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  1. There is a notion out there that what everyone really wants is some choir boy that does all the right things and says all the right things. Blah, Blah. Get the F outta here with that.
  2. I am on board with drafting a QB. Green Bay did it with Aaron Rogers. New England did it with Jimmy Garappolo. This whole idea that you don't want to create a "quarterback controversy" is utterly inane and soft. Its called competition, it's the nature of the business.
  3. Greg Knapp for OC! He's evolved!
  4. Guarantee you if Shanny came back (of course he's a HC now) we improve by at least a TD. Coaching is extremely important on offense.
  5. Only fire Sark if we can get Kubiak.
  6. They had down years, they weren't terrible or anything.
  7. Williams knew they were going to the sideline. So he was probably ready to put a big hit on Diggs, but he realized he was a little early, so he ducked to avoid making the hit, worried he would get an interference call. If you give up the sideline catch then so be it, but you cant let a guy get behind you in that situation. It was kind of a freak play, that does not happen very often.
  8. I would have liked at least one run play. That second down play was a disaster.
  9. Falcon's Offense did not score in the second half. Come on now.
  10. Cost us a championship. If the other guy just beat you, then fine. But if you just flat didn't know what your job was, that's inexcusable.
  11. DQ likes defensive players. Doubt we go offense.
  12. Preferably a running back that understands blocking assignments, unlike freeman.
  13. Give them credit for eking out wins despite a lackluster offense.
  14. Short of a monumental collapse next season. Q aint going nowhere.