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  1. As long as we get a really good young QB, I'm all for it. I don't think the market for Matt Ryan is as hot as everyone thinks.
  2. I'm tired of over paying Matt. Quite frankly I'd like to see the Falcons take a young QB as leverage. Kansas City did it despite Alex Smiths very solid play. Unfortunately, I don't think the Falcons brass has the stones to do something like that.
  3. If It's about players that can help us win. No one cares who is the oldest receiver on the team. Your reasoning is utterly absurd.
  4. Well that's the market. If I'm the Falcons I'm not giving Matt a penny over 23 per year. Call his bluff. There will be no quality teams needing a quarterback next summer. Nearly every team has a quarterback in place or has a young guy ready to take the reigns. We have already paid Matt $150,000,000. We have young defensive players who are going to have to get paid. The Falcons have to man up and play hard ball.
  5. He's regarding by many as the best offensive mind in the game. San Fran is in good hands for years to come.
  6. You have scrap Shanny's old offense and let Sark run his own offense.
  7. Let Ryan test the market.
  8. I hope they should close some of the loopholes for letting people like her in. It's not fair to more deserving qualifiers. She does not even have a sense of humor about it. She actually thinks she's good. Delusions of self grandeur.
  9. I think Black Panther is the best they have done. Great acting, vivid characters, complex themes, excellent visuals, good use of pathos and humor. A compelling, believable villain/anti-hero, which is very hard to do. Others may have had better plots or action sequences, but I don't think that is the end all, be all of a great movie. My measuring stick for a great film is am I thinking about the movie the next day? The day after seeing Black Panther I was still thinking about the characters, Wakanda, etc.
  10. I think one fair point to make is when the 2nd amendment was written guns were much different than they are today. An 18th century musket was quite a chore to load, the ammunition hand made, and often unreliable. A lone wolf mass shooting was impossible with the weaponry of their day. Comparing an 18th century musket to an AR-15 is like comparing the Wright Brothers to Apollo Nine. They are both technically guns, but not really the same thing. The constitution does define an "arm" per se. Are bazookas, flame throwers, and grenades arms? Is anything that fires metal projectiles an arm? It's certainly not cut and dry.
  11. That's not how football works. If team A beats team B, and team B beats team C, that does not mean team A will beat team C.
  12. I think our offense would have struggled to keep up with New England. We would of needed to hang 40 on them, that's a tall order.
  13. Man you guys are some homers! Lets see how many GM's would pick Matt, probably not a single one.
  14. I say take him in the first. Show Matt and Condon we have some leverage.
  15. Yes execution is most important. I thought Kyle did an outstanding job for us. I don't blame him one bit for calling pass plays with the MVP at QB and the best receiver in the game. What really sucks is on the play where Free whifs on that block Julio was running wide open, easy touchdown there.