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  1. I understand that, which is why I think a younger hire will be made who can object and maybe see something that Pees cant. OAN I would love to see Earl Thomas given a second chance here if Rico is let go.
  2. https://theathletic.co.uk/2053857/2020/11/17/teaching-tuesday-dean-pees-titans-pressure-schemes/?redirected=1 Teaching Tuesdays: Breaking down Dean Pees’ ‘Odd Game 5’ By Ted Nguyen Nov 17, 2020 21 Before he retired this offseason, former Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees led one of the most aggressive defenses in the NFL. This season, the Titans clearly miss him and his pressure schemes. The Titans went from averaging 2.6 sacks per game in 2019 to averaging just 1.2 per game this season. Sack totals can
  3. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/11/18/mailbag-new-england-patriots-quarterback-cam-newton-future From the article: From Craig M (@Dolfan2334): Eric Bieniemy is expected to be the hot coaching name this offseason. Do you think he ends up in New York, Jacksonville or somewhere else? Craig, the one thing I’ve heard from a handful of people that’s gotten a little harder to ignore is the idea that Atlanta has its eyes on Bieiemy. The Falcons, obviously, are free now (with Dan Quinn gone) to vet candidates through background work and send whatever signals they want to a coach that
  4. Not going to happen. Wishful thinking I would love for this to happen, but as much as DQ has supposedly "learned from this past season" he still is stubborn and will not make any changes.
  5. This was because of the players not the coaching. The coaching hasnt changed but the talent has.
  6. He was saying that they wanted to saysomthing to the media last year...and that the only reason he did not say anything was because he is not D. Hall, also said coach smith got rid of the guys who did not believe they could win(take it for worth it's worth)If you heard and have more to add please feel free....
  7. ATLANTA FALCONS 2008 DRAFT NEEDSPosted by Mike Florio on March 25, 2008, 11:50 p.m. Here s a look at the perceived draft needs of the Atlanta Falcons, with heavy input from Matt Miller and David Gardner of NewEraScouting.com. Quarterback: After years of attempting to build around Michael Vick in the draft, the Falcons now need to use the draft to find a new quarterback. While Vick never completed 60 percent of his passes or threw for more than 3,000 yards in a season, he was a valuable part of their offense due to his running skills. Currently, the depth chart features Joey Harrington, C
  8. I dont post on here often, but I read the boards everyday, and I for one and very happy with the recent hires of Thomas Dimitroff, Mike Smith, Van Gorder, and Mularkey. Mularkey used to be the OC of one of the most storied franchises in NFL histroy. Under is tenure they had 10+ wins in all 3 season he was OC. Also, you know about the Inspector Gadget moniker, he also believes in a physical, punishing offense. Everyone who is complaining about the OL. Give it time the Falcons in 2-3 years will be able to hit teams in the mouth on Offense and Defense.
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