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  1. Or is it a continuation of a Quinn curse that included Julio's request to be traded and a salary cap handicap?
  2. Too many on this board and in this city take Matt Ryan's non-football traits for granted. He could have many times been a real jerk with how bad his coordinators have been, how bad his line protection has been, or how many times he has been asked to rework his contract. However, he has constantly been an asset that would never be demanding a trade like Rodgers or Wilson or others.
  3. There was a lot of similar emotion to now when Roddy White was cut back in 2016. There was a feeling that the Falcons needed both him and Julio to be a Superbowl team. However, the Falcons actually went on to the Superbowl without White as Julio absorbed the extra catches as hopefully Ridley can also do now in 2021. I am not expecting the Superbowl but 2021 should still be a winning season.
  4. We get the Titans Offensive Coordinator, they get our Offensive Superstar
  5. Just the facts: 1) Julio is under contract and the Falcons cannot make him play well but they do not have to trade him either 2) Julio is normally a quiet person and Shannon Sharpe called him from a cell phone 3) The Falcons need cap space according to the numbers the press and fan base have access to 4) There are only a few teams that can even afford to take Julio's contract without upsetting their cap space 5) How the current front office handles this will tell us if they are truly better than our prior leadership 6) Aaron Rodgers has been much more active and o
  6. Modern technology has erased much of the home field advantage of the past as today's QB's with electronic helmets have no problem anymore getting plays from the sideline even with loud opposing crowds.
  7. SB51 has to be the most disappointing game of all time, but I cannot allow all of the great games before it in 2016-17 to consider it the most disappointing season. I still look at 2006-07 as the most disappointing season as it began good with us at 5-2 early but then saw us finish 7-9 with our QB going from great to criminal and our pitiful coach Mora getting fired. We had been 11-5 in 2004-05 and fallen to 8-8 in 2005-06 but started 2006-07 with expectations of rejuvenation. On the other hand, 2007-08 would be a terrible year at 4-12, but few expected it to be a great year after
  8. Matt Ryan Tony Gonzalez Jessie Tuggle Roddy White Steve Bartkowski Julio Jones Jeff Van Note Scott Case Warrick Dunn Alge Crumpler I debate about Deion Sanders who probably had his best years after his really short time as a Falcon or maybe Alex Mack who was great here but really only here a short time or maybe Michael Vick who had a great start but such a bad finish to his time here.
  9. It seems to be a rather common pattern for the Falcons to go 3 seasons between playoff runs (yellow-made playoffs, blue-3-year no playoff runs):
  10. Just be glad that we have a happy Ryan in Atlanta and are not in a situation like Aaron Rodgers who hates Green Bay now after the team drafted his replacement last year.
  11. I almost wish Koetter was still here just to see how he could screw up an offense that had Pitts in it. Would he sit him on 1st and 2nd down, bring him in for 3rd (safe to say we always had one?) and then throw a 5-yard pass to him? Nevertheless, the best trick to beating Pitts is being able to force him into a blocking role by stacking the DL (5-men?) his way and living with a 3 or 4-man secondary or bringing in a safety or corner to appear to blitz.
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