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  1. I thought it might be prudent to start a thread on the most pertinent subject of the day, the Covid-19 virus that has taken the world by storm. Differing opinions on the matter are welcome.
  2. I credit the NFL for going forward with free agency and the draft. NBA is more concerned about optics, they would have surely delayed any of their events.
  3. We should transition to a partial quarantine, that isolates the elderly and infirm. Right we need to mitigate it's spread so the health care system can build up armaments and readiness. But multiple months long shelter and stay orders are untenable. It would be disastrous economically and quite frankly, unnecessary. Covid-19 is not an existential threat to the young and the healthy. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6912e2.htm#F1_down
  4. God bless the NFL. Not caving to the alarmists.
  5. A big part of interceptions is scheme, teams that employ zone tend to have higher interception numbers in their secondary.
  6. What if they drafted Ruggs or Jeudy as the Julio heir apparent?
  7. Tom still has tremendous pocket presence, and can absolutely read a defense with the best of them. But you better give him time to throw. He might be the slowest running QB in the game.
  8. For young healthy people it's no worse than the flu. What makes it a threat to the elderly are the respiratory symptoms. With that in mind, why not just quarantine the old and the infirm, as opposed to shutting down all of society?
  9. I dont fear Covid-19 whatsoever.
  10. Since he's not a reporter he can risk getting it wrong.
  11. 40 is the new 30. Haven't you heard?
  12. Can anyone post a Teddy B. highlight vid?
  13. Teddy wont be wearing a babushka to work. So that's a plus. But he's really mostly a game manager, a pretty one though. He's a Derek Carr, Jimmy G type QB.
  14. It's all but over for Cam. The Tedddy B. era has begun in Charlotte