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  1. I wonder what will be worse - for us to not make it to our home stadium for the Superbowl (would be first time ever) like the Vikings last year, get there and lose it to the ridicule of the rest of the league, or actually win it and then be accused of having had an unfair home field advantage. There will probably be an eye on our record all year with the roof open/closed and our play indoor/outdoor. If our record is any better with the roof open (and outdoor overall), critics will probably be calling for the roof to be closed for the Superbowl at the slightest chance of rain/snow.
  2. - Wondering if the Braves are just a mirage or might be becoming as good as the Falcons? - Debating what the Hawks should draft in the lottery and how many more years until they will ever be good again - Trying to convince myself to be interested in a local soccer team
  3. There has to be something hiding (injury? arrest? drugs? giant contract demands?) as to why they are just letting him go. And, why would the Eagles let him go knowing one of his primary suitors would be Atlanta-their first opponent?
  4. Dez Bryant - Julio is better but no team rushed to trade for him and no team is rushing to sign him after he was let go. Julio is not young and has to face the fact that although he is good, his future value is declining.
  5. From wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Football_League_Draft#Compensatory_picks): The placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player's salary, playing time, and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. https://overthecap.com/the-basics-and-methodology-of-projecting-the-nfls-compensatory-draft-picks/
  6. Does this not hurt the Falcons if Clayborn does not get tons of playing time? Although I think there is some hidden rule that still gives us compensation if the new team reaches an injury settlement with him? Anybody know the rules (do we need a lawyer)?
  7. Everybody is assuming the worst? Julio is generally one of the hardest-working, dependable players the Falcons have ever had. However, we have a sleazy reporter trying to get people to pay attention to him, so he has every incentive to be as vague and misleading as possible. Julio has not said anything himself publicly about wanting more money Julio has never attended OTA's so his lack of participation this year is not odd Ian simply says that Julio wants his contract updated - note he did not say Julio wanted a big raise The story is leaked out on a Friday just as everybody is heading into the weekend (when they are least thinking about work) The Falcons are also supposedly open to the idea-no negotiating team would say this immediately for a player wanting more money Could it possibly be that Julio simply wants more of the existing money in his contract guaranteed? Could it be simply something Julio's agent said as a tease? Could it be a mutually-beneficial thing where the Falcons add a year to his contract or shift more of his salary cap hit? What do you trust more - the Julio WR we have enjoyed for several years or a non-Falcon reporter?
  8. I just hope the Hawks also have the willingness to bundle a few of their high picks (plus Schroder?) and move up to get Collin Sexton as their new point guard.
  9. Serbian Vlade Divac as the Sacramento GM will have no fear of taking the European player Doncic at #2 (unless Phoenix took him for some reason)
  10. Just curious - why is this topic not considered "related" to the Falcons and stay on the TATF board? The guy played in Atlanta and had a few good years here and had a controversial leave. I would probably not have even heard about his retirement until a few weeks later if this topic had not posted to the TATF board last night. I know the Around the NFL board exists but it has only 100K (0.1 million) posts while the TATF board has 4.4 million. If something is posted on the Around board, it is almost unlikely to get read or responded to (this post?). I agree a post about Jimmy G in San Francisco now is irrelevant to the Falcons fans, but a post right after he was traded last year was relevant given we had the possibility of facing the Pats in the Superbowl. Likewise, a post about a Saints player getting a suspension is always relevant to the Falcons since we play them twice a year. What decides if a topic is relevant to Falcons fans or not? Maybe the factor should not be subjective but instead based on how many responses it has - if TATF board members are clearly responding to a topic, should it not stay there no matter if it is possibly irrelevant? Or, is there a solution to make the Around the NFL board of more interest to TATF posters?
  11. Because in 1970 the original NFL (aka NFC) merged with the AFL to form the new NFL. I remember as a kid always thinking of the AFC as being the inferior conference (until the Patriots arrived?). The good teams all seemed to be in the NFC - Bears, Cowboys, Giants, etc. and the AFC had the Broncos, Bills, etc. who always seemed to lose the big game. The NFC always seemed to win the Pro Bowl (when players actually wanted to play in it), and the Falcons actually would look forward to their AFC games. The NFC teams probably wanted something for having just survived their conference and making it to the Superbowl. Unless there is ever a scheduling setup arranged where AFC and NFC teams play an equal number of games against each conference, the argument will remain that one conference is better than the other. Further, the Superbowl is not necessarily the 2 "best" teams in the NFL just the "best" teams in each conference.
  12. Dan Quinn - If the defense declines from a top 10 to just a top 15 (or even maybe just a top 20), few would be calling for him to be fired. Most would probably just blame it on free agency, the salary cap, and/or lack of good players available in the draft. Not that the defense is unimportant, but Quinn has little to fear about it as a weakness. And at least until next year, there is little money invested in the defense. On the other hand, if the offense regresses any from last year, Sark could be fired mid-season and Quinn might be fearing his own job too. The offense as opposed to the defense would actually be a failure if it does not improve significantly. Quinn knows this which is why he brought in Knapp and why he spent his 1st draft pick on the offense. I really wonder how much Knapp is already taking over for the offense already. The team has plenty of talent (and money invested) on the offensive side and has only stupidity to explain it not succeeding.
  13. Is it coincidence that #26 was the Taven Bryan guy that so many draft predictors and AFMB members thought we were going to take? Any success by Bryan at all will be shoved by the media in Quinn's face for a long while unless Ridley is Julio-like in production. I also see that this list also has D.J. Moore ahead of Ridley as the best WR in the draft. This seems to be the start of another Carolina-Atlanta WR rivalry comparable to the old Steve Smith-Roddy White days.
  14. Last year: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2017-nfl-picks-our-expert-predictions-for-super-bowl-mvp-major-awards/ La Canfora - Seahawks win Superbowl, Aaron Rodgers wins MVP
  15. LT = really great job - have to move around only a few yards each play, get to eat as much as you can (Falcon's expense?), really just have to be a big road block (get penalized anyway for using your hands), and get overpaid even when you really are just average. I guess the only hard part is being born rather large and tall. I am not saying that Falcons do not need Matthews but guards and centers do twice as much work (pulls, snaps, etc.) and never get the same recognition.