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  1. Yes exactly. As I said, "sex trafficking" is mostly just rebranding of prostitution to keep it illegal. There are cases of sex slavery but are very rare. It's not easy or legal to keep people hostage against their will, it just defies reason. If people have a right to have sex, they have a right to exchange money too. It's called the free market.
  2. They were Asian, most are here legally unless they overstayed their visa. My guess is they did this because it was easy money and paid better than a low wage job. Sorry but I'm usually skeptical of these prostitution rings busts, police want so desperately to keep their arrest quotas up. Yes, there are occasional instances of sexual slavery, but usually the truth is not as cut and dry.
  3. What if you have tongue paralysis?
  4. If someone is forcing you to do something you don't want, then leave, if they wont let you leave than call the police. I'm pretty sure being held against your will is false imprisonment. If you aren't willing to call the police, then clearly you are not exercising your rights.
  5. I'm concurring with you.
  6. It's just semantics. Men have always paid for sex, be it directly with cash, or dinners, gifts, time, attention, etc. It's all the same if you ask me.
  7. He was charged with misdemeanor solicitation, he's not losing anything. It wouldn't surprise if they up dropping the charges.
  8. Police and authorities are now calling all prostitution "trafficking" to make it sound worse than it is, and justify their trivial, frivolous arrests. The truth is actually sex slavery is rare in the US, 99% of sex workers are doing it of their own free will.
  9. Usually it does give out. But Yes ED meds make a huge difference.
  10. First, the Pats always have a great offensive line. Always. Second, the great Pats teams are solid in their secondary. Third, they value skill guys that are tough and smart. An overlooked 7th round draft pick like Julian Edelman can become a postseason legend. Only the Pats.
  11. Why would I care about PEDs? This is football, not baseball. Use all the PEDs you want.
  12. Id actually rather see the Saints. Payton would shake things up. Rams will get blown out.
  13. What a job by the Pats Oline! Brady had a moat around him.
  14. So the other owners want the Pats to dominate? Your conspiracy theory makes no sense. The league works for the owners, not the other way around.
  15. You would say that no matter what the outcome was.