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  1. Trae Young with 39 shot attempts??? That's insane. Is that team running any kind of offense beside letting Young shoot wherever and whenever? He won't have that kind of green light in the NBA. I read somewhere that one of the reasons he didn't go to Kentucky was because he didn't want to be part of Calipari's 'share the ball' philosophy. He wanted an offense geared around him.
  2. Brutal game but good for the tank. I'm happy beating playoff teams like the Spurs and Pels and I'm Ok losing to teams that's our tank competition.
  3. With the December 15th date fast approaching when most players signed in the offseason are trade eligible, what/who should the Hawks trade at the deadline. The Hawks are in a good position with their cap for next season with only Bazemore ($17 mil) and Plumlee ($12.4 mil) as the 'bad' contracts. Dennis is at $15 million on a great deal. The expiring contracts of Dedmon, Belinelli, Illysova, Babbit, Muscala and Delaney (approx. $28 combined) are all valuable trade commodities, some more than others. These are my value assesments: 1. A lottery protected 1st round pick for Dedmon 2. I would also love a Korver type deal for Belinelli - a top 20 protected 1st round pick but I think two high 2nds are more likely 3. Illyasova - 2 late 2nds 4. Babbit - one late 2nd 5. Moose and Delaney would be salary filler.
  4. I can think of 3 teams that can use Beli: the team we are playing tonight NOP, Detroit and Minny.
  5. I'm more impressed with the way he is now playing defense. He wasn't giving anything in that department to start the season.
  6. We also don't want to win too many games and ruin the tank for a top 3 pick.
  7. As of today, we have picks #1, #24 and #28. Orlando is about to try and out-tank us. They have Fournier, Payton and Herzongya on the Trade block.
  8. We just can't seem to beat this team.
  9. The good news on the Baze trade front - he's trending up per Bleacher Report. NBA Metrics 101: What Is the Market Value for League's Top Trade Assets? Kent Bazemore2017-18 Per-Game Stats: 12.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 1.8 steals, 0.7 blocks2017-18 Advanced Metrics: 14.6 PER, 2.37 RPM, 15.65 TPAKent Bazemore has played his way back into first-round-pick territory, though the Atlanta Hawks likely would have to take back a non-expiring contract in return. Such is the case for our hypothetical trade with the Denver Nuggets, who could use another defensive wing but would have to unload the remaining portion of Kenneth Faried's deal—$12,921,348 this season, then $13,764,045 next—to facilitate the transaction....while continuing to play beneficial defense, Bazemore has steadily increased his shooting percentages. Whereas he knocked down just 40.9 percent of his field-goal attempts, 34.6 percent of his deep tries and 70.8 percent of his shots from the charity stripe in 2016-17, he's upped his slash line to 41.5/38.8/80.2 this season. Now, the four-year, $70 million pact he inked in 2016 doesn't seem quite as unpalatable.The Hawks still won't be able to get much value for him, however. He's owed too much money over the next two seasons (assuming he doesn't decline his 2019-20 player option) and is too mediocre as a scorer. But he has performed well enough for a rebuilding squad to make moving him a reasonable proposition.Had Bazemore continued to struggle with his stroke, the Hawks would be the side looking to package picks with him to clear him from their books. Now, they have a chance to absorb a different salary and land an extra selection of their own.Realistic Value, Realistic Return: Denver Nuggets trade Kenneth Faried and their 2018 first-round pick (lottery protected) to the Atlanta Hawks for Kent Bazemore.
  10. Last game of the West coast roadie in Denver tonight - loss coming up.
  11. Dennis had a serious brain fart in that Sun' game but he's trending upwards from the start of the season. Isn't this what we want to see? IMPROVEMENT and DEVELOPMENT from a young player in his weakest areas as the season progresses. https://twitter.com/peachtreehoops/status/948932066917453824
  12. The Hawks need more talent, period - that's what we are shooting for.
  13. I'm Ok with the loss as it relates to our draft position.
  14. It's hard to win in Denver, that altitude plus it'll be the last game of the trip.
  15. I say they win 2 - Suns and Lakers.
  16. January starts with 5 roadies on the west coast...Suns, Blazers, Clippers, Lakers and Nuggets.
  17. It's very late but......Hawks win tonight. Hawks are now 2-2 in December.
  18. I think most Hawks fans are more active on basketfall forums.