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  1. What next - a thread comparing the looks of the two? their wives? their diets? As for the field, Brady is greater all time, but Ryan was greater in 2016-17.
  2. Brady is great but like every other QB he is going to show age soon and he better retire quickly to not ruin his reputation. Some of those in the press will be crying if their hero Brady has a subpar season.
  3. The NFL has got to realize that even if no conspiracy is involved, they cannot let the Patriots win the Superbowl next year. Fan interest, especially in the AFC, is starting to be impacted with seeing the same team win over and over. This is already occurring in the NBA where Golden State and Cleveland (or whatever team LeBron is on) are always the dominant teams.
  4. Preseason Game 1 at Dolphins August 10, 2017 Season Game 1 at Bears September 10, 2017 SuperBowl LII at Minneapolis February 4, 2018
  5. One team can be better than another at one point simply because of home field advantage or an injury to a key player or bad officiating. I see us as the best team in the NFC but really dislike how some of our hardest games against New England, Dallas, Carolina and Seattle are bunched together. I would not be surprised to see us lose at Seattle simply because it is there and after Dallas at home. I would then not be surprised to see us lose at Carolina right after playing at New England and at New York (Jets). I would hope home field saves us against Dallas but it could not be at a worst point in the schedule. As for Green Bay, we will be at home and after an easy game at Chicago so we should win it easily.
  6. Going 16-0 is not necessarily a great thing as you will probably want to rest your players by week 13 for the playoffs. The Patriots went 16-0 in 2014 and then lost the Superbowl to the Giants. We went 14-2 in 1998 and then lost to the Broncos in the Superbowl (Vikings went 15-1 that year). The Packers went 15-1 in 2011 and did not even make it to the Superbowl.
  7. 11-5 1-0 at Bears easiest or 2nd easiest game on schedule 2-0 Packers mainly because we are at home 3-0 at Lions hard to call (Worrilow's revenge?) but we should survive 4-0 Bills our stadium and weather 5-0 Dolphins coming off our bye and at home 5-1 at Patriots maybe a miracle but it is there and we have to lose our first somewhere 6-1 at Jets great easy game after the Pats 6-2 at Panthers we are beginning to miss home 7-2 Cowboys their secondary sucks now and we are back home 7-3 at Seahawks still bad scheduling (4 out of 5 weeks away and other side of country) 8-3 Buccaneers we are back home for awhile 9-3 Vikings they are improving but still not good enough to beat us at home 10-3 Saints they are already discussing Brees replacement and Peterson disappointment 10-4 at Buccaneers we are thinking more about the playoffs than rivalry 10-5 at Saints game is probably meaningless and we are away playing reserves 11-5 Panthers a little revenge for earlier in the year, Panthers playing for draft pick Yes, this does have us 8-0 at home and 3-5 on the road but the new stadium will become our fortress. We might pull off a win in Seattle or New England, but I would then expect a loss at home to the Vikings or Packers.
  8. Using normal distribution, the best teams end up with 5 players, the average teams end up with 3 and the worst teams get 1. Also, just the best player at each position would take up 25 positions (including special teams). So, our obvious 5 are: Mack - 40-60 (if not best, 2nd best center in game) Ryan - top 10 (league MVP) Julio - top 10 (best WR in game) Freeman - 75-100 (not as much playing time as other RB's and has SB whiff) Beasley - 50-75 (sack leader but still needs a year to cement his standing) Not included: Coleman-needs another great year, Jarrett/Neal/D Jones-too young and defense not top 10 yet, Trufant-has been forgotten about because of his injury, Bosher/Bryant-dependable but not startling, Sanu/Gabriel-too many other good WR's out there
  9. A human - sort of like a Worrilow who might can handle pass coverage?
  10. What are the Chargers going to do with both Lamp and Feeney?
  11. This also helps our salary cap as a 3rd rounder will be cheaper than a 2nd rounder and all the 5ths are only guaranteed their bonuses not their salaries unless they make the team.
  12. The draft has not yet occurred but the release of the schedule does give some reason to fear this year. We will probably lose either the game at New England or the one at home against Dallas but maybe not both. We also will probably go .500 in the division this year-the game at Carolina could not be at a worse point, Tampa Bay will be better and beat us once, and we may just lose the last New Orleans game while we rest players. I also see the game in Seattle as probably a no chance unless they are greatly injured. I say 11-5.
  13. The county with the least MARTA access (Cobb) is the one that still has its main artery to downtown (I-75) still in place. If MARTA was "smarta", why does it struggle every year to get riders while it continues to charge an extra penny to DeKalb, Fulton, etc. They didn't even have the brainpower to ever get a direct line to Turner Field/Atlanta Fulton-Co Stadium in the years they "existed". Railpower is fine if everywhere is going the same place and there is plenty of parking in the MARTA lots, but what good is it to take a rail line that is miles away from where you work or you spend an hour in the morning trying to find a parking space in a small MARTA lot. As for the Falcons, I hope big powers in the state realize how important I-85 is before the Falcons opener as it definitely needs to be re-opened before then or half the fans could be stuck on I-75 or I-20 before kickoff.
  14. Ignoring playoffs, how many wins would you consider an absolute minimum for the 2017 Falcons (assuming no season-ending injury to Ryan)? Their schedule is not fully-determined but we know our opponents and the roster is largely set except for the draft and camp cuts/additions. We cannot predict injuries but even Trufant's injury last year was not the end of the team last year. However, the schedule might be tougher next year and our division foes have improved some this offseason. 2017-Home Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017-Away at Carolina Panthers, at Chicago Bears, at Detroit Lions, at New England Patriots, at New Orleans Saints, at New York Jets, at Seattle Seahawks, at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  15. Actually, if they did any real "analysis" they would probably have dropped the Cowboys much more with all their free agency losses (virtually their entire secondary) or have the Bucs actually improving at least one or two in the rankings (still #17 even with their additions).