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  1. Ramsey would make this defense Elite... we have the current tools to make that deal. Don't flame me but I'd give up Freeman and Vic Ramsey, or Justs Freeman and a First, we'd still be able to sign Ramsey long term also. I know Quinn would keep him in line and coach him up even more... imagine Ramsey guarding Julio in practice. That is our only answer to the Patriots honestly. This goes against our signature front office moves obviously. Just entertaining...
  2. Not sure if this has been said or not but how about trading Freeman and Vic for Clowney, that will give us the cap room needed... of course it will create a vulnerability at RB but sheesh this would be a crazy defense and I'm sure our wideouts would make up for an average RB core. Lamar Miller being out for the season really just created desperation. Freeman is a great freaking replacement, would hate to see him go. But seeing Clowney on this defense... I'll live.
  3. Y'all do know Alford use to get abused by OBJ way more right? I see growth honestly lol.
  4. I don't care what any sports source says I know what I saw on the field and Matt Ryan wasn't even Top 10 this year.
  5. I missed when coaches were more vocal... now its just safe boring blah blah blah... I don't even care to even hear/see postgame interviews anymore because its so scripted now.
  6. Well if its his work ethic he'll do us no good but I do believe we need to pull the gun on a veteran free agent... this just may not be the one to do so with.
  7. Since Austin Hooper obviously isn't ready for the limelight maybe we can bring a veteran TE in that has actually been at the top of the game within his position to learn behind. With, that Martellus Bennett is available and I think he'd be an upgrade over what we have now. We know there's little Toilolo can teach Hooper that he can't already learn from Matthews or Mack. Our lack or willingness to go after known names hurts us almost every year... at this point why not just bring him in to finish the season. How much could it impact seriously?
  8. We KEEP LOSING close ones... excluding the demolishing the Patriots put on us.
  9. Outside of his antics... OBJ is really a beast
  10. I'd still take OBJ but I'm not giving up Julio for him.
  11. Of course I would not be in my seat when this view was taken.
  12. I was at the game... Falcons' fan outnumbered Packers' fans at least 15 to 1... maybe the Television doesn't tell the whole story.
  13. Lol I'm an idjit because YOU GUYS are making creepy dialogue about someone's wife? The internet is such a wonderful place.
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