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  1. TO was a drama queen. AB is a sociopath.
  2. The leverage that they have is the public embarrassment a civil suit could cause, and damage to reputation and sponsorships. But a guy like AB doesn't give af.
  3. Dude, lawsuits are all about money. The $75,000k is the federal minimum. It's like the minimum bid on Ebay. Of course she wanted money. They asked for 2,000,000.
  4. Actually it was reported they wanted $2,000,000, Brown said no.
  5. Josh Gordon is just a weed smoker. AB is a childish, idiotic fool.
  6. AB didn't do himself any favors by acting like an A-hole with the Steelers and Raiders. More than anything with him, it's a pattern of immature, idiotic behavior and if he wants to salvage his career he needs to grow up.
  7. Yes, it's not football related. He played well against the Dolphins.
  8. Get it done TD. Would look great in the slot next to Julio.
  9. Roddy played with more passion and intensity than Julio, but Julio is more talented physically and athletically.
  10. The pliability reminds me of Tom Brady.
  11. His arm strength and athleticism are average at best. But his pliability and quarterback smarts are elite.
  12. I think 9-7 will get it done. With Brees out, the division is wide open and basically a crap shoot. If we don't make the playoffs this year, then it's hard to see us moving forward with this administration.
  13. Dude, just stop. This is so stupid. If you want a homer broadcast listen to Wes and Archer.
  14. Praised numerous Falcons. Among them Jarrett, Julio, D. Jones, Ridley. Homerism bias is a sign of intellectual inferiority.
  15. Maybe it was just cramps.