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  1. The Falcons need bodies, especially less expensive drafted ones, and cannot afford to trade up as it would leave us with fewer picks this year and next year plus a QB that would only sit on the sidelines this year.
  2. Backup QB should be of minimal concern right now. Will play a lot in preseason Will play if Ryan is injured in a game which likely means we are going to lose it Would probably be replaced by a youngster (Fields, Lance?) if Ryan is going to be out for a long time Would be great to see if we have monumental Q4 leads Not to say we do not need one but just that this position should be signed in June or July.
  3. Why do so many think that drafting a QB at #4 will be like going out and buying a new car that will perfectly replace your existing car? We succeeded the last time we drafted a top 10 QB with Ryan but that does not mean that Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones, and even Lawrence will also be. Just because a player led a great team in college means he will do the same in the NFL. Maybe his collegiate success was really the result of a great OL, a great coach, a great set of receivers, or even a great defense. Drafting a QB at #4 this year: 1) Will likely give us minimal regular season
  4. Notice that the teams with lots of players under contract with no salary cap problems are all ones with young QB's who do not have a big salary yet. Or, in the case of Tampa Bay, they have an old veteran who is playing year-to-year and not on a long-term deal. The problem with this league is that teams are almost best when their QB's are on the rise or on the decline and not getting paid much. You can't deny the importance of the QB to a team but their salaries really need to be excluded from the salary cap. Or, teams just need to stop overpaying QB's.
  5. He was a security blanket for Ryan and should have been resigned. The Falcons were too cheap to pay him and he was fully correct to go elsewhere for a good payout.
  6. QB - We have a solid QB who has endured many seasons without injuries slowing him down and who even an outstanding rookie QB would likely not surpass next year in total yards thrown or completion %. His drawback is his salary which even if we traded him would likely remain largely on us. And, if we drafted a QB at #4 to simply sit behind Ryan, it would be essentially fixing a future need that would just sit around this year. We are not going to get Lawrence at #4, Fields or Wilson or both will go at #2 and #3. The third best much less the fourth best QB at #4 is not what we should build o
  7. Will the NFL actually be better without Brady? The guy has done phenomenal things but it is almost getting unbelievable. It is almost like why even play if you are the opposing team as it seems a predetermined win for him. He obviously is not winning with some great physical arm or set of legs like other QB's have had but instead has some intellectual advantage that leads to him winning. As for the NFL, at what point are all other teams and their fans sick of seeing him in the Super Bowl? It is similar to the old days of baseball where the Yankees would win the AL every year.
  8. The best QB in the 2020 NFL draft was drafted at #6 And, I am perfectly satisfied with the CB AJ Terrell we got at #16 Just because a pick is high is no guarantee of anything Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player piece of poop. College Conf. Notes 1 1 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow QB LSU SEC 2019 Heisman Trophy winner 1 2 Washington Redskins
  9. Unfortunately, as the Falcons season went down this year, this board became a bunch of "losers" wishing for the Falcons to finish with the worst record possible rather than wishing for a great comeback to the season. The odds might have been more to the Falcons losing most of their remaining games rather than winning all of them but this lack of fan support is a lot of what drives the former to happen.
  10. Did I miss the press release about Koetter being fired?
  11. Blank must have called Raheem at the half and told him to make sure and lose this game
  12. Why does it always seem that when our offense is working well, our defense is running terrible or when our defense is doing well, our offense is bad.
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