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  1. AB next, U heard it hear first! Evans, Goodwin and AB in slot!
  2. Antonio Brown is in New Orleans working out for Saints officials … and the superstar wide receiver could be signed by the 1st place team. ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported the news … Brown flew into town to meet with coaches and front office staff on Friday, hoping to land a job with his 3rd NFL squad this season. If the Saints want to sign Brown, they're free and clear to give him a contract … but there's a catch. The NFL hasn't punished Brown for several of his alleged off-the-field issues … but that could be coming soon. The league could suspend, or place AB on the Commissioners Exempt list -- which would likely end his 2019 season.
  3. Jags Minshew-FTW, I even made my Reddit name after him! Joe "Minshew" Montana coming this Sunday Really, we need to throw this one, anyway, to get under all these teams with same record for draft! Follow the Hawks lead for once
  4. OL Andrew Thomas Alex Leatherwood Tristan Wirfs Jedrick Wills Jr Mekhi Becton
  5. Travis Hall- Superbowl/Playoff Main Force Big Grady-still remember Grady throwing Centers 5 yards into the backfield for the first few plays of the game, scaring Petrino+++ Patrick Kerney-went from weak rookie to force by the end Robert Alford- short of his MVP prediction still loved him Justin Blalock- Smart, blocked very well Bobby Hebert- SF Killer Brian Jordan- Best, sux he left us for Braves Coy Wire- Awesome guy and Kickass player just didnt get to play Eugene Robinson- Superbowl=:(--Moss Deflection one of the biggest plays in our History got us there! Kevin McCadam- ST Ace Just a few could go on for Days!
  6. Saints have a harder schedule, but I never would bet on them. I had Saints beat Tampa(week 11), Carolina(once) Then, lose to Falcons, Colts, San Fran, Tenn, Carolina(Home Team) Basically, it comes down to week 17 Carolina winning at Home!
  7. I picked each game fairly as if I was betting on it! Falcons ended up tied with Saints at 9-7, MINN @ Falcons round 1 iDash's Playoff GEN NFL Playoff Machine... HIt the (Copy URL) at bottom to post yours!
  8. Q is a Jw Larp, I posted a thread about... Iran giving some women 20 years in prison for basically nothing! The next day Q famous post, no #hit, We need to free Iran.
  9. They are on the path to win, really they already won, Chaos/Riots/Protest everywhere! Media is the way, brainwashing is easy, over time they will control all! The Turtle is Striking, this is just the beginning! Civil Society 2.0-Hydra, Adrenochrome and U!
  10. #hillabamasoros . rex Close your ears! How many minutes did you make it? Snowflake Enjoy, Rest; before it's goes down! The (very) ˈleast you can/could do is just for vote Tulsi
  11. Watch this...(2hrs)...U are paying for it! Before they use the Heart Attack Gun on Mr.Beck for telling the Truth and then using Facts! Civil Society 2.0 "spontaneous popular uprising" They even started protesting in Iran, today! ...Ship them some Guns and then take Ours away! Change--Obama/Hillary's ISIS-Gaddafi stick up his #ss Obama = Mabus aka BAM US (his nickname) by Nostradamus World's Socialism Deep State “Facts don’t care about your feelings” John Adams, 2019 Thanks, Woodrow Wilson!
  12. We should've kept Big legged K Blair Richard Walsh and then coached him up, maybe even have Matt Bryant coach him, or even the great one Morten Anderson!
  13. Our Offense has #1 picks at all the OL positions, but if a moron is calling the plays it doesn't matter, Cooter will still kill MR! Atleast, Mularkey would put a TE, or RB on the side that needs help to fix the issue during the game. Cooter won't.
  14. Start the game with Mularkey TOP, Mularkey once called a game, we had the ball for almost 40 mins of it! If we get behind by 21, Knapp can call the plays for the rest of the game! Even though, Mularkey does hold the record for Most Falcons Points Score in a Half by the Falcons (35)!
  15. Mr.Blank doesn't have to Fire Dan Quinn... If Dan Quinn wants to save his job and T.D.'s! They must give the Keys to the Offense back to Mularkey and then let him run his Time of possession offensive! Let this be the last game for Cooter, after the bye, let Cooter head back to wherever he came from. I never liked the idea of Cooter coming back, he sucks! He always gets Matt Ryan killed, he even did it when he was here in the past! What's it going to hurt to let Dan Quinn and Company stay and try Mularkey philosphy out for the rest of the season! Mularkey's T.O.P. offensive is exactly what we need to give the Defense a break! Remember back in the day, when our Defense wasn't on the field the whole game, I do! He was Matt Ryan's first OC and his best other than lil Shanny! It's time for mularkey-and-ice again! Mularkey will figure out the OL with the best guys and this offense to get the most points on the board and keeep MR safe! Our Defense is a wreck because, 1. CB Alford was let go! 2. Neal got hurt again! 3. DQ knows he can't blitz, because of #1 and #2! Believe it or not, (The Falcons can still win the NFL South!) Dan Quinn took us to the Superbowl 2017 and he should be able stay and try to win this Division in 2019! --- PS- #50 Cominsky still should be our 4-3 Russian MLB!