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  1. Writer is an DA, But I would've selected S Justin Simmons, dude never got beat in College and he was very high on my list! It would end up sucking, I think he is getting like $12+ million this year
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tristan Wirfs-TD should've moved up and got him-BTW New Orleans Saints Demario Davis-Next to Debo would be sick! Carolina Panthers Brian Burns- He could play SLB for us!
  3. Last one I had we were in super bowl down 20-7, I was pissed, lots of bad Falcons play early, many weird things happen at the game, but dream was two weeks ago! Then, we started to comeback and we ended up losing 20-19.
  4. Getting back to the Superbowl and then losing again!
  5. iDash

    95 World Series

    I am Watching it, nice post BTW!
  6. Poll is flawed, we should be able to pick multiple players on worst picks!
  7. Here DA's Falcons UDFA Signings FB Mikey Daniel, South Dakota State OL Evin Ksiezarczyk, Buffalo OT Hunter Atkinson, Georgia State WR Chris Rowland, Tennessee State LB Bryson Young, Oregon DB Tyler Hall, Wyoming LB Jordan Williams, Baylor CB Rojesterman Farris II, Hawaii TE Caleb Repp, Utah State OL Austin Capps, Arkansas DE Austin Edwards, Ferris State CB Delrick Abrams, Colorado DE Hinwa Allieu, Nebraska - Kearney OL Scottie Dill, Memphis TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2020/4/25/21236507/2020-nfl-draft-falcons-udfa-tracker
  8. Not trading up for DT Kinlaw, or #1 OT Wirfs pissed me off the most-BTW 1. Ga Boy, but he is still toast, plus CB bust more than any position in draft every year! BPA - #1 Ceedee Lamb, would sold millions in Jersey sells and score TDs for Us- plus about 6-7 defensive players better than Terrell. 2. OK, 300lbs might make a decent DT in time. Also, Many monsters left here- plus, CBs avail in 2nd with the same talent as Terrell. 3. Center, WTF, we have the best Center in the NFL. Look up Dallas Draft that's what we could've had! Millions going into JJ pocket! TD just sucks man, every year he gets worst, Pioloi should've taken over at GM. --= I'm out, enjoy these miserable, losing to the Saints every year, worthless Falcons as long as TD is GM.
  9. The Falcons are the ones in a hole that they are never going to get out of until this TD BUM is gone!
  10. TD is going to go this year, make it tonight! We can still get a player, or two that can make you money on Sunday without him. Mr. Blank, in the last two days, TD has cost you personally Millions of Dollars in revenue. The longer you keep him here, you are going to pay more! I dont feel as bad as EDP445 in Philly, but this draft just sucks!
  11. Congrat TD, picking a player who will never play while you are here! So glad TD era is about to be over! Cowboys be killing it, go DC Mike Nolan!
  12. Still 300+lb club here MISS Jordan Elliott LSU Saahdiq Charles Okla Neville Gallimore maybe, ALA Terrell Lewis INJ and ALL
  13. U could always pretend to be a Cowboys fan who BPA this draft, #1 Wr CeeDee Lamb and #3 CB Diggs > ATL Picks
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