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  1. big free agents cause i keep hearing that urf are now rfa???
  2. here is the teams list http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/teams.aspx
  3. http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/teams.aspx
  4. just checked the hof and we have 2 members eric dickerson and tommy mcdonald
  5. is it true that a player goes in for all the teams he played on? and if thats true didn't eric dickerson play for us and im sure he is in the hof.
  6. very proud of this team. i've also waited a long time for this it feels great
  7. also the top 8 teams will not be able to go after free agents this year unless they lose players ex. colts lose manning to another team for 3yrs 10 mil. they can only offer a free agent 3yrs 10 mil.
  8. i heard the same thing today....has to do with revenue sharing with owners and this need to be settled first before the plays union can be done. but i'd like to know more also..
  9. i say no.. it might also be against rules to do that unless you change teams or someone else wants that number
  10. i have season tickets to the falcons for 7 yrs now and i've never sen a fight there but i use to live in n.j and been to many games at giants stadium and the eagles stadium ans seen at least 2 fights per game at jets and eagles home games(not really at giant games) and never see strangers jump in eberyone just watches till sec. come maybe some will try to break it up but know one helps anybody out.
  11. the only way i'd want the saints to win is if it is 100% that we get in cause of it. since it doesn't i will be a cowboy fan on sat. i won't even watch the game that team makes me sick.**** i don't watch the nfc playoff games if the falcons aren't playing!!!and always a afc team fan in the superbowl!!!!!
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