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  1. Gabriel is the exact opposite of what Ryan needs right now which is a big large TE target who can catch. He had a great initial year with 16+ yards/catch and 6 TD's but then dropped to 13 yards/catch and 1 TD in 2017. Teams did not pay attention to him originally given his size but now that they are paying attention to him, he is easy to cover because of his size.
  2. Schaub - if we cut him, we cannot go with no backup QB as it would essentially mean the end of our season if Ryan went down. He is like your expensive car insurance that you pay no matter how good your driving record. Only solution would be to draft a really good youngster (Round 2-3?) or sign a backup that another team didn't want (assuming Schaub would not agree to a pay decrease?). Toilolo - unless we sign a high-priced TE that can block and catch or spend a very high draft pick on an almost-certain replacement, we cannot afford to not have him. I thought the same thing about DiMarco at FB last year, but the team let him go and went with Derrick Coleman instead who really downgraded our offense as both a blocker and pass catcher. Levitre - the key here is whether we spend more money on a higher quality FA. We cannot afford to have another year of Schweitzer as a starter and Garland was not a star in Levitre's place. Wynn might look like a promising draft pick but is really just a gamble since he has never played an NFL game. And, Nelson out of Notre Dame would likely require a lot to move up in the first round as he is going to go in the top 10 easily. The more likely casualties are going to be the ones that occur earlier such as Poe who everybody would love to have but will want to make the equivalent of at least two of these above guys or Gabriel who had a great 2016 but a real decline in 2017 (but will not want a decline in his pay).
  3. I could probably not exactly identify the first game I watched except that as a kid, I was immediately fascinated with Jeff Van Note who had my same first name and was considered a top player in the NFL. I also remember Bartkowski being the young star QB around. I am pretty sure it was 1978 as I eventually remember that year coming to hate the Cowboys because they beat us in the playoffs - one of my first childhood experiences of defeat/disappointment.
  4. If ever there is hope for a sophomore jinx, it might be for the Saints 2017 rookies next year (no wish for injury to any of them but certainly for league-wide scouting reports to find their weaknesses).
  5. You need to have your house reroofed - the new guy on the block appears likable and cheap and might have known a friend of yours. However, the company that has been around is more expensive but guarantees their work and has been/will be around for years. Perhaps you are thinking of selling your house in a year, a bad roof (or even bad spot) could be a huge problem. How do you make the decision? You need to have your offensive line improved - the new college guy played well on the NCAA level and went to your alma mater. However, the free agent available is more expensive but has been very consistent and maybe has a very long streak of starting games. You are pretty much ready for the Superbowl and just need this fix this bad spot on the line. How do you make the decision?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salary_cap why is it going up so fast? Year Maximum team salary 2016 $155.27 million[14] 2015 $143.28 million[15] 2014 $133 million[16] 2013 $123 million[17] 2012 $120.6 million[18] 2011 $120 million[18] 2010 Uncapped 2009 $123 million 2008 $116 million 2007 $109 million 2006 $102 million 2005 $85.5 million 2004 $80.582 million 2003 $75.007 million 2002 $71.101 million 2001 $67.405 million 2000 $62.172 million 1999 $57.288 million 1998 $52.388 million 1997 $41.454 million 1996 $40.753 million 1995 $37.1 million 1994 $34.608 million
  7. Welcome to inflation - Higher-priced QB's = Higher-priced tickets Ryan is great and deserves a great salary but at what point do NFL GM's realize they can win Superbowls with a medium-priced Nick Foles and a bunch of medium-priced teammates perhaps easier than one high-priced QB and a bunch of quality teammates in rookie contracts.
  8. Where is this rule that Ryan must have diminishing returns? A QB is largely intellect as much as athletic skills. Nobody is accusing Brady of diminishing returns nor did they for Brees until maybe the last year or so.
  9. I see someone started a thread about this on the Around the NFL board, but really is it a Falcon topic? Do we as Falcons fans love, hate, or care less about the guy? It was definitely an entertaining era for the Falcons (run and shoot, all-black uniforms). Many modern fans may not remember his days here well but up to his arrival, there were not many prior years of Falcons greatness. I am probably glad he is not involved with our team now but do wish him the best in the CFL and also love the fact that he is still able to coach at his age (Is 76 today equivalent to maybe 56 in prior generations?). http://www.myajc.com/sports/football/falcons-coach-glanville-returns-coaching/
  10. You are Shanahan, you can stay in Atlanta and have MVP Ryan as your QB for the next 5 years - the guy is not young but still certainly has 5 years left and is a proven commodity. On the other hand, you go to San Francisco. There are rumors initially that you might sign Cousins as a FA in the upcoming offseason, but then you actually swing a Jimmy G trade and get a good end to the season and then sign him to a big deal. You also probably could be the OC of almost any team and the HC of many of them. In fact, if you could have any QB in the NFL, which one would you be willing to commit to for the next 5 years? Could the Brady last until age 45?, Is Cam going to slow down?, Is Stafford just on the wrong team?, Is Roethlisberger really overrated? Five years is a long time and these days a lot of money to commit-who would you go with?
  11. Who does not have second thoughts about almost any big move they make in their lives? I still wonder sometimes about how bad Shanahan blew our Superbowl and then just conveniently got Jimmy G traded to him the next season from New England.
  12. Everybody seems to think that Jimmy G is the second coming of Brady and that he will be just like him. I actually feel sorry for the guy when the league catches up to him with scouting and he has a few bad games in a row. Suddenly, there will be calls all over for him to give back this contract.
  13. Are we then too stable? Imagine the possible upcoming changes - 1) Bryant or Bosher retire/let go 2) Matthews is replaced after next year 3) Sarkisian is fired midseason 4) Beasley is not resigned next year 5) Freeman suffers a career-ending concussion 6) Tevin is traded during the draft or signs elsewhere 7) Derrick Coleman is replaced by another FB (draft or FA) 8) Schweitzer and Levitre or both are replaced during FA or the draft 9) Ricardo is given a great offer elsewhere, we go with Kazee as his replacement 10) Poe is let go (replacement?) 11) Clayborn retires 12) Reed is given a great deal elsewhere 13) We give up on Hooper and find another TE 14) Andre Roberts is replaced by a young college guy 15) Gabriel goes elsewhere and we go with a draft pick replacement 16) Jarrett holds out of camp wanting big contract after seeing Poe's contract 17) Trufant becomes a real liability and has to be replaced 18) Julio follows Calvin's path and retires before 30 19) Ryan starts to show age early and retires in a few years during his new contract 20) Blank gives up on football in favor of soccer, sells the Falcons
  14. We are in the era of the big QB with passing offenses dominating the scene. However, look for more teams to start succeeding without high-priced QB's and their bubble will begin to burst. Unfortunately, for the Falcons, their only option really is Ryan at the moment - not that he is not great but as we realized last year, just as much money probably needs to be invested in the offensive line protecting him.
  15. Will be an interesting away game for the Colts this year in New England?