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  1. It is offseason and nothing "amazing" is happening with the Falcons in the news right now, so it is time for odd topics to appear to keep the board interesting. One particular thing that appeared in my overnight is a strange dream about the Falcons. From what I can remember, our Falcons were having continuing offensive line struggles and were also playing near the railroads tracks. I cannot get over how their current right guard was Chris Hinton (don't ask me why) but Alex Mack was definitely the center. Hinton was almost gross-looking as he had mechanical arms and a scary face after years of blocking. The guy was trying his hardest but he clearly needed to be replaced. However, I was being told that it was normal for guards to end up this way and I really wanted to tell Lindstrom before he took over the position. It was not necessarily a nightmare but just odd of a thing to dream about. I must mention that right guard was my position in high school which might suggest why that position would matter to me and come up in my dreams, but my high school days are long ago and not a thing I really think about every day. Anyway, I am curious if others out there ever have strange dreams involving the Falcons.
  2. Goes a long distance on electricity but never can use gas or get up to high speed
  3. As mentioned in the article, Terrell comes in with a "chip" on his shoulder. It really is more like a black eye that many assume means he lost his fight. Hopefully, rather than getting an obnoxious 1st round pick from Clemson who assumes he is already bigger than the rest of the NFL, we might get a humble one who might be looking forward to picking off a Wilson, Brees, Brady or Mahomes.
  4. Actually - the player who will surprise everyone will be Brian Hill who will have strong tutoring from Gurley and also be able to absorb a significant amount of the hard interior runs that Gurley will be held back from.
  5. Deadrin Senat He's due to graduate from the Quinn Hibernation program, Cominsky is 1 year into it and Davidson will be entering it. This seems a joke but it is ridiculous that a 3rd round pick has been wasted like Senat has?
  6. Emphasis on turnovers - competition among teammates for the most?
  7. Ryan has restructured his contract multiple times to allow the Falcons to sign needed FA's. One cannot assume that just because a FA is out there, he would want to come to the Falcons and money is only one factor. Likewise, would we rather have our money clearly centralized in definite All-Pro players like Ryan and Julio or in a bunch of $10 million mediocre stars like Freeman or Campbell or Beasley or Trufant were? Our salary cap problem would not exist right now if we had not locked so much in Carpenter, Brown, and maybe Bailey and a few others.
  8. Hopefully, Harris and McKinley can see each other as challengers. If one gets a sack, the other will feel a need to get a sack. If one creates a turnover, the other will feel a need to get a turnover. McKinley's biggest detriment to his early career was having Beasley at the other end as he never looked at him as a challenger and never had any reason to match him in sacks since Beasley had so few after 2016-17. McKinley also will probably look at Fowler as more of a senior or veteran above him rather than as a challenger. However, given how closely they were drafted together and their contract statuses, Harris and McKinley have to feel the need to exceed the other.
  9. Just hope that he ends in the AFC someone other than the AFC West and that New Orleans (and Brees especially) ends up regretting they let him go. If we signed him and moved Lindstrom to LG, Hennessy definitely only gets minimal playing time behind Mack, we would have to dump at least Carpenter or Brown or both for roster space with little cap space gained, and only have a RG here for 2-3 years until he really starts wearing down (similar to how Chester was).
  10. Mark Bradley of the AJC wrote a column today about his 5 greatest moments writing for the AJC - his #2 was Super Bowl 51 (28-3-does anybody not recognize that score?). I really wonder if we might be able to forget about this or at least put it behind us so that it does not bother us. https://www.ajc.com/blog/mark-bradley/career-moments-coaching-michael-jordan-sid-sliding/7VfcRRlGISM3A3jhYDZT2H/ What is it going to take to truly get over it? Beating Tom Brady twice this year and seeing him fade out of the NFL? Seeing Belichick and the Patriots finally have a losing season(s)? Having both Brady and Belichick (and other Pats? retire)? Winning the Super Bowl ourselves-like the 1995 Braves did to erase the 1991 WS collapse? Getting rid of Quinn and everything associated with him here? Moving on from Ryan, Julio, Matthews, etc. and all players on that SB51 team? Getting old and just not remembering things more than a year ago? Oddly, we should be proud of the 2016-17 season as it was one of the greatest Falcons seasons ever but few ever want to discuss it because of its end - many only remember the ending and cannot remember a single thing that went well the weeks before that. Are we past the denial stage in this city finally?
  11. At least we can probably guess with 4 of the last 5 games on the road, Quinn will not be able to pull a 6-2 final stretch to save his job after a 1-7 start.
  12. Please let the Bucs have a terrible start, Brady basically announce his retirement by midseason, and some young rookie QB be starting by the end of the season for them. And, please have KC have wrapped up their division and home-field and not even care about their game against us.
  13. Matt LaFleur - he was Ryan's best coach and we could have at least kept him for 2 more seasons (who knows if he would even be in GB if we had promoted him)
  14. Is that a negative or positive? Our excess should be good elsewhere while the players we keep should still be better.
  15. It seemed Tavecchio was a lock to be our kicker last year but was gone in a heartbeat (never heard from again anywhere?). I am fine with Koo and there really is nobody around challenging him. His real specialty seemed to be on-sides kicks, so assuming Hofrichter does standard kickoffs, if Koo ever does come out to do a kickoff, the opposing team can almost conclude it will be an on-sides kick? I also am fine with Hofrichter kicking 50+ yard FG's but it will need to be a real firm boundary to avoid problems. If we are losing 27-26 with seconds to go, the right kicker will need to know to come on the field. Plus, we cannot sometimes have Koo kicking 51-yarders or Hofrichter sometimes kicking 49-yarders as the other guy might get the wrong signal that the staff is not confident in him.
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