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  1. Matthews is solid, durable and also having probably his best year ever in 2018. He also plays one of the hardest positions to replace and is already under contract until 2023 (Matt Ryan the only other player that far out). As for being a superstar, he really is not given his occasional penalty or missed block. However, our team needs to be concentrating on replacing the below average players on our OL not the average ones like Matthews.
  2. The one variable is whether Isaiah Oliver will have a good last 3 games this year to convince the Falcons to dump Alford. If he develops well, Trufant (ain't going nowhere with his cap hit) and Oliver could start next year with Kazee in the nickel spot and hopefully Ricardo and Neal back at the safety spots. If Oliver looks bad, they definitely will have to consider drafting a CB in the 1st round as they cannot afford to live with Alford around for another year and have too easy of an escape given his low cap hit. In either case, though, they might want to draft a CB high to groom to replace Trufant in 2020 or 2021 and just have good depth.
  3. I just hope they have the sense to stay in state - Deandre Baker - UGA - possibly mid first round? I would love for them to draft a DE/DT with a top 10 pick and maybe even consider trading next year's #1 (and this year's #2?) for a 2nd 1st round pick to get him. The guy would attract fan support, won the 2018 Jim Thorpe award for top college DB, and shut down half the field to UGA opponents.
  4. The big what if this offseason really is Grady Jarrett - if they sign him early and know what he is going to cost and whether they will be able to push his salary to the future, they will have lots of cap space. However, if they cannot sign him quick and maybe even have to franchise tag him at the end, his hit on the cap will be huge ($13.1 million).
  5. Takk will hopefully get a wakeup call when he watches the Falcons front office let his brother Beasley go and then watches Beasley struggle to get picked up by somebody on probably just a one-year deal. Takk will hopefully instead learn from his brother Jarrett who gets a nice payout for actually being a productive player.
  6. Perhaps you are hitting his biggest problem - he is too "classy" - he does not know how to show emotion and almost acts like a robot? He never gets mad at referees, so they probably meet their quotas against the Falcons whose head coach they know will be quiet. He never barks at any players after dropping an interception, missing an easy tackle, or running the wrong route. As a result, the players really have no fear of mistakes and make many of them. He is even afraid to sit players after poor performances until they get extremely poor. The guy also struggles in very stressful time management scenarios and makes bad decisions with timeouts and deciding between FG's and punts. You can call this class or is it really just helplessness.
  7. A marriage that should not have been broken up - DQ who is a defensive-minded coach playing head coach and actually running the defense combined with Kyle Shanahan an offensive-minded coach who could run an offense greatly but is really not a head coach. Kyle will get a free season in San Francisco this year because of injuries (Jimmy G) and DQ will get a free season in Atlanta this year because of injuries. However, don't be surprised if both are unemployed in 2020 when they should have just stayed together.
  8. Maybe I am old but the first thing I thought of when I saw the hat was an old turntable - so is Cam trying to turn the tables on other teams?
  9. Better odds of Falcons still making the playoffs than winning at Powerball and Mega Millions.
  10. Would you have picked Kansas City or Chicago as very likely Superbowl contenders to start this season? In both cases, these teams appeared to have major problems but just a young QB taking over for one and a veteran LB taking over for the other have completely transformed these teams. The Falcons do have problems but in a lot of cases they are interrelated. The 2016 Falcons were great when they had a steady, solid OL and the lack of it this year has totally disrupted it since midseason of this year (our offense was strong the first half of 2018). As for the defense, injuries have been a part but also decline in CB and DE play. If we draft a solid rookie at one of these positions (or both?) and find a FA for the other, we could be a couple of players away. As for coaching, a simple upgrade to one or both of our coordinators is not that ridiculous (we already have changed both of them once under Quinn). A football team is like a car - the car may be running fine but then has a hose or something bust (the OL?). The car may not run temporarily and needs to be fixed, but it is unwise to just go out and buy a new car. And, if you simply fix the broken hose, the car is running fine again with a $50 repair.
  11. http://articles.latimes.com/1994-09-15/sports/sp-38850_1_deion-sanders Deion Sanders Set to Join 49ers Today : Pro football: All-Pro defensive back is expected to sign a one-year, $1.2-million contract. September 15, 1994|BILL PLASCHKE | TIMES STAFF WRITER As if the San Francisco 49ers, having added three Pro Bowl players to their defense, didn't have enough bright lights. Now they're turning neon. Deion Sanders, arguably the most powerful defensive weapon in the NFL, is expected to sign a one-year contract with the 49ers today. "Neon Deion," a Pro Bowl cornerback, is expected to be in uniform Sunday when the 49ers visit the Rams in Anaheim. The club apparently was waiting until today to announce the deal so it would not be overshadowed by the official ending of the baseball season. It was the baseball announcement that freed Sanders from his obligations as center fielder for the Cincinnati Reds. Sanders flew to the Bay Area Wednesday and is expected at a news conference today. "There are some very sensitive negotiations going on," said Carmen Policy, the 49ers' president. Sanders, a free agent who openly sought the best chance to play in a Super Bowl, picked the 49ers over a long list of suitors including New Orleans, Miami, Kansas City, Philadelphia and his previous team in Atlanta. In Sanders, the 49ers finally have a strong, fearless defensive back who can handle the likes of Dallas Cowboy receivers Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper. In each of the last two seasons, the Cowboys have defeated the 49ers in the NFC championship game thanks, in part, to big plays by Irvin and Harper. The Cowboys always have bragged that they have a player, cornerback Kevin Smith, who is not afraid of 49er star receiver Jerry Rice. Now, with Sanders probably joining Merton Hanks in the defensive backfield while forcing shaky Eric Davis to the bench, the 49ers can return the favor. "Deion Sanders is in a class by himself," said Eric Allen, star cornerback of the Philadelphia Eagles. "He's got everything. He does it all well; hit, run, cover." Tim McDonald, the 49er safety who was one of three players who agreed to renegotiated contracts so Sanders' approximately $1.2-million deal could fit under the salary cap, was excited. "Deion's a great player and he brings a lot," McDonald told reporters. "He brings excellent man-to-man coverage skills. He brings a lot of charisma and a lot of excitement and I think he's all business once he steps on the football field." Linebackers Ken Norton and Gary Plummer were the two others who renegotiated their contracts to make room for Sanders. San Francisco Coach George Seifert has called Sanders the best defensive back in the game today. While players agreed he will be an important addition, expect some initial locker room problems while room is being created for his sometimes intimidating presence. "There are going to be some feelings hurt," Hanks told reporters. "There's going to be a shake-up in the secondary, because he has to play. He has to play." The 49ers have recently become concerned about their defense after allowing their former quarterback, Joe Montana, to pass for 203 yards and two touchdowns against them in the Kansas City Chiefs' 24-17 victory Sunday. Their worries doubled a day later, when it was discovered that their top pass rusher, Richard Dent, could miss at least six weeks because of a knee injury. But John McVay, 49er vice president for football operations, is certain Sanders will be an instant help to the team. "This guy is something else, he's the real thing," McVay said last Saturday, "He's really something special. He's everything they say he is." Policy, the club president, said he was confident Sanders would become a 49er today. "I have a very, very good feeling about this," he said Wednesday, "but it's not done till it's done. I think they know we've gone as far as we can go (financially). We've done all we could do in the framework of a one-year deal." Meanwhile Falcon President Taylor Smith said the team still assumes Sanders will give Atlanta a chance to match the best offer from another club. "If the (money) is what it's rumored to be . . . then I know we can be competitive with that kind of offer," Atlanta Coach June Jones said.
  12. Would Julio even want to play to 40? Maybe if he has a good QB throwing to him?
  13. A 6/1 cut simply pushes part of the $3.8 million cap hit into 2020 rather than 2019. It would be a $1.3 million hit in 2019 but then would be $2.5 million in 2020 when we will have our successful 2016 draft class coming due for big contracts. A regular cut would put all of that $3.8 million cap hit in 2019. Alternatively, I see the Falcons keeping Schraeder around as a backup whether he likes it or not and then maybe doing a 6/1 cut in 2020 where the hits would $1.3 million in 2020 and $1.2 million in 2021.
  14. If I were a troll, would I think the best way to irritate this board is by announcing TD's firing or by announcing TD just got an extension or promotion w/more power?
  15. Actually, most draft redo's that come out show Jake being drafted in the 20's: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000802053/article/2014-nfl-draft-doover-derek-carr-goes-to-texans-first-overall https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/07/03/2014-nfl-draft-redo-aaron-donald-odell-beckham-jimmy-garoppolo/5/ We could have drafted the likes of Aaron Donald, Zach Martin, Taylor Lewan and others ahead of Matthews (the revised mocks put Lewan #11 and Martin #16 ahead of Matthews #6). Did we overfocus on drafting an OT and then overhype his name?