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  1. Crabbe might see his 1st action tomorrow. Who starts for Huerter? I think Bembry should. I like what Cam did running the PnR with the 2nd unit. He should have Crabbe spotting up from 3.
  2. I hope this isn't too serious.
  3. He's better/more comfortable off the bench! Good for him.
  4. Denver is a top notch defense, but here's a description I saw on how Trae made them look: "The whole defense was screwed chasing around Trae like a mouse on the lam."
  5. I don't like Trae taking 30 shots. Particularly the type of shots he was taking.
  6. Parker is the Lou Will of PF...instant offense off the bench. That is all. His defense is really bad, his offensive game also isn't a help to the rookies, and he's a strictly 'get mine guy' which is Ok off the bench.