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  1. A PM would be great right about now haha
  2. That was amazing. I love it! Now we have a team that doesn't quit when things go off kilter. They grind it out for the W. Two years ago, that never would have happened. Amazing!
  3. Eat it ******. You're not a fan.
  4. Haha, I flipped to the game just in time to see the carnage on the field. I missed anything before that. From what you describe, yeah, that's low class on the jets part. But I still think its pretty bad to try make some plays when you're down by 21 with a player in an ambulance and 20 seconds left on the clock. Even the announcers suggested they end the game, and were taken back when they started throwing the ball.
  5. Fail at funny. Fail at bumping own thread. That's a double fail.
  6. I thought I saw his hands move when they drove him over to the ambulance, but it could have been from a bump on the cart... Shows a terrible lack of class for the cards throwing passes after that. 27 seconds left and two players were just knocked out cold. One getting an ambulance ride. The game is totally out of reach, and you go back to the huddle and start working the ball down field??? Take a knee and end the game. I can understand if they were down by 1 maybe... but down that many points it's terrible to do that. I finally agreed with the Jets fans when they boed that move.
  7. I sell lots of drugs and I have some rugs I pimp a bunch of hookers like a pressure cookers I gots lots of bling to make up for small things Ive been to jail a thousand times ryhming rhymes with times um.... and I got lots of money too
  8. One morning, I woke up, and I was in. I didn't really want to be in it, but after all these people said that they wanted it, I suddenly felt the urge to maintain my status, above all of you lowly 'forum member' posters....... :P j/k. I got in when it was made, before the forum switch. I'm not sure if they are accepting applicants anymore. It's like going to a crowded club at midnight, and you gotta wait for people to leave before you can get in. Probably not though.
  9. I totally agree, and I'm a member of PF.... I don't usually log in here anymore, because I usually just read the topics, and its a huge PITA to log in here now. I really don't care about this 'Falconslife' crap they got going on now. We don't need another myspace. This is a forum. And using your email address to log in? Come on. We have a username for a reason... And when you do find a topic you want to reply to, and your not logged in, you click 'log in' to reply. Then, once you type in your email address, it pushed you back to the 'FalconsLife Home Page' and not the topic you wanted to
  10. 310 horsepower out of a 3.8 (that's not blown, sprayed, or pressed?)???? That's sick! Must be OHC. No way you could get that out of a pushrod. (unless I'm not reading something right).
  11. Ummmm, no. The Charger has nothing to do with the Commodore. The new Pontiac G8 is based of the Commodore, for the simple reason that GM owns Holden. Their not stealing anything from them, they own it. And Holden based the commodore off of an Opel (still GM) car. It think it was the Record. Not sure on that though. There should be no beef with Pontiac (not dodge) taking the commodore and packaging it as the G8, especially when the car wasn't even solely Holden in the first place.
  12. Speaking of Teams Obama, where'd that list of members go? It was getting pretty big.... come to think of it, I don't remember if I ever joined it or not...
  13. Hey guys, I just flushed 5 G's down the toilet and threw some canned goods out the window of my moving car, which I just pushed into a lake when I got home. I also blow my nose with 5 dollar bills, and wipe my azz with 50's. Aren't I great?
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