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  1. Yep. This is what this season is about, these 3:
  2. De'Aaron Fox is playing well in his 2nd year. His rookie year was a struggle. Like we keep saying - rookie PGs generally have growing pains in year 1. Derrick Rose is having a resurgence in Minny. Mike Conley missed most of last season, Grizz are now playoff bound. Don't look now, but in NYK - Emmanuel Mudiay is actually looking like an NBA player.
  3. Pierce is a rookie Head Coach, that's all I got. The same patience that's required of the young guys is needed for the coach. One thing coach can't do is control the actual turnovers once the ball is in play. 9 turnovers in the 1st quarter last game leading to 21 points - that's part of the reason teams get up big on us.
  4. Prince is out injured for at least 3 weeks, missed last two games as well.
  5. Collins didn't play in the 1st game against Dallas. I hope Pierce is set to run more of the offense through him particularly if Luka is guarding him. Pierce better be mindful in not letting Trae shoot us out of games trying to prove he was the right pick.
  6. Update: The Mods have reached out to the site owner (he wasn't) aware it was offline. He's also trying to reach out to the Site Admin but no luck so far. The site owner is working to get it resolved, something about...."server host coding and/or memory usage issue." Some Squawkers are hanging out over at RealGM Hawks Board until The Squawk is hopefully back up.
  7. Not a fan of him saying it even if true - They've had a long break, I would like to see some plays run for JC....doing that can shift the defensive focus off Trae.
  8. I'd prefer he didn't, but it's the new NBA. He at least has to have it in his back pocket.
  9. A glich in the matrix. Seriously: The Site Administrator/Owner has been MIA - the Mods have been unable to reach him.
  10. Love this kid!
  11. It's gonna be an even longer season if Trae doesn't think he has a shot selection problem: For his part, Young says his shot selection has been fine. “I don’t’ think I’ve been shooting a lot of terrible shots,” he said. “I’ve missed a lot of shots when I’ve been wide open.” First step in fixing a problem, admit you have a problem!