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  1. I know I know. No one plays to lose. I get that. But with the way we look, our cap space issues and knowing the odds of teams that start 0-2….. honest question. As a fan at what point is it ok for us to say, “Ok this is legit a year to build and we would do better with better draft picks than meaningless wins.” Do we wait till we’ll 12? When we have maybe 3-4 wins which will be enough for us to draft 15th or so. Or do we start sooner than that?
  2. Down 16…….. hmmmm……. Yes, that’s the call, check down for sure!!!
  3. Did that defender twist Gage ankle as he lifted up. 🤨. Looked dirty in real time to me.
  4. Brady is going for 7 TD today. Why didn’t put him in my DraftKing line up….. smh
  5. There we go. When the rest of the team is doing ok, Atleast the punter remembers how to properly “Falcon”
  6. Incorrect. Smith was great at calling plays for Henry. If his new OC is not, then Henry will suffer. They were a great package b
  7. TD for Pitts….. honestly even if garbage at the end. We need to build his confidence
  8. ****!!!’ AJ looked good today in spite of everything. Now…. We toast. ……well more toast
  9. Sooo…… we need a turn over on downs and a hold for a FG and a 2point conversion….. to TIE. Haha
  10. That TD just means Brady will get another. Brady is gonna end the day with 7 at this rate 😅
  11. I do. And like I said he was good because of Henry. He knew plays to call for him. That offense ran through Henry.
  12. Why the **** are we getting cute. Just ducking pass the ball normally
  13. Yes Brown was good…. Feeding off the run. We need to feed our run off our pass attack. If that’s even a thing lol
  14. Because our HC has no idea what it means to pass the ball. He was who he was thanks to Henry. Not his skills.
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