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  1. The choice for Julio is simple. You can get paid to play football, or you can not get paid to not play football. You are eligible for an extension spring/summer of 2020.
  2. Kirk Cousins and Jimmy G did not have 3 years left on their deal. They were free agents. When you agree to a long term deal you take the risk of the market passing your contract by. Sorry, that's how it goes.
  3. Why are there so many who want to cave in to Julio and his representatives? He wanted a top of the market long term deal, with the bulk of the guaranteed money upfront, and he got it. That's how it goes. He could of done a shorter deal and re-upped sooner, but in football that's very risky due to injuries. You don't get to have your cake and eat it to. Sorry, let him pound sand. He will have the opportunity to ask for an extension come spring/summer of 2020.
  4. Sprinting up hills is brutal.
  5. Falcons never play hardball. We are one of the softest organizations in the NFL.
  6. Julio has no leverage. He's under contract and the Falcons have no reason to renegotiate his deal. He wanted a long term deal with the bulk of the money upfront.
  7. DQ is a very good defensive coach. It just sucks because with Kyle S. and DQ together we had a rock star coaching staff.
  8. Honestly, we should have pulled a Tamba Bay and promoted Kyle to head coach and let Quinn go. I know that seems rash, but Kyle is a once in a generation offensive mind, you do whatever it takes to retain him.
  9. Julio is two years into a five year deal. He wanted his guaranteed money up front, and he got it. Sorry, them's the breaks. This is big test for the organization, time to wear our big boy pants and hold firm.
  10. Show me a trade of a 1st round pick for a wide receiver age 29 or over in NFL history.
  11. His is on the back nine of his career. He cant even practice during the week. He might retire early like Calvin. He can still play, but his trade value is not as high as you might think.
  12. JJJ does not offer enough offense.
  13. No one would offer that. Youth is very important, and Julio is in decline.