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  1. Don't forget eBay - people will get them as gifts or end up with 2 and just want to dump them
  2. It really comes down to how things go in the next 10 games: Coleman plays well, Ito plays poorly, Freeman does not play at all - we keep Coleman but probably have to pay him a lot, we dump Freeman Coleman plays well, Ito plays well, Freeman does not play at all - we try to keep Coleman but only if we get a reasonable deal, we dump Freeman Coleman plays mediocre, Ito plays mediocre, Freeman does not play at all - we make RB a high priority in draft or FA, we dump Coleman and Freeman Coleman plays mediocre, Ito plays well, Freeman does not play at all - we dump Coleman and Freeman, Ito becomes the main RB, we look for a RB late in the draft Coleman plays poorly or mediocre, Ito plays well, Freeman comes back for 1-2 great games - we dump Coleman, Ito and Freeman are our RB's next year Coleman plays poorly or mediocre, Ito plays poorly or mediocre, Freeman comes back for 1-2 great games - we dump Coleman, Freeman is kept around, we look for a RB in FA or middle of draft, Ito has to fight for a roster spot This is not every scenario above but it shows that our decision is ultimately going to come down to how things go in the next 10 games.
  3. NFC Playoffs (as of week 6): #1 Rams 6-0 #2 Saints 4-1 #3 Redskins 3-2 #4 Bears 3-2 #5 Packers 3-2-1 #6 Panthers 3-2 Us 2-4 - 1.5 games behind #3, 2.5 games behind #2 and we play #2, #3, #5 and #6 all in our upcoming games. The only team we probably have no chance of catching is #1 and we beat them last year in the playoffs so should have no fear of them. Do not be surprised if the final NFC seeds have a few 9-7 teams in them.
  4. 3 passing TD's in a game is becoming what 2 passing TD's was a few years ago. Really, Ryan has underperformed because he has only had 1 game with more than 3 passing TD this year (but did have 5 in it). Meanwhile, superboy Mahomes has already had 3 4+ TD games. Not to say his performance has not been good, but we really should consider this normal NFL now.
  5. Why doesn't he make it convenient and let us fantasy guys also know his game plan so we know whether to use Ridley or Ito as our flex guy? If I knew a big deep pass was planned for Ridley early in the game, I would definitely start him. Or, if he and Sark have a wildcat play where Sanu will opt to Ito for a TD, that might make me want to start Ito. Of course, this would be absurd, but so would revealing his true injury status reports this early in the week. If he announced today that Ridley will not play next Monday, the Giants would probably totally change their coverage plans immediately. However, if they hold off until Monday to announce anything, the Giants probably have to think about two different scenarios as the Falcons offense will definitely function differently with and without him. Likewise, if he announced today that Ridley will not play Monday and then suddenly declared him able to go Monday afternoon, he would be looked at quite sleazily. So, the best option is really to be as vague as possible for as long as possible.
  6. We should have moved up in the 2nd round this year and drafted Chubb this year - he would be the big bruising RB we need to complement Tevin. Cleveland is barely using him now while Michel has become the centerpiece of New England's offense.
  7. At least one good thing from preseason is we did have two backup kickers audition - David Martin and Giorgio Tavecchio. I suspect we go with the Tavecchio since Martin missed a 40 or so yard FG (but did make 2 extra points) while Tavecchio played in 16 games for Oakland last year. I also still have a feeling that Quinn and/or Dimitroff have a bias against ex-UGA players.
  8. If anybody ever wants to question whether he is worth his contract, this game is a clear answer - the Bucs blew their chance at keeping it tied with their kicker missing the extra point (and forcing a failed 2-pt conv later) while Byant made all his extra points plus 2 long FG's at the end of the first half and at the end of the game. If he had any ill feelings at Quinn, he could have really put Quinn in a major doghouse if he had missed his 57-yarder. No one would have probably questioned Bryant for a miss that far, but if the Bucs would have taken possession at almost midfield and marched down and won the game by 1-point with a FG, Quinn's decision would be blasted everywhere. I just hope Bryant's leg is not strained/hurt so much that he will not be ready in 8 days for the Giants.
  9. There must be something in the air down there?
  10. Did he have a late night with some friends from LSU?
  11. Scenario #1 - we keep him on a monstrous contract, he ends up breaking or tearing something, and he never returns to his Superbowl form Scenario #2 - our rival signs him reasonably because we were too cheap, he enjoys an all-pro season for them, and he causes a fumble against us We never seem to win with our resignings
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/12/media/nfl-ratings-analysis/index.html - NFL ratings are up for 2018 The officiating is getting worse but the thing that tells it what to do about it is its ratings (as opposed to last year when Aaron is out because of bad hits).
  13. Is he being a positive defender or one that is just riding out the rest of the season awaiting a possible big contract (elsewhere?)
  14. https://www.myajc.com/sports/football/beasley-playoffs-hopes-are-slim/ Beasley: ‘playoffs hopes are slim’ Nine have made playoffs after starting 1-4 in modern era ATLANTA-FALCONS By D. Orlando Ledbetter - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Posted: 2:00 p.m. Friday, October 12, 2018 FLOWERY BRANCH — After starting the season poorly, the Falcons know that their playoff clock is ticking. “With the sense of our record being 1-4 right now, playoffs hopes are slim,” defensive end Vic Beasley said. “But ... we are still in control of our own destiny. We have to go out there and perform.” The Falcons face the Buccaneers (2-2) at 1 p.m. Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Falcons are in a big hole. Since 1978, only nine teams have started the season 1-4 and made the playoffs. No team has started 1-4 and made the Super Bowl. The Falcons are bracing for the return to the starting lineup of Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston. The Bucs are averaging 358 yards passing per game. “We know that they can air it out,” Beasley said. “We know what type of player Jameis is and what he can do. We definitely have to get some pressure on him and try to distract him and get him off the spot. Try to get him to throw us a couple of picks hopefully.” The Falcons have only eight sacks this season. Beasley, who has one sacks, knows the Falcons need to rush better against Winston. “Our rush can definitely disrupt the game, even in our bigger man package, our base personnel,” Beasley said. “If we can get on and off blocks and recognize the play action, it will be beneficial for us.” The Falcons have seen are trying to play without four starters on defense and one on offense. Beasley senses things are coming together. But there in a sense of urgency. The units need to start playing well, right now. Not down the road. “We’ve seen glimpses of it,” Beasley said. “(We’ve had) good performances from certain individuals who are new to defense and new to the offense. We are looking forward to bigger and better things. With this being a divisional game, it’s a big matchup for us and a very important game.” The sense of urgency is real. “We definitely need it to be there,” Beasley said. “This is a big divisional game.” List of 1-4 teams that rebounded and made the playoffs since 1978 (modern era) • 2015: Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans • 2011: Denver Broncos • 2004: Green Bay Packers • 2002: N.Y. Jets, Tennessee Titans • 1992: San Diego Chargers • 1993: Houston Oilers • 1983: Detroit Lions
  15. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan gets knocked to the ground several times, even has to have his foot x-rayed, but is then not even listed as questionable for the game. I am not suggesting that Freeman is a hypochondriac, but I seriously question whether the guy has the will to play any more and is letting pains that others could withstand overtake him. Or, is there something going on behind the scenes where the Falcons are letting him stay on the team this year in return for him agreeing to take an injury settlement next year (and allowing us to keep Coleman)? As for Jarrett, he has not been injury-prone previously and has the incentive to play well this year since he does not have a big contract, so his injury is likely unavoidable.