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  1. Falcon Fan for Life!! Been a fan since they had the best backfield in Falcon history William Andrews and Lynn Cain. GO FALCONS!!
  2. I think we should sign Henderson to a one year deal, knowing that Babs is going to be suspended and Jerry coming off that knee injury. Everyone else on the d-line is unproven except Anderson and we all know what he's proven so far. I just hope Trey Lewis can play the way he did before his knee injury. I thought this guy was going to be side by side with Babs and wreak havoc in the south for years to come. Hopefully after having a year under his belt past the knee injury will help his play this season. I just don't think Jerry will play the way we want him to till probably next season, knowing how Lewis played last season after coming off his knee injury.
  3. **** Yeah!! we are going to win. Aint nothing finer than to beat the 49er's. I'll be at the stick representing the BIRDS OF PREY surrounded by all my cousins who are die hard niner fans. Second year in a row I get to watch the Falcons play in nor cal, last year was tough trying to get out of the colisium after we put the beat down on the Raiders.
  4. Thank You FALCONS for a GREAT season, and for showing no quit in the game. Hopefully next year will be back in the playoffs again and prove all the HATERS and so called experts wrong again and prove to everybody that this year was no fluke.
  5. All time favorite falcon would have to be without a doubt JESSIE TUGGLE Yesterday Falcons-William Andrews, Buddy Curry,and Steve Bartkowski Todays Falcons- Matt Ryan, John Abraham, and Michael turner
  6. Northern Cali been a fan since the days of william andrews and lynn cain now their known to people these days as michael turner and jerious norwood.
  7. You must still be mad about how we ran you guys out of the Georgia Dome in the playoffs a couple of years ago.
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