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  1. My bad. Of course you are correct - technically. But just as you point out re: LB's; we have bodies, but do we have guys that can step in and play. Those other 3 TE seem more like camp fodder / PS to me rather than legitmate contributors. You make a good point, I guess I didn't articulate well enough. Obviously we can't have starter caliber guys getting paid to sit the bench 'just in case'. I just don't want to see injuries cause the team to collapse again.
  2. Lack of depth hurt badly last year, obviously. In this 2nd phase of FA, I'd like to see some depth guys added. Arenas is a good pick up for depth but I really hope they're not done. We need another LB and as it stands we only have 1 TE on the roster. As to Safety, I don't know what the plans are in the draft, but I'd like to see a Vet signed for the minimum to mentor and to help out in case of injury. Just my $.02. :-)
  3. QUOTES TO NOTE: "Football is a 60-minute game and I felt like we played very well in the first half of the ball game and we didn't play very good in the second half. We didn't score any points, and you have to put points on the board when you have the opportunity and we did not do that." -- Coach Mike Smith. The man is an absolute GENIUS! Apparently, if you don't score enough points, they don't let you win the game. Who knew?
  4. 21 points scored in the first half 0 points scored in the second half Smittyball
  5. ...........Sorry I meant to put this in Around the NFL Guess I wasn't paying attention. My bad
  6. Is there some type of record as to how many times one person has been picked as an interim coach in the NFL? I know Wade has had some HC jobs on his own, but it seems like he has always been the DC on a team where the HC gets fired, and Wade becomes the interim HC. Not being stupid or sarcastic (for once). Has anyone ever held the interim HC position more times that Phillips? I have no idea how to research that..........
  7. Just read in the AJC that Oliver killed himself. Hasn;t been too long since Kenny McKinley did the same. Sad when football is over and these guys think their lives are too. When it's all said and done, Football is merely a game - or should be. My sincere condolences to the Oliver family
  8. I'm extremely flattered by your confidence, but frankly, I don't know what I would do. Smith's style of coaching is what it is. You're right, in that he's not going to change. He has a winning record, and Mr. Blank is wiling to let football people run the team. I remember hearing the same complaints about Dan Reeves (who took the team to the SB) until we were stuck with Jimmy Giggles and then Quitterino. Then the same complainers were wanting Reeves back. We're not going to win every game. Some losses will be ugly. Sometimes we just get our butts handed to us. It's called football, and it is a game. That said, if the FO wants to give me a shot, I can be reached at BR-549.
  9. The main problem with RE is his paycheck. TD way overpaid for him. He is what he is. He's not a horrible DE, he's just not a premier pass rusher. The Williams brothers made him look better than he really is. If the Falcons had 2 big monsters on their D line that commanded double teams, the DE's would be looking pretty dang good about now.
  10. Meh....not much of a compliment there......
  11. Many of the 2012 Falcon cheerleaders indicated that they really admire Mike Cox......
  12. Maybe we can get Arnold Horshack for QB coach
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