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  1. Get Ready!!! #Believe Our Atlanta Hawks are heading to the Eastern Conference Finals!!!!
  2. We had 'em right where we wanted 'em....mwhahaha!
  3. ...and he has already earned Nate trust to call plays.
  4. I don't like fussing about the refs but the travelling calls and push offs by Harris and Curry especially are untenable.
  5. We keep getting behind in these 1st quarters because we are missing the easiest of shots right at the rim. Gotta clean that up. Hopefully this win helps them losen up going into G5.
  6. I know what you are saying. I big body to play Embiid straight and fustrate him a little and so that we don't need a double team so other guys don't get keft open and go off. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking Bruno is a guy who can get some minutes just to bidy Embiid even if he fouls him.
  7. I've een begging for more of the big lineup of Gallo, Collins and Cap. Where it helped last night was JC no havinb to batgle and box out in the paint, that's why he got free for the big offensive rebounds and tap outs. Gallo in the post against smaller guys leavrs Collins floating on the outside for free runs to the paint for ORebs. Collins ' activity in that 3rd really kept us im the game and got the crowd amped.
  8. It would help if you did instead of going by heresay. But whatever....you don't go 25/18 and help your team to victory without being a star.
  9. No. If you have been watching all season, since the Nash crying and referees swallowing their whistle for Young, he has already adjusted him game. Besides, I can count on 1 hand the times Trae has actually jumped backwards. Most times he's doing a quick stop and players are running into him from behind then he shoots and gets fouled. As the season has progressed, defenders have adjusted when trailing him, you can't as a defender just run into the back of a guy without control and don't expect a foul.
  10. Defense is our problem Embiid is a load and he's going to get his, but we have not been able to stop anyone else, Namely Tobias Harris. (We are really missing Hunter here). Nate stubbornness to not start Huerter is glaring. Solo amd Snell combined for 1 point/2rebounds - we cannot win with this kind of non production from the starting SF position, especially since they aren't even giving us anything defensively on Tobias Harris. I'd like to see the Hawks go big for stretches: Gallo guarding Embiid, Clint vs Simmons, he can be the doubler on Embiid and play more centerfield defen
  11. He didn't really say that though. Latest from Nate. so until Cam practices 5 on 5 he won't play.
  12. Hunter is out for the rest of the season. New small meniscus tear. Surgery on Tuesday.
  13. I feel for the young man. Get this fixed right and prepare for the 2021/22 season.
  14. Danny Green about to get lit up from Bogi, lol.
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