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  1. Geno smith abused us, I'd be scared against a toddler. Also Palmer played well against us last year.
  2. Been excellent, him and Alford building blocks for a great defence one day hopefully!
  3. Was so fed up with BVG but seems as though the early promise Nolan showed last year has completely gone. We seem to have the same problems regardless who calls the plays or who's on the field, there's something deep rooted in this team as to why we can't take the next level.
  4. Well he's not going to win a Super Bowl and he got paid less so.....
  5. It's funny cause there's a $100m asset depending on them.
  6. He's not actually very good, why keep him. We wouldn't be worse off.
  7. Do you not think all our games follow a similar pattern, start fast then finish slow. We get away with it in the regular season cause of poorer opponents then get found out. Do you rate smitty above them two coaches?
  8. Can't believe people are still moaning about the NFCC game, it weren't a penalty. We'd scream fix if it was the other way round.
  9. People actually think we'd get anything for him, a 7th maybe. Surely if we was going to trade him it'd be a thanks for everything you can go where you want and we won't seek any reimbursement so a 7th.
  10. Brilliant post and brilliant thread been a while since there's been discussion like this. I still blame smitty for most of our problems, he's the head coach, he choses his coaches, he choses who plays and we're having the same problems for years now. People say it's on TD or blank who we draft but smitty sees this team day to day he should be demanding who gets drafted and were we actually need to be improved and for gods sake get rid of the dline and oline coaches please. It was our window shutting last year, people who keep saying "10 yards from the Super Bowl" it's dissingenous, the Seahawks and 49ers game should have been blowouts but we blew them through piss poor coaching, something that has happened many a time hence all our comeback wins.
  11. Was disgusting seeing them whiff last night. Konz and Reynolds should have been benched.
  12. As much as I want to blame the players I'm blaming the piss poor coaching, end of the day the best coaches get the best out of their players, good coaches make average players good and so on. We can't even score 30 points and we can't stop a rookie QB from looking like a 5 year pro bowl vet.
  13. We don't develop players, we like to play players on time spent on the team rather than talent it seems.
  14. I live in liverpool so the chance to see the falcons is awesome will definitely be making that game!
  15. I thought it was absolutely shocking seeing konz and Reynolds just whiff on guys, there was no delay to the d lineman getting passed them, they're going to get Matt injured
  16. Love Matt and agree with all you've said but then at the same time I do expect my $100m+ to make plays and win games despite the adversity. He's definitely way down on the list of problems though and in a way if we had a better record there'd probably be less chance of us fixing our problems cause we'd think we was alright when we're clearly not.
  17. I personally think our chance was last year, we either need players to develop dramatically (which has rarely happened) or rebuild over a couple of years with older players declining or leaving and being replaced. Just don't know if smitty has it in him to change.
  18. Fair enough but being unhappy with the team doesn't make you less of a fan. Nothing wrong enjoying when the goings good and being mad, frustrated and upset when they're going bad. When you stop feeling either way that's when you're not a fan cause you dont care.
  19. It's funny cause we invest in the skill positions to produce a great offense but if we had invested in the o-line instead these positions would produce anyway. If we had a good line then we could insert pretty much any competent RB and have him be effective. Same for WRs and TEs, love gonzo but $5m+ isn't value for money neither is Sjax. TD obviously thought superstars behind the line would make up for lack of talent blocking but if your QB has no time what can we achieve. All the winners recently have either had a great D or solid O line without the superstars other than QB.
  20. Thought people would be over hating Ryan by now. Seen as he's going nowhere and him being amazingly good.
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