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  1. It's very late but......Hawks win tonight. Hawks are now 2-2 in December.
  2. Second trade: I love Dedmon for our squad so I wouldn't mind keeping him beyond this season on a good contract. He is currently signed for 2yrs/$6mil with a player option for next season and will more than likely to opt out get more money and a longer deal. I'd be OK with him at $10 per for 3yrs, team option in year 3. Here's the trade: Dewayne Dedmon to Minnesota Timberwolves for Cole Aldrich and the OKC 2018 1st round pick. Thoughts?
  3. First trade: ATLANTA trades Marco Belinelli and Malcolm Delaney to Philly for Jerryd Bayless, Justin Anderson, BKN/CLE 2018 2ND (more favorable), LAC/NYK 2018 2ND (more favorable). This allows Philly to continue their push for the playoffs this year (they just traded for Trevor Booker) with Belinelli and Delaney and clear their cap for next offseason. Atlanta can buy out Bayless on the 1 year remaining or use him as an expiring trade chip next year. Justin Anderson is a young player on a rookie contract that can back Prince at SF. Plus 2 high 2nds. Thoughts?
  4. With the December 15th date fast approaching when most players signed in the offseason are trade eligible, what/who should the Hawks trade at the deadline. The Hawks are in a good position with their cap for next season with only Bazemore ($17 mil) and Plumlee ($12.4 mil) as the 'bad' contracts. Dennis is at $15 million on a great deal. The expiring contracts of Dedmon, Belinelli, Illysova, Babbit, Muscala and Delaney (approx. $28 combined) are all valuable trade commodities, some more than others. These are my value assesments: 1. A lottery protected 1st round pick for Dedmon 2. I would also love a Korver type deal for Belinelli - a top 20 protected 1st round pick but I think two high 2nds are more likely 3. Illyasova - 2 late 2nds 4. Babbit - one late 2nd 5. Moose and Delaney would be salary filler.
  5. Nic Brussino has been waived. Hawks will convert Tyler Cavanaugh's 2 way GLeague contract to NBA contract. With all the front court injuries he has spent a lot of time with the big club so he has only 9 days of the 45 left on his GLeague contract. He's been a pleasant surprise this season. Moose's days are numbered. He's shown me more in this short season than Moose has in 4 years. Bye Moose. Glad Bembry is back.
  6. What did Moose do to his ankle? He's been out a long time. Not that I'm complaining since JC is now starting. Lol.
  7. Collins got his 1st NBA start vs LAC. 7-9 for 14 points, 10 rebs, 3asts, 4 steals. Most importantly, he's not fouling as much.
  8. I like the fight, and the development of the young players is progessing. Development over Wins.
  9. 46 point win..WOW!!!
  10. Good win for Hawks against Cavs on road.
  11. He should have been benched awhile ago.
  12. Hawks have been really bad defending the 3, Houston puts up more 3s than 2s some games. We might be in for a long night
  13. Probably, plus learning a new offense, still getting in bball shape.
  14. Hawks have 14 games this month. All games except 2 occur in a 4 games in 6 nights stretch. The NBA did us no favors to start the season, now it continues into November. No real practice time available to develop with this kind of schedule.
  15. Very interesting read. "First, Ressler opened up quite a bit on what he felt were his choices in terms of organizational direction and what he terms of the “three options in the NBA” in terms of on-court product. "While Ressler’s comments are noteworthy, it isn’t as if Schlenk is necessarily enjoyingthe early-season hiccups. He told Aldridge that he is “sitting up there miserable” as the team scuffles and went on to describe the interactions he has had with fans that agree and disagree with his choices. The reference to “light at the end of the tunnel” is something that fans will be hearing for a while and it might become difficult to hold on to down the line. Still, it seems as if both parties (and head coach Mike Budenholzer) are on the same page and that is usually an encouraging sign.