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  1. Trade that didn't happen.
  2. I'm starting to think we need a wing player in the draft in lieu of one of these bigs. Who's the Donovan Mitchell (Jazz SG)of this draft?
  3. Hawks win (for the tank).Now can Detroit get in right tomorrow? That'll give us 41 losses at the break - nice 'even' number.Oh, welcome back Bembry.At one point the lineup was Taylor, Bembry, Prince, Collins and Muscala- they helped cut into the 14 point deficit...nice. Good monutes for the young guys.
  4. As long as Lebron is on that team and healthy, Cavs still has the edge.
  5. Dedmon with the start today.
  6. Belinelli makes sense for the Sixers needs and cap situation -- he's converting 37.1 percent of his three-pointers and is on a 1-year, $6.6 million deal. That's concurrent with the Sixers' pursuit of Grizzlies' guard Tyreke Evans . The Sixers have reportedly been hesitant to make any trades , unless that includes teams taking back guard Jerryd Bayless -- who's set to earn $8.5 million next season -- as part of any deal.
  7. That's what the Hawks wanted, a 2nd. However teams wanted the Hawks to take back salary for next season as well. The one i heard was Sixers wanted us to take back Bayless and his $9 mil. That would be bad for us if all we got was a 2nd and cutting our capspace for this offseason in half. If we want a 2nd that badly, buy one for $3 mil, not $9 mil. Rather keep the capspace and try for a Crawford like deal for a 2019 1st.
  8. Heck yeah. As you can see with all the trades the Cavs made, nothing included the BKN pick. They had no interest in moving it except for a Paul George type player.
  9. Schlenk said he couldn’t find a trade that would allow the Hawks to maintain their financial flexibility. The team was seeking draft picks or promising young players on the trade market.“We think (salary) cap space will be very valuable this summer, especially based on the way the deadline went,” he said. “It’s more important to maintain cap space next summer.” The Hawks are projected to be one of a few NBA teams to have significant salary cap space next summer. They can use that space to absorb salaries in trades from teams looking to shed money.
  10. Taurean needs to work on his handke and decisiin making in the offseason. Tyler Dorsey - new 6th man. I like it.
  11. Like i said if it was a 1st the deal would have been made. You don't make that deal for a 2nd particularly when we have 3 1sts and a 2nd in this draft. You keep the $21 million in capspace and use it in the offseason to get a 2019 1st, not half it now to get a 2nd.