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  1. TS said Cam might be ready by Friday!
  2. Chiv 2 is a big upgrade from the first one! Bring your own sword! Go to the game store page and click down on the Dpad until you find it! https://gamerant.com/chivalry-2-cross-play-open-beta-available/
  3. After game 2... Nate McMillan: "I was fine with my rotations tonight." Well, it obvious Nate is on Crack, so who do you think Travis will pick as head coach for next year? Indiana fans were right, Nate sucks in the playoffs lost every year. Ever since the playoffs started, his rotations are horrible. ---RANT Nate left the 2nd string in for the whole second half, Hawks scored ((18)) in the 3rd and ((17)) in the 4th lost a 10+ lead and Nate just watched the **** show and then changed nothing in that time period. Then, he went no center, so many minutes
  4. I hope the GA Boy does, we are counting on him this year big time!
  5. Sharpe, think about it, let it sink in!
  6. I didn't say it, I said the Cowboys have the most players we need on our defense sitting on their bench.
  7. My takeaways, 1. JJ is in Dallas working out not at the Branch working out with MR. 2. JJ thinks our defense is going to be the worst in the NFL, I personally, feel sorry for Dan Pees no one can polish our Defensive personal. 3. IMO, Dallas trade would be best, they have few extra Lbs that we could use, a few DTs and a possibly even a CB 4. I just don't want picks for JJ, we need help on defense now!
  8. The Atlanta Falcons are the troll, you just not old enough to get it yet!
  9. JJ is gone fellows! Shannon called him on live TV! Asked if he wanted to go to Cowboys. JJ said he wants to win. Shannon goes "We'll you don't want to go to the Cowboys then"
  10. I'll Play...RE-DRAFT 2021 I normally make this thread every year, because TD sucked so bad at it! 4. BPA RT- Penei Sewell- Solid RT until LT Matthews retires, RT McGary is a risk! 40. BPA CB Kelvin Joseph- Solid Player would step right in and start- Day 1 opposite A.J. 68. BPA- Edge/LB- Joseph Ossai- Motor doesn't Stop- can play anywhere on D 108-BPA- DT Tyler Shelvin- 350lb- BIG Grady Jr, we need a BIG center Basher bad! 114- BPA RB Rhamondre Stevenson- Future RB 1 148- S- Caden Sterns-4.4 Safety, needs work could be a GEM though 182-LG- Trey Smith- W
  11. Chris Simms Top 5 RBs in 2021 draft...@ 6:22! https://www.nbcsports.com/video/nfl-draft-2021-chris-simms-top-5-running-back-rankings PS- Coach Smith's 3rd RB from Titans from last year is still avail, D'onta Foreman 236lbs. Seattle had him in for a tryout 5 days ago!
  12. LT Radunz is better than RT Jenkins, plus our Gm watched all the Trey Lance tape, so he knows this too! Senior Bowl executive director, Nagy. Comment-"Radunz over Sewell is quite the take" Collin During the week, he dominated the competition in front of him. He was very technical in pass-protection as I thought he would be, since he has been working with 49ers legend Joe Staley. Radunz showed versatility moving inside and taking reps at guard. Radunz was awarded the Overall Practice Player-of-the-Week. Radunz has incredible explosion and fl
  13. Denver trade up is for only their second round pick, 4. Atlanta 1800 for 9. Denver 1350 plus 40. Denver 500 Not worth losing a player at #4, IMO
  14. The Race For No. 1 https://247sports.com/Article/College-football-recruiting-top-classes-race-for-no-1-georgia-alabama-lsu--164202914/
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