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  1. Im down since the falcons message D3 league removed me without any notice and I turned that dreadful of a team I inherited into a real competitor. Still a lil pissed about that
  2. Well as I recall he was working in the community before all of this happened?
  3. Yeah they are showing how he was doing the Pig Suey while some players didn't even know he left yet...garbage if you are a falcon fan then we are all tried and tested! We are ready for anything I believe. Oh Link? I am the link!
  4. Jeez it just bring back chills shows how last season was one of the greatest seasons from high to low that has ever happened!
  5. Bobby Petrino is the number 1 in the top 10 coaching flops in NFL history...Ahhh that is great news! Shows everyone talking about him and what he did to the falcons calling him gutless saying how he left a letter to players and gave his staff 15 seconds notice. Oh man how these are better days!
  6. I think Matt begin to develops his stride as a passer....oh yeah that girl in ur sig looks like a dude IMO...
  7. Good read I hope we don't break the bank on AH or Peppers
  8. exactly I grew up here my whole life and never experienced any direct racism got pulled over last night because I have 24'' rims and was riding in a bad neighborhood (Metropolitian) looking for my boy's house for a bachelor's party, white officer, and he let me go (even though I was drunk) because I assume I was able to speak properly and not give him any reason to take it any further. Oh and he said that was why he pulled me over?
  9. Of course racism still exist it will be interesting to see if there will be a story about Jammal Anderson bust on CNN tomorrow though or something outside of the sports world which Phelps was about to accomplish with weed and Vick had to do dogfighting to do.
  10. Honestly I didn't hear anything about that outside of the message board that linked me to ajc. That was it...but then again I dunno, maybe I wasn't paying attention?
  11. I credit the FO so much for how wrong they made these people look this was a make or break descision for TD and he passed with flying colors!
  12. Well why do you care so much about what the people on this board think anywayz? I learned so much about some of the people on here during the 2008 elections. So wait...you are upset because people on this board is not talking about how dissapointed they are with the Phelps incident? Its probably because...he's not a Falcon. Maybe you should go here it may make you feel better: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/michael-phelps/forum http://www.peoria.com/messages/michael_phe..._id=1&page= or google any other Michael Phelps discussion board.
  13. yeah but i'll tell you one thing if I was gonna lie I was gonna be **** sure to make sure im on the same page with the people who im caught up with. But keep in mind, this is a different situation from Phelps. Yes I believe they went overboard in trying to prove a point with Vick WITH THE DOGFIGHTING INCIDENT. But the more I learned about what actually happened, I do believe he should have had some type of punish for such a cruel hobby. So did it create awareness about dogfighting, it did and that was probably what they was trying to accomplish.
  14. When double standard is based upon race its called racism... do I believe Vick received a much harsher judgement from his weed incident than Michael Phelps no and you would have to post more than some SNL skit to prove it because noone cares what they say outside of their Sarah Palin sketches. And you have a hard time with arguring when you have to call people idiots and such you a$$ (as I mentioned earlier). Even if I did want to see your point I don't now. So how do you think the media should've handled this Vick situation since he was treated so much differently?
  15. Exactly because he lied and continued to lie about the situation. Which is why he is the last one to still be in jail while everyone else has gotten out by now.
  16. http://www.univacgroup.com/smoking_products.html To answer your 1st question and yes Phelps get more respect because he admitted to it...plus they was talking about it on CNN for a week Vick wasnt mentioned outside of ESPN and NFL network.
  17. Exactly the Falcons didn't drop him nor did all his major sponors at the time...when the dog fighting came out then he was on his own. As I recall Vick didn't even get a suspsension which Phelps did.
  18. It was not because he was white....also Phelps didn't lie about it...you a$$ stop looking for everything to be about race and join the rest of us in the 2000's....
  19. If Vick had represented the Falcons as well as Phelps did the United State im sure he would've gotten a pass also.
  20. Yeah me too i've actually done it a few times...it just seemed like a Rick Roll setup from the begginning put my curser over the link, saw youtube and already knew...
  21. Arggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Going to look at some PETA chicks now for 10 mins LOL...
  22. LOL I wonder what the PETA people are eating for the superbowl? No nachos because cheese comes from an animal...that party gotta suck. Well at least they can drink beer I think lol...
  23. I've always heard about PETA but in my limited knowledge about them I thought they was a stand up organization....I didn't learn about the truth of PETA until after we had our incident...and am continued to be suprised even at this?
  24. I mean, im all for all publicity is good, but its just crazy how on one of the spectrum, they are holier than thou, then on the other, they are the opposite...I like consistency...but hate what they are doing to you know who and how they are doing it (releasing scores and answers to tests, requiring CAT scans before a person can relive their life) but can do stuff like this and expect to people to do what, see their humorous side? Because Im not a vegatarian and i'm sure i'll have any one of those girls cooking me bacon, eggs, and pancakes in the morning lol.
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