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  1. Agreed, something is not right with him. Also watching Matt Ryan, hes just not comfortable in the pocket, keeps scrambling out (mind you I'm glad hes getting first downs) but its just not there.
  2. Agreed, he should have had that catch...That drop pretty much defines our season.
  3. Something like that, I think it was Gruden who was questioning some of the calls of the referees tonight.
  4. Sure was, that was a nice run from Matt Ryan, you could tell he was pissed about the call.
  5. Passats are great cars IMO, is it a wagon for sedan? I was looking into those before the whole TDI scandal hit. I like Audis but like you said its the price that comes along with the name. I have parts on my VW stamped Audi but I sure didn't have to pay as much.
  6. I haven't posted in almost 4 years! I figured this would be a good place to jump into. I haven't seen anything about Euro vehicles so I guess I'll be among the minority. Three years in Germany got me hooked and I picked up a 2010 Golf GTI, tuned it and dropped an air intake on it. I've had some issues with it, however the experience has been mostly positive. I've been told its a "cute" car but I don't mind its been real enjoyable to own. Now that I'm in Mississippi I'm debating another vehicle because the roads tear it up.
  7. I was going to suggest take a look at the military but I saw you wanna be close to home. I however didn't like the idea of going to college and racking up alot of debt. Now I just have the military pay for my schooling....(until they try to cut that)
  8. I'm not much for Rec shooting, but I have to qualify once a year on the M4 or M16. We shoot w/ both the irons and dot. I prefer the dot at close range (easier to get on target) but I'm a bit more accurate w/ the irons past 150 meters.
  9. Funny thing is, when I was about your daughter's age I kicked a wasp nest (real smart thinking) and 2 or 3 ended up in my shirt and stung me 5-6 times. I guess thats ingrained in my mind, I certinley don't freak out when I see them but just their presence is enough to make me cringe a little bit.
  10. I feel the same way, like being in shallow water will help. But I believe it doesnt matter, many shark attacks are near the shore.
  11. Spot on, They've been hunting me latley... My wife and I were having dinner the other day and our window was open maybe 2 inches. 4 of those **** spawns came buzzing in. Needless to say I got my wife out of the room and started swinging with the fly swatter. Oh and badgers....don't mess with badgers
  12. I havent been able to decide if Osi has been better than Abe. I know he ran back that int for a td but Abe in the same spot would have done the same. I'm not the best at accessing though, I'm pretty sure he holds up better against the run but has he been able to generate pressure? (honest question)
  13. I'm hoping hes close to 100% in the coming weeks. I was cringing when he caught those few passes last Sunday, he showed no signs of re-injuring his ankle but I hope it didnt slow down his recovery in anyway.
  14. I've seen a few people mentioning that they think SJax recieved the injury on a previous play because there was little evidence that he took a hard hit to the thigh and I agree. Back in my highschool fb days I once took a helmet to the side of the thigh and was injured for about 3-4 weeks afterwards I still played but it was more than a bruise there was defintley some muscle damage done and I'm pretty sure I recieved some permanent damage. Not sure if this is similar but geez if that doesnt qualify for a thigh bruise injury I don't know what does.
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