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  1. What would you consider to be positive about the Falcons at present? On the negative side, they are coming off one of their worst games in awhile, they have a lot of uncertainty with their coaching/GM future, they have a lot of uncertainties with the current roster, and they are looking at even a 6-0 finish to the season unlikely to get them into the playoffs. However, if one had to promote the Falcons at present (maybe to a new resident of Atlanta thinking about becoming a fan?), what could be said positive about them right now? Immediate thoughts: 1) A long-time, durable
  2. This loss was part Matt Ryan's fault but it was not all his fault. In fact, there is almost nobody you cannot say was not at some fault on the Falcons for this loss. About the only clear person who I would say does not deserve some blame for this loss is our K Koo who had 2 great 50+ FG's, 1 20+ FG, and acceptable kickoffs.
  3. Unfortunately, some on this board have little memories of Ryan's past under better OC's and behind better OL's. They want to assume that this QB who was MVP in 2016-17 was some other entity and not the same one who is being hindered by a less than favorable OC currently and an inconsistent OL. Meanwhile, they want to assume a backup QB named HIll for NO is succeeding somehow on his own talent and that his OC and OL are not somehow a significant reason for his success today.
  4. I am surprised there are not more happy fans here as this game puts us back closer to a good draft pick?
  5. Koo did pretty well? Ridley was good but he disappeared when the Saints started double-teaming him after Julio left and did not have to double-team him
  6. Don't forget to also mention Hill has been sacked twice and had 3 QB hits Ryan, meanwhile, has been sacked 4 times and had 6 QB hits Hill has also been given 60 rushing yards to complement his passing game while Ryan only has seen 37 rushing yards from his RB's
  7. Arizona QB Murray throws a pass like that with his WR surrounded by 3 opposing DB's and it is considered great? Ryan thows a pass like this and it considered bad? Ryan is doing pretty well considering how quickly he is getting pressured today and how many hits he has taken.
  8. It seems no matter how bad we play in this game, the Saints play worse - do they owe us a win or something?
  9. We run WR Powell and barely get a few yards, they run their WR and get a huge chunk
  10. Lucky that was not Brees or we would have been called for roughing the passer
  11. Perhaps the more interesting question would be what our record would be right now if Quinn had been fired before the start of 2020? Likewise, what would our question be with Raheem as our HC all of 2020? Seattle 0-1 probably a loss under any HC? Dallas 1-1 almost any other HC would have won this game Chicago 2-1 really should have wond this game Green Bay 2-2 we just seemed destined to lose this one Carolina 2-3 blame this one on Koetter/Ryan than HC? Minnesota 3-3 Cousins gave this game to anybody, probably incl. DQ? Detroit 3-4 should have not lost this on
  12. Why do I have this strange feeling that Brees is going to suddenly appear as the starter Sunday and that all this talk about him being injured and Winston or Hill being the possible starter just a sleazy trick to throw us off?
  13. So, Brees is most likely not going to play Sunday for NO given he has a collapsed lung and broken ribs. If he does play, I am sure the officials would serve as his extra lineman and penalize any Falcon that breathes on him. However, instead we are instead likely to face our good old nemesis Jameis Winston who always seems to play terrible against every other team but us. These career games against us, though, have been while Quinn was in charge. Has our pass rush improved enough to contain Jameis now? Has Jameis improved any since becoming a Saint? Will he be so underutilized and
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