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  1. Not Good if true! Warriors and Knicks don't want one so that's probably why.
  2. Do we still get to keep our draft pick if we are in the playoffs after winning only 20 games?
  3. I'm really hating this for our young Hawks!
  4. The league and players union have been attempting to figure out a way to get the eight teams not resuming the season in Orlando some run. Reports ranged from staging a second centralized location in Chicago, to full practices and scrimmages in a couple of locations ... to the Popper's report of little beyond OTAs. Whatever takes place isn't expected to happen until the fall, perhaps late September. The NBA has tentatively scheduled the 2020-21 season to tip off in early December.
  5. IIRC, His grandfather passed and he came in for the viewing. He has to quarantine for 10 days (instead of the 4 for an excused absence) meaning he'll miss the 1st 2 games and lose 150k in salary.
  6. jayu70


    I vote Black!
  7. jayu70


    Peach colored?
  8. jayu70


    This look photoshopped, 3 shades of white, the ShareCare logo is green not red. They won't change a company's logo to match the uniform it will be the color it is.
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