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  1. LSU MLB projected to go in the Top 10, Atlanta Projected to draft in the Top 10... Lock it in
  2. Here's the stats so far, Luka vs Chucker .449/.365 19PPG 3.9AST 7.6REB 14PPG 9.1AST 3.2REB Good news, Luka is leading Dallas at 8-9 on the verge of Playoffs. Way out of TOP 5 pick spot!
  3. 2nd. Sark and Knapp FTW. TD does get people in here to help when issues come up. Props to all
  4. Next year, Tak will set the sack record!
  5. Sweet, Kamikaze!
  6. Alec Ogletree- Best UGA LB ever, next to Debo would be sweet!
  7. Call Denver, Elway will do it! Maybe get a first and a few defensive players! If Denver wins the Superbowl, we should get a more!
  8. I was saying which two LSU Defensive players are we going to draft next year while watching that game! At least, he not on their 2nd team, one to go!
  9. It's the curse, the red head should've never been let go!
  10. When you don't have a MLB, U can't stop anybody!
  11. Atlanta United and Atlanta Dream are leading the pack into the playoffs and if the Braves beat Houston/Boston in the final. We could have three this year!
  12. TAK is getting to the "M####F#####" QB!
  13. It was a bad call and it hurt us badly!
  14. If they get rid of Alford, I will leave too!