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  1. Maybe because we can't keep both Free and Teco so once we lose Teco we either get a nice compensatory pick and replace the talent... though I'm sure Teco's talent won't be replaced by Hill but Hill could have attributes that compliment Free more.
  2. Unfortunately, it is best to extend him now because with the current market... if we wait until 2019 it will be averaging close to 30mill for QBs of Matt's caliber.
  3. There's no way he'll get more attention with the addition of Poe and company...
  4. Can someone please post article? I'm really interested as to where our offense last year ranked on the list.
  5. I'm sure his personality has been pretty consistent for most of his adult life and it got him this far... I rather for him to continue that and continue to beast. No need to change who you are for people who will always have an opinion.
  6. Smart purchase... any decent condo in Atlanta or rental will hit his pockets more than the cost of this home. I give this house a max purchase price of $220k which it could have easily been purchased for a lot less depending on the area of Atlanta. Seems to be a wise purchase for rookie... either way it goes he has to have a place to lay his head so it is not an avoidable expense.
  7. After these PSLs are paid off my budget will be 6k but I am reselling 5 of my 8 tickets for the next three years to make up for the PSL expense
  8. i know this is probably the most talented D line we've had in a while but this pic makes them look soft lol... gotta love/hate candid photos.
  9. Let's call a duck a duck... there is more chance than not that was a conservative dig at Shanahan let's be serious. Julio never says anything remotely close to that about anyone or any coach... ever. Shanahan had to really be a ***** honestly and I don't think the 49ers gig is going to go well for him. I see Chip Kelly 2.0 as he's going to get rid of anyone who doesn't like his tactics. Shanny really did come into a good offense when he arrived in Atlanta... he isn't coming into a good anything at San Fran.
  10. The Heat beat the Cavs in the Semi-Finals? The Heat had a Super Team when Lebron came or did Lebron create the Super Team by him just being there? I don't think you understand what "no different" means.
  11. I don't know why but it was hilarious watching Ish go through the same drill Tru had just went through...
  12. We'd like for them to sleep on our corners all season really but I do understand that once they stop sleeping... Alford may hold out for a bigger contract because we got him for a steal honestly.
  13. Or use a different browser on your phone... don't forget to delete the cache though as stated previously.
  14. OMG you guys are annoying as crap like dang you have to find fault in everyone' opinion. Do you just sit behind a keyboard and just think of what post you can criticize next? The Bucs response was funny as **** get over it man we made it to the Super Bowl and should have easily gotten a championship with the lead we had. WE BLEW IT and now EVERYONE'S OVER IT. Time for you to move on as well sir.
  15. The response was epic though... I'm over the Super Bowl loss so whatever.