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  1. Its funny, for the 2nd time, the question isn't who goes #1, but who goes #2 lol
  2. This draft has taken 10 good years of my life out of me...my mind feels like warm butter.
  3. Thats my point, he can only control the things HE does, theres a difference between having a "clean" past, and not being caught doing something. Not a person on this planet has NEVER done anything, even down to lying. I expect mankind in general to have moral standards, but you cannot be held responsible for someone else's decisions. I love the NFL, but sometimes they remind me of the movie "Gattaca" when Ethan Hawke says "they have you looking so close for flaws, that thats ALL you see is the flaw."
  4. Something thats also puzzling me is this overhyped "face of the franchise" being the QB... The Ravens "FOTF" has been Ray Lewis, the Giants has been Michael Strahan IMO, we need to do something on defense, we need to get an OL as well...I really hope we take Dorsey unless the Long pick isn't true and if thats the case, then I hope we trade down out of 3 and grab Ellis.
  5. Rachel Nichols is reporting that several late first round teams are calling us about grabbing some of our 2nd round picks, IF Long does go to the Rams, we cannot pass up on Dorsey, our defense has lost players, we need to get someone on the DLine that can come in right away, I know we're rebuilding, but just because we are that doesn't mean we have to stumble for 3-4 seasons while a QB matures. We've already had the "face of the franchise" QB, and it wasn't working, we need defensive help and Dorsey can help. If we can get a sweet deal to move back up...I'd take it.
  6. It is unfair for McFadden to get labeled with "character issues" when he has no control over what his mother says, or the lifestyles of his brothers. Yeah he's got 2 kids out of wedlock, and as much as I dislike that practice, he's not the only person on the planet doing that. Another thing was the being at a nightclub underage and they fight when he tried to keep his brother's car from being stolen...sounds nitpicky to me. I hate this trend of expecting NFL players to be choirboys, its just not right, former player greats weren't choirboys, so to expect today's players not to do ANYTHING is
  7. We need to draft someone that can come in and make an immediate impact, not someone thats gonna need to sit 1 or 2 seasons to get adjusted. Dorsey or Ellis can do that for us, either Long would've been able to...Ryan, Brohm, Henne or Flacco won't be able to do that.
  8. I believe that unless you have one glaring need, you draft the best player available unless you are STACKED at that position. We're not stacked at DE, nor QB, but a QB is a bigger crapshot than DE, and at least a DE can move around, look at Suggs, he came in as a DE but played OLB, now eventhough he's better suited at DE, its the fact that he could be a utility player makes him less of a risk than a guy that is either going to start or not play at all. When you compare the two you hear these things Chris Long - son of Howie Long, relentless, non-stop motor Matt Ryan - all the intangibles, stro
  9. As impossible as it is to trade out of the top 5, its ridiculous to even try to trade up to #2, a waste of picks, and let me remind you, if I team doesn't make their pick in the alotted amount of time, the teams below them can go ahead and make their selection...the Vikings have done this several times. We got alot of holes to fill and moving from 3 to 2 is pretty much just throwing away picks, no one player is gonna turn this team from mediocre to juggarnaut.
  10. Primarily the NFL Network, but I will flip between the two, the only reason ESPN is getting watched is cause I want to check out scores and other news.
  11. And it begins, the snowball and escalation effect, you let one kid have a cookie...gotta let em all have one. PLEASE ROGER STOP THIS NASTY TREND BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!
  12. I don't like this, it takes the surprise away from the draft, and that part of the excitement of watching the draft, whether your at the draft or its on ESPN or the NFL Network. Teams are give 10-15 mins to make trades and select their picks, the league shouldn't allow players to be signed or even start negotiations prior to the draft. I understand that it helps speed the process along, but it just kills the excitement
  13. ok, let say the teens then...how do you drop from the teens to the 2nd round by playing better your senior season?
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