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  1. When you suck so bad the refs have fun screwing you. This team deserves bad calls.
  2. You mean to have a chance to score THAN make a 2 point conversion to beat the Puckers correct? It wasn’t really that close at all.......
  3. Soft team and softer ownership and management! As long as Blank owns this team it will stink!
  4. Since the Joey Harrington days and right up to today it has never been more clear that this is a very sponge soft team!! Somebody needs to step in front of Blank and tell him what to do! Fire them all! Every darn coach and every management position starting with Rich and TD! Nothing will ever change until the entire culture of soft wimps are removed from the ATL! Fire everybody....and start over!
  5. Ok I was wayyyyyyyy wrong today AND last week and I’m still mad about it!
  6. They seriously need to fire TD and Kooter! Why in Gods name did they ever bring this OC back to Atlanta? This is terrible.
  7. Winner receives nothing! I say Panthers win by 17
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