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  1. Had the wife do a cover for "The Rains of Castemere" Check it!
  2. It sounds we're in the same boat as far as strength goes. Up until a few months ago I was unable to really put any kind of heavy weight on for squats, or overhead presses. I had hernia surgery over a year ago and the pain didnt subside until recently. Then to add to all of that I ruptured a tendon in my finger playing football in November and I'm unable to really grip alot of weight. I'm slowly regaining strength but like you, still a long way to go.
  3. Did live fire burns today from about 9-12. It was about 100 out, along with 100% humidity. Had the trainer up to 1400 degrees at one point, so hot it melted a trainee's visor off and singed some gear, had to do an emergency evac and spray them with water before they burned to death.....All of it put together, probably 5 pounds of water weight gone and a splitting headache....some workout.
  4. Yea, I've done most of the above exercises. What is the inch worm push up? I feel like I've done that one before but I'm not sure. I did Ju Jitsu for 3 months while I was in Japan and the warm ups were always a killer. I'd be wishing i was back in the nice cool gym lifting weights and being in control of my workout!
  5. Just finished the 4th week of Chris Gethin's 12 week program from bodybuilding.com. I don't follow it to a "T", mostly to avoid stressing out my post op hernia area. I've certainly seen some nice gains as far as dropping more body fat, increasing endurance and staying injury free. If anyone is lost and kind of just walking around the gym with no aim, here is the link. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer.html
  6. I'm a stickler for form, if I cant do it correctly w/ the weight I'm using I drop it until I can. I spent great deal of time just doing air squats or just the bar until I had my form down near perfect. I think its great your working up slowly and focusing on form it'll help prevent injuries and joint damage in the long run. Some days my patience goes down and my ego goes up and I **** near kill myself lifting heavy. Unfortunately for me I had surgery on 2 hernias last yr and for awhile I was back to squatting/deadlifting my old weights but now I don't even squat anymore because of pain down there after a workout. I've been do the doc twice thinking my hernia may have relapsed but they checked and I was fine....so I guess I just gotta take it easy. So more cardio and bodyweight workouts for me!
  7. I watched that video earlier, I thought it was pretty cool how they added that small detail there. I've said it before and I'll say it again I love that song.
  8. I know this is GOT, but speaking of Son's of Anarchy, does anyone know when the new season is coming out? I'm too lazy to look, also I need something to keep my sanity while I wait for the new GOT season.
  9. This is true, it was a bit frustrating to have no idea what happened/going on. Now they're headed to the wall....bad place to be about now. Man this show is amazing.
  10. Right!? I want to see me some dire wolfs...I was wondering what was up with Snow's wolf just leaving him like that, hoping he shows up to save the day.
  11. Thanks for putting that up, it just went on the favorites list.
  12. Anyone catch that song/hymn during the end credits?...pretty BA song
  13. Thats what they want...for us to be in suspense!
  14. Agreed, I loved the battle scene, I was predicting that the battle/seige would last 2 episodes but I'm kind've glad its not. That last episode should help catch up on everything else (the other stories)... I'm going to be lost after the season finale, gonna have to find a new show