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  1. Yea I think he has already checked mentally.
  2. I still like the trade for Oakland, despite Mack's great first half. It''ll take two to three years to see who wins though. If the Raiders screw up the draft picks than it wasn't worth it.
  3. Man, playing QB is hard. They have to make a decision so quickly.
  4. Your analysis is 100% correct. Unfortunately, every DC in the NFL knows this as well.
  5. Is it Sark's fault Matt is throwing the ball out of the end zone? Not a single one of the passes at the end of the game was catchable.
  6. Raiders got killed for trading Khalil Mack. They got 2 firsts and got out of a 150 million dollar contract. I would make that deal for Ryan right now in a heartbeat.
  7. I think your analysis is fair and accurate. As far as last night, I just hope we can chalk it up as a bad game in a tough setting. But his limitations (mobility, arm strength) are plain as day. There no question he is very smart and durable. But I am just not sure how much coaching can ameliorate his dearth of physical talent.
  8. That's why I think the Raiders were really bold and brilliant for trading Khalil Mack. Sometimes it's just not worth it. Of course Ryan is a quarterback so it's not apples to apples.
  9. Maybe Ryan and Sark are just not a good match. Sometime coordinators do not fit certain QBs and vice versa.
  10. Our run defense might be diminished by his absence, but I think we should be okay in pass coverage.
  11. Quinn is fine. He needs a new OC or a new QB.
  12. It is true that it appears that MVP season was an outlier. I just don't think the organization knew how important it was to retain Kyle Shanahan. Make him head coach if you have to.
  13. They gave us a game extending illegal contact penalty on 4th and goal. Please just stop.
  14. Matt would disagree.