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  1. I can tell you that when my passengers ask me about the NFL, and I tell them I'm a Falcons fan, they still remember the '98 NFC Championship game. Thankfully, by now it's more a "remember when" thing than a sore spot. A lot has happened in their franchise since then. It's a fun point of connection, though.
  2. I may actually buy a nose bleed. I'm waning to just see the inside of the stadium as much as anything. It's gorgeous from the outside, especially when it's lit up at night.
  3. Yeah, first three weeks are going to be killer, for sure. But, I feel like we've got a good shot at coming out at least 2-1. It's not a stretch thought, at least, to think that the Falcons can get one win out of two road games against the Vikings and Colts.
  4. Well, the thing is that I'm also in the middle of trying to get and furnish a new apartment, so priorities, you know? When I moved up here, I had to sell everything I own and move into a room that my sister rented me. I'm in a fully furnished studio now, thankfully. But you pay a premium for all that furniture, and there are places a little bigger with significantly lower rent. So, collecting low-priced stuff off of marketplaces and whatnot and looking for a new place. Life comes first, you know? I drive Uber for a living as I can't seem to even get an interview up here, let alone a job.
  5. Week 1 is here in Minneapolis, where this Falcons fan lives. I've been here for less than a year, and have been itching to get into U.S. Bank Stadium. I figured the Falcons wouldn't be here until 2020, so I'd have time to save up for a good seat--create an experience for myself, you know? My assumption, though, is that an away game this season means a home game next season when the Falcons play the NFC North. 2020 would've been enough time to raise the fundage for a lower level visitors' side seat. No way I can do it in less than five months, though. Oh well, just venting. Excited for
  6. Not this guy. I'm sorry, but I'm just not. They've had more than enough opportunities to celebrate championships, to the point that most of the Tide fans I know feel like it's just owed to them and have reached a level of smugness that rivals the infinitely obnoxious fan base in Green Bay. They've got reason enough to be happy without anybody being happy for them.
  7. In the last two games Georgia has played against Alabama, there have been 290 plays run. Alabama has led for only 9 of those plays, for a total of 61 seconds, and they've beaten Georgia both times. We. Are. Cursed.
  8. I think you have to start the season with him, just to see if it gets better in year two. That said, if you get to game eight and you've seen no measurable improvement, you've gotta go ahead and cut him loose mid-season. Maybe you can shorten this process of futility that comes with a new OC from a full season to half a season that way.
  9. Never underestimate any Georgia sports team's ability to orchestrate an epic collapse. It's the painful reality of loving this state's sports programs.
  10. There's honestly not much difference for me anymore, at this point. Any season in which there's no Lombardi Trophy is a failure, no matter how close you came. Nothing less is going to satisfy me.
  11. Honestly, a conditioning program needs to be top priority. If this team ever manages to get back to the Super Bowl, there's no reason not to believe that a top-notch offense is going to follow the formula of simply gassing the defense for the win. No matter how many pass rushers and coverage backs you pick up, when they run out of steam, the value is next to nil. They need to be able to run a stinkin' marathon by the time training camp ends.
  12. It's always been that way. Any season where you're not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end is a failure. Always has been.
  13. They lost their best chance to get a Lombardi Trophy for the foreseeable future. Not saying that they *can't* get back, but we know the Falcons' history. It took 33 years to get to their first Super Bowl, 18 years to get back. The offense has to adjust to yet another coordinator, which means that next season will almost inevitably be one without even a playoff berth, let alone a spot in the Super Bowl. The defense, while it improved late in the season, still has a *long* way to go before being truly upper echelon. Matt Bryant's not getting any younger, so there's that to consider, as
  14. I mean, I'm not going anywhere. I've been a Falcons fan all my life, and that's not changing. But, they just lost the Super Bowl in historic, legendary fashion, and it's pretty just the latest blow in six straight months of pain and disappointment for this guy.
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