk of penalty) and all he has to do is catch a large brown ball. However, he seems to let the ball instead bounce to the 5 yard line or closer to the end zone. I am not saying he needs to return every punt, but a good fair catch could be worth 5-10 yards for us - note that difference between avg starting field position between Dallas (2nd) and Atlanta (32nd) as of week 9 was 7.74 yards.
  2. Thinking of last year, we really did not have any really deep throws today at all today. Even Gabriel's big catch for 34 yards was mainly yards after a short pass.
  3. Through Week 9, Dallas had the 2nd best Average Offensive Starting Field Position (31.42 yard line) - Atlanta was at 23.68 which was 32nd or last. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestats Dallas has Ryan Switzer as their solid return guy who clearly can be given credit for helping this stat for Dallas, while Roberts should be given some of the blame for Atlanta being the worst.
  4. What was different today: 1) The opposing Cowboys did not score after the 1st quarter 2) An opposing team actually missed a FG against us 3) We had a goal line rushing TD (w/Poe's help) 4) Hooper actually had some great grabs w/ a TD 5) We actually had a good 3rd Quarter-we scored and held the ball most of the time 6) We did not blow a lead after we created it 7) Our defense stopped the opposing run largely 8) Our defense sacked the Cowboys an enormous # of times 9) We ran the ball as needed but not at the expense of our passing game 10) Gabriel actually was a factor in the offense with important catches 11) We converted on 3rd down at a high rate with almost no 3-and-outs 12) We ended up favorable in turnovers (although no penalty-less interceptions) 13) Few are complaining about Sarkisian after today 14) Rookie McKinley was actually a clear presence on the defense 15) We scored in all 4 quarters so tires are cheaper tomorrow What might have been the same (on the wrong side): 1) Roberts still was not any good on returns 2) We did not have an answer to their TE Witten 3) We let Dak run too far at times when he left the pocket 4) Too many penalties, especially early, that extended Cowboy hopes 5) Ryan still had too much pressure on him at times (but it improved) 6) Derrick Coleman is still proving to be a poor rush blocker
  5. At this time last week, sports radio commentators/sports column writers/message board posters all seemed to be remarking how well the Bulldogs were executing and winning with better coaching as opposed to the Falcons. The claim seemed justified as the Bulldogs were 9-0 with many blowout wins while the Falcons were blowing their games. One week later, the Falcons are coming off a 27-7 win over the Cowboys where both defense and offense played well. The wild card is in their eyesight with a win over the Seahawks next week and the division is still possible with 2 games remaining against the Saints. On the other hand, the Bulldogs had their offense and defense disappear against Auburn and now cannot afford to lose another game to have a chance at the national title. Is it more likely now that the Falcons can rebuild off the win today and get a Superbowl win or that the Bulldogs can recover from a bad loss Saturday and still be the national champion?
  6. 1) He has a great 2016 and goes into contract negotiations with a pretty strong resume 2) The negotiations appear somewhat hot internally but on the outside Devonta does not indicate skipping camp or games 3) Eventually, his agent pulls off the richest RB contract in the NFL even though Devonta really only plays 2/3 of what other power RB's play 4) He suddenly has a concussion (his second) in the preseason during practice with very little information 5) He conveniently does not play the rest of preseason and just appears ready-to-go for week 1 of the season 6) His first few games feature him with TD's but still his role in the offensive playbook is very limited versus last year 7) He almost disappears from 3rd down plays as his pass-blocking is considered not optimal (evidenced by Superbowl) 8) The Falcons draft a RB high in 2017 and do everything they can keep that RB around (faking an injury to get him to practice squad?) 9) As the season progresses, Devonta's touches and receptions continue to decline versus the prior year 10) Suddenly, in the first game past the halfway mark, Devonta goes out for concussion protocol in the first series with no return 11) The hit was hard to the head but Devonta was not on the ground, no penalty was called, but the medical staff was out to grab him instantly 12) Given that this is his 3rd concussion in his career, it is essentially now Devonta's call as to whether he should ever return 13) The large contract would be largely covered by guarantees given the medical conditions if Devonta retires 14) Since Devonta played 8 games with plenty of touches, it would be hard for any legal proof to be shown that anything was arranged 15) Devonta gets to retire with a lot of money and hard-to-disprove injury 16) The Falcons keep other teams from getting Devonta, get rid of his contract, and now plan for a RB with better combination of blocking/running skills As much as I have loved Devonta for his past performance especially given his size, I really questioned how much the Falcons paid him (especially considering how many other contracts they will have coming up) but then have been shocked at little they have been using him so far in 2017. Something just seems weird about what has been developing.
  7. The guy was good late last year and better than Trufant is playing this year, so I say at least let him rotate onto the field and show if he is a better option.
  8. If the Cowboys knew that their backups were as good as Zeke they would have convinced him to serve his suspension ages ago rather than putting all this effort into keeping him around. And, even their backups like McFadden have almost no carries this year and will be rusty at a minimum.
  9. Could it possibly be distractions up in the booth? Is his view actually not as good upstairs as on the field? Is Quinn too certain (stubborn) he was right to let Sark come back to the field? Where does Ryan actually prefer him to be? Did Shanahan actually have mind-control gadgets he could only run upstairs? Could we hide Sark in a closet, put a dummy upstairs and let Ryan just always run no-huddle?
  10. Hooper's problem is not intelligence or size or even speed just hands-eye coordination - I actually think with practice the guy could improve. The question is whether Ryan or maybe Schaub or somebody else could throw him tons of passes of all velocity/angle/wobbliness. And, he is only in his second year (first full year) and even our best WR's were not dependable early.
  11. It is humorous to read threads like this again versus now but it is also somewhat reassuring that all might not be lost. I think I said we would finish 11-5 in my preseason predictions and broke it out by game: At Chicago W 1-0 Green Bay W 2-0 At Detroit W 3-0 Buffalo W 4-0 Miami W 5-0 At New England L 5-1 At NY Jets W 6-1 At Carolina L 6-2 Dallas W 7-2 At Seattle L 7-3 Tampa Bay W 8-3 Minnesota W 9-3 New Orleans W 10-3 At Tampa Bay L 10-4 At New Orleans L 10-5 Carolina W 11-5 I was obviously wrong about Buffalo and Miami but actually was not wrong about New England and at Carolina. I still am not afraid to say that maybe we could still go 11-5 with perhaps some momentum (win at Seattle-MNF? will TB be terrible by week 15? take the division from NO in their palace?). You may say the team is in shambles right now and all is wrong but all you have to do is look back at late September when most of us were thinking just the opposite to realize how quickly things change. And, with 5 division games left, we do still control our fate.
  12. The real misery is going to be for the Falcons and their management (and owner) when they look up and see tons of empty seats.
  13. About as easily as they are selling a Rodgers-less GB vs. Detroit game tomorrow
  14. Recovery
  15. He did hit a 53 yarder right down the middle on our opening drive - the question is whether his injury (that Fox was obsessed with but the local Falcons radio did not even mention) was age-related or just a normal strain that a person of any age could have.