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  1. Yea what happened?
  2. Why would he choose Baseball if he is going to be a 1st round pick? He will get more money, more endorsements playing in the NFL then toiling away in the minor leagues. His 5 million dollar signing bonus from the Oakland A's is basically high second round pick money, and it takes a long time to get paid in baseball, like a really long time. He is clearly getting bad advice and needs to tell Boras to get lost.
  3. AB subscribes to the view that good organizations do not fire head coaches often. DQ has at least two more years.
  4. Is he still alive?
  5. It might be the right move strategically, but marketing and team morale will veto such a move.
  6. Whats up with Hawksquawk?
  7. I was speaking in jest. Ryan cant throw a ball 50 yards to save his life.
  8. Ryan's arm easily rivals Rogers and Elways as one of the strongest of all time, anyone who says otherwise is an anti-falcons hater.
  9. Fields is what gave it away. He was not in on any other punts during the season, he would only be in on a fake.
  10. It could end up 1-20 really.
  11. The Dallas pick right now is #18. Dallas has been on fire lately.
  12. No, that stuff is just caffeine and B-vitamins. There is nothing special about it at all. It's just over marketed snake oil.
  13. He needs to be more efficient, like way more.
  14. What coach wins without good players and assistant coaches?
  15. DQ actually kinda looks like my first wife. Bald, muscular, square jaw.