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  1. The problem with the Falcons has never been the lack of talent around it seems but how mismanaged and injured it is. I just hope that this year we can combine a solid OC with the offensive talent and a solid HC/DC with the defensive talent. And, even though we may have injuries, we should have better depth to cover them.
  2. Actually, with extra 4th and 5th round compensatory picks (Poe, Gabriel), the Falcons will have 9 available draft picks as they have also not traded any away this year. And, of course, draft picks are minimal impact to the payroll since they are on rookie contracts. So, really we probably need to clear spots on the roster for these new draft picks by getting rid of expensive veterans who are not as good as in the past or not worth the money they want. Throw in perhaps a player or 2 moving up from the practice squad, a couple of free agent signees, and maybe an UDFA find and our roster should have no problem being filled.
  3. I just hope that Bryant does not sign with an upcoming opponent and actually kicks the game-winning kick against us. Or, even worse, kicks it after our new kicker had missed his chance to beat that opponent.
  4. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2019/02/14/braves-think-their-fans-are-idiots/ https://theathletic.com/816868/2019/02/13/schultz-mcguirk-anthopoulos-address-criticism-of-braves-offseason-budget/
  5. Is the biggest problem facing the Braves right now a missing ace? an unreliable closer? a declining right fielder? or maybe just terrible owners? Alex A and Terry McGuirk sat down with the Athletic this week to discuss the Braves this week and really did nothing to answer why this team is so frugal. We have made only one big "addition" this offseason with Donaldson and he was only a one year deal (McCann may be slightly better than Suzuki but even then not big). Further, with youngsters on cheap, short contracts, the only contracts the Braves have that over 1 year long are Freeman and Inciarte (who oddly seems to be included in any trade rumors). However, these Colorado-based owners are turning pretty good profits on the Braves at the moment with their amusement park around SunTrust-RIP Park. Keeping our 2019 payroll actually below our 2018 payroll will also certainly help those profits in the future. If we were stockholders, we would perhaps consider Liberty to be a great stock? I guess, however, they are assuming that fans will still come see this team if it plays .500 this year when all the rest of the NL East improved? Should Atlanta fans really start coming out against our owners and just not show up for games? Should we try bringing in signs that say negative things about our owners? Should we hope that local media perhaps continues to press them? Do we just live with it? All I will say is - Give Me Something Other than Liberty or Give Me the Death of this Franchise?
  6. There have been 4 major "losses" so far this offseason. Which would you say has been the worst so far - heartbreaking? illogical? irreplaceable? Alford - he had great years but perhaps a down 2018. Arizona definitely thought a lot of him to sign him right after we dumped him? But was he just too expensive and worth the loss? Reed - he got a quick sign from Arizona also. He was always good against the run and will we find something to replace him for less? Bryant - he was always reliable but nobody can deny he had a young guy sitting behind him that was much cheaper and perhaps will be just as good? Poole - he was always a good blitzer and definitely gave a lot, but was he just getting old? is this a way of clearing a spot for Kazee?
  7. When the younger population starts realizing that the RB position is not a money position, none will want to play the position in high school, none will want to play it in college, and there will be a sudden shortage of reliable ones available that can carry the ball without fumbling. Even worse, many will just avoid football entirely in favor of soccer or other sports. Even now, the Heisman trophy has become a QB award recently whereas it used to be a RB-dominated award. However, there really is no way that modern football can just do away with the RB position and the demand will eventually exceed the supply of RB's as the older ones retire and fewer are in the draft. Will that be 3-4 years from now? or maybe 10 years? The Falcons mistake is that they paid Devonta way over what the market is at the time. Likewise, Leveon Bell thought his value in the market was greater than what it really was.
  8. Same here - this board has become obsessed with flash headlines
  9. I just hope we something around when Devonta goes down at some point this year. We better be prepared to spend a 4th round or better pick on a RB if we let Teco go (or don't sucker him into staying). It is amazing how RB's have become such an undervalued entity in the current NFL period while DL have become almost as precious as QB's.
  10. Too much orange and too many tigers on this team (LSU included)? Not enough red and black (team colors) and bulldogs! Why not reunite the Ridley brothers?
  11. The real question is what we would have given up in return to be able to afford them given the salary cap. Where did we spend the money that we did not spend on them - Julio? Ryan? Fusco? Matthews? And, of course, we also are receiving compensatory picks this year for them that could be our next Grady Jarrett or Devonta Freeman.
  12. Whether they resort to the franchise tag or are able to get him to a contract, the general figure expected for the Falcons to have to pay Grady Jarrett for 2019 is going to be $15+ million. In 2018, he played in 14 games and produced 52 combined tackles (8 for loss), 6 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. He was not selected to the Pro Bowl or on the All-Pro team for 2019. He will turn 26 in April. As a comparison, Jack Crawford (age 30) played in 16 games (started 11) and produced 35 combined tackles (7 for loss), 6 sacks and 1 forced fumble. His salary for 2019 is slated to be $3.7 million. Meanwhile, an Aaron Donald (age 27) in LA played in 16 games and produced 59 tackles, 20.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. He did not play in the Pro Bowl given his Superbowl commitments but was All-Pro expectedly. His salary is going to be approximately $22.5 million. So, the first question is whether Grady's play is really worth about 4 times more than Crawford's? The Falcons also have Senat around whose salary for 2019 will not even be $1 million for 2019 plus this draft has an abundance of DL available. Grady himself was a not even a high draft pick. The next question is whether Grady is worth even 75% of what Donald is paid. Grady's sacks were not even 1/3 of Donald's although his combined tackles and forced fumbles are roughly in line. However, do teams really fear Grady like they do Donald? What does Grady give us for his expected price? I am not saying the Falcons and Grady will not be together in 2019 but really wonder if we will be looking at him in a few years much like we look at a Trufant now with a high price tag that cannot be released away.
  13. Grady Jarrett - we won't have any money left for another FA http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011078/article/top-25-nfl-free-agents-of-2019-defenders-dominate-rankings
  14. It helps that the Cards are not paying a ton for their QB right now. I just hope that when we play them that some of those Alford PI calls actually go in our favor for once.
  15. But do they not look even more suspicious now and likely to have the league watching Gurley's activity in the upcoming months to see if he is receiving treatment for an injury? And, even if he was injured, could they have not gradually brought it up in the 2 weeks before the Superbowl? I would think the uncertainty of whether he would play or not would have caused NE more pain in their planning.