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  1. It'll be interesting to see what Franklin's offense can do in a major conference with out BBQ Handcuffs
  2. From what I've gathered and heard from friends that know some college coaches, Chizik and Co. Didn't require workouts for some players while they did of others, I'm not going to comment on "bagman" accusations because I honestly do believe that happens at every major university, and I don't think the "Troop smoked players out" rumor, but I firmly believe preferential treatment above other players played a role in his success with top recruits, and I'm happy that culture is out of Auburn. I will say this about Trooper Taylor, I've had the opportunity to meet him twice, and from what I could gather he is a genuinely nice guy, I was actually the one that had to leave the conversation each time, now don't get me wrong I'm glad to have him gone, but just wanted to say from my experience he's a pretty good guy and definitely good to fans which is cool.
  3. That's what still bothers me, I'm trying to think positive, and if I step outside of being upset and my personal feelings about this hire I recognize Gus COULD be a good coach, whether I think he will or not. But the AD is ridiculous! And the Ellis Johnson hire had JJ's fingerprints all over it, having him hired in basically minutes of Gus being hired screams premeditated to me. Maybe we can plant some red panties in JJ's car?
  4. Just read that Gary Patterson was very interested in the job and wasn't given a sit down interview. I'm starting to wonder how long Gus has been our head coach. This hire just doesn't sit right with me, it seems the process was a sham to me that's absolutely embarrassing that you don't give someone like Gary Patterson a chance.
  5. Color me shocked! I knew this was going to be a puppet hire the moment I heard the committee, Bo and Sullivan are both guys that disappeared from the program around the same time Tubs told Dye to disappear, and reappeared when Chizik came back. Maybe it's easier for me as my alligence started in '05 but Pat Dye needs to go along with our AD.
  6. I kinda felt this would happen too, I was texting with a friend on the 28th and said "my official prediction is Gus Malzahn, I don't like it but I just feel it" his response "why you say that man" my response "I don't know man I just feel like its the perfect Auburn thing to do you know I just feel it haha", I don't know if JJ makes it another year. It's absolutely sickening that we didn't offer Kirby because he wanted to bring in his own staff, but not surprising at all, AU Family, War Eagle, ALL IN, et al. Here's to the 2016 coaching search! Maybe we'll finally get Gary Patterson!
  7. Try 7 to 8 this is terrible hopefully this hire is the nail in Double J's coffin. With no offense meant to other programs we were the most attractive job from a money, facilities, and talent on campus level, a hire like Patterson would've been a home run! Welp I guess we'll see who we hire four or five years from now! This is beyond disappointing and not at all surprising. Congrats to UGA, LSU, and Bama on your upcoming victories, just plain shameful
  8. Kirby would be an awesome hire! Jay G. Tate said that he presented a very strong plan to the admins. Saban has said Kirby is the best assistant he's been around, players have said that's Kirby's defense. To me if we're going the assistant route he's far and away the best option.
  9. Lol, regardless of our clown of an AD, Petersen doesn't seem like the type, I'm hoping they realize that to turn this around they need to hand over the reigns. As y'all know I've been for Bobby Petrino, had a friend that knows sports better than anybody point out something I've always said about players, a person is who a person is, and regardless of how good of a coach he is, and how much I want to believe he couldn't up and leave Auburn because of the hit his career would take what's to say he wouldn't leave us high and dry with another team using the same argument "he doesn't have another up and leave left in his career". Don't get me wrong I know what caliber of coach he is, but like my friend said "people are who they are" and I would rather go get Peterson or Patterson those are my top two, and I know I'm probably going to be disappointed saying this but those two are the only two elite coaches out there in my mind, only because regardless of their potential Smart, Strong, Jimbo, and Franklin just aren't proven compared to those two. I'd be happy with any of those names but not like I'd be ECSTATIC about Patterson or Petersen
  10. I wasn't even thinking about that but that's a good point, to me the college game and what is taken into account in its game planning is completely different the the NFL, from accounting for uneven distribution of talent, to the addition of recruiting, and the difference in how talent scouted everything about college ball and pro ball is different in my mind.
  11. I never understood the infatuation with Gruden coaching at the college level, there's no doubt the guy knows his football, but he's only been a position coach at the college level, and to me the college game is almost a completely different sport from a coaching perspective. I love Gruden as a pro coach not a college coach just because he hasn't done it (outside of being a position coach)
  12. The same could be said for just about every SEC program, if this is the criteria why doesn't GT have a better coach than UGA, why doesn't Tulane have a better coach than LSU, et cetera per your criteria NYU should have a powerhouse program while Alabama should be in the dumpster
  13. Hahaha sorry man, I'm not meaning to demean UCLA either, that's my number one choice for grad school so I'm starting to adopt them (despite my minuscule chance of getting in)
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