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  1. Because Charlotte and No. He's a good player but not $30 mil per worth.
  2. Rondo and Dunn will be disastrous offensively as a pairing.
  3. Just leaving this here for those who think we are trading Collins, much less for Hayward 🤣 Also, according to sources, Okongwu’s selection does not impact Collins’ future in any way, and Collins’ value to the franchise hasn’t changed. Both sides are interested in getting a deal done, but it’s still to be determined if they’ll be able to agree on financials before the start of the season. It should be noted that while there’s some belief that Okongwu could end up playing some minutes at the four, that won’t happen immediately.
  4. Better than Bembry shooting.
  5. 40% from 3 last season and plays defense.
  6. These are just some of the many trade rumors floating around regarding the Hawks and pick #6: 1. Trade #6 and Huerter for #2 and select Edwards, then sign Gordon Hayward in FA if he opt out 2. #6 for #9 and Troy Brown Jr from the Wiz 3. #6 for Jarret Culver and #17 from Minny 4. #6 for Aaron Gordon and #15 from Orlando 5. #6 plus 2 young players for Jrue (Hawks with the flat out No) 6. #6 for Victor Oladipo (Hawks have moved on from getting guys on 1 year deals for #6 and I'm glad to hear that)
  7. Hawks have moved on NOP, is said to be looking for #6 plus 2 of our young players. They think he is AD, lol. He's also on a potential 1 year deal as he has a player option for the 2021/22 season. The only trade I'm interested in would be #6 for Jrue and #13 on a 1 year deal. If he picks up his option and negotiates and extention, I'd be ok dropping the #13
  8. From the article it looks like the reduction is the Pre-COVID $115 Million. So the Cap can be slotted anywhere between $103-$112 million. Hawks are in a great position either way. We can get a good player from team looking to get under the luxury tax threshold, teams looking to sell 1st round picks, selling capspace for picks. FA dollars will be at a premium. I can see us signing one long term FA (2+ years) with at least half our capspace and use the rest on 1 year deals or to make trades with the intention to roll over capspace for the 2021 offseason.
  9. This is going to be an interesting draft and FAcy. From numerous reports, lots of teams are trying to move down in the draft - mainly Minny and GSW. Even NYK is said to be looking to trade down. I think this is happening for several reasons: 1. GSW is a win now team looking for immediate help, a draft pick needs time to develop. The 'nba ready' draftees are usually later in the draft, hence a need to trade down. GSW also doesn't have capspace to sign FAs, but they do have a $17 million TPE they can use to trade for a player(s). 2. Minny is looking to acquire a future draft asset
  10. In no particularly order, one of Okoro, Halibuton, Okongwo and I've recently added Hayes.
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