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  1. I’m sure. Someone will trade in and take whomever our team decides they want at 4
  2. Typical Atlanta. Gonna win a game that doesn’t really hurt the opponent, but only hurts our draft status. Smh
  3. Smh...... pathetic. This team can’t even lose when it’s the BEST thing for the franchise atm. I’ve never been so disappointed to see us win. Leave it to the Falcons to find ANOTHER way to upset me on a Sunday.
  4. Always when it doesn’t matter. I’m so sick of our team. ..... seriously. LOSE. Winning will drop us to like pick 16
  5. Woohoo!!!! I’m happy. 4-9 is staring us in the face!!! And losing to the Chargers will do WONDERS for our draft pick.
  6. We can always depend on our Falcons. The string together enough wins when it doesn’t freaking matter so we get crappy draft picks the next season pathetic
  7. I mean..... how many other terms have the same chance of making the play offs as winning it all 😂. Most of the percents go down. Atleast we are steady. 😂😂. (Kidding I’m so annoyed this year lol)
  8. Ok after the Rams win we are mathematically eliminated. Thank you for those that answered, and made me laugh lol
  9. We had a slim hope before today but is that 100% gone now? I love my Falcons but I’d like to spend my Sundays doing things around the house lol. I watched “just incase” we skinned in, but now.....?
  10. I honestly can’t help but KNOW if this was healthy team vs healthy team.... we would have won. Julio changes the game. Even hurt he picked up the first down. That shows a lot.....
  11. So I was smart and started Hill in my money league..... but why did I dumbly not pick the Saints D?? I’m sure by the time this is said and done they will have a pick 6
  12. See sadly I am too because I know how our boys like to make back ups and first time quarterbacks look like the second coming of Peyton Manning
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