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  1. The key is who we can get to the PS - Gage and Gray could probably make it OK without another team grabbing him. Reggie Davis is not being given many targets in the preseason which suggests the coaches do not favor him. On the other hand, Hall seems to be their favorite no matter what he does wrong. I see us keeping Julio, Sanu, Ridley, Hardy, and Hall initially with Gage and Gray on the PS. Gage might be kept for special teams purposes and might also be grabbed by another team, but do we sacrifice a spot for another position? Davis will probably go to another team unfortunately.
  2. The year after Matt Ryan retires and we draft some top notch QB to replace Ryan and want to show off our new QB in the preseason.
  3. As I said I wonder if ONLY Ridley has a spot among our rookies locked up? What other rookies currently playing for us would you risk cutting a veteran for? Oliver is a 2nd round pick and will probably make the 53-man squad simply because he was a high pick but it probably means Wreh-Wilson or another veteran will be cut. Ito Smith will probably make the 53-man squad because we have few 3rd RB options, but he really needs a year on the PS Oluokun is getting close to making the 53-man squad but will Ishmael or Celestin be cut to offset (Riley is not going anywhere unfortunately) Gage could probably make it to the PS without another team grabbing him but how many WR's can we carry on the 53-man squad?
  4. Simply put would anyone around here trade Matt Ryan for: Tom Brady-good for one more year? Aaron Rodgers-possibly overrated but maybe? Russell Wilson-watch him and the Seahawks collapse this year Drew Brees-last year should have been his last but got some young help Philip Rivers-great arm but not great Carson Wentz-has not even been in playoffs yet Cam Newton-too much emotion in his play on and off the field Deshaun Watson-a few games is hard to judge by Matthew Stafford-Bulldog but still not as reliable as Ryan Ben Roethlisberger-what would he be without Brown and Bell Andrew Luck-a disaster waiting to happen
  5. Speaking of Ward, has anybody heard anything about this whereabouts?
  6. Actually, Duke had a rather "mediocre" game this week - there were plenty of others who had worse weeks that should be bashed ahead of him for this game. It seemed every article or radio commentary this week had to say something bad about Duke Riley this week (not that I disagree he was terrible against the Jets and certainly has been a disappointment overall for his pro time). I would say the real losers this week were the 30+ rookies who played the 2nd half of this game as they were playing against KC reserves at best and got ran over. I really wonder if only Ridley truly has a 53-man spot locked up at this point. Would the Falcons try to put draft picks on the practice squad?
  7. If I remember correctly, Sark wanted to be on the field at the start of last season but Quinn made him go up to the booth. I assume then that Hamdan went to the field and Sark went to the booth. Did Quinn ultimately cause the offense's problems by putting perhaps a bad guy in the booth?
  8. Everyone seems to agree that the preseason loss to the Jets was not a good showing and may have been meaningless in the long term but the thing to determine is what was wrong and fix it.
  9. Bryant's job is so secure he was able to know he was taking the game off a week beforehand (with an "undisclosed" injury) - even Julio and Devonta were not announced until an hour before. As for Martin, the guy is a good on-call backup, but one could not expect him to get a good kick off that quick.
  10. The greater tragedy was that we had Beasley actually playing Riley's position last year - our QB pressure suffered tremendously in order to save our middle defense.
  11. But the last minute FG attempt shows even he knows being shutout in preseason is not acceptable.
  12. The failure to score when we were in the red zone (only one time I think) - reminds me of last year?
  13. We had no major injuries to anybody from what I can tell, so everybody looked good in that regard.
  14. Give it another 20 years and professional football will be all flag with no contact allowed just like pee-wee. Give it another 40 years and we will all be watching robotics droids or virtual images play each other. Give it another 100 years and football will be thought of like we look at cricket or jousting today.
  15. Dump Devonta - keep Tevin and Crawford