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  1. Prince is under contract for 2 more season before he reaches RFAcy - any recruitment by Bud would be tampering.
  2. I would hope not, but with how things are playing out it's making me question, well........everything. I think the only untouchable player on this team is John Collins. How far can we move up in the draft combining Prince and #19? And I'm not saying that is what we should do. SFs like Prince with speed, athleticism, 3 and D are few and far in the current NBA. Lots of teams need a quality SF. We have one and shouldn't trade him.
  3. Schlenk already said he wants to rent our capspace for picks so it's doubtful we are signing any free agents of note like Barton, Hood, KCP etc. It'll be another tank season which I think is why Bud wants out. Schlenk said it won't be a Philly style tank but I have my doubts now, we'll see later this offseason if Baze, Dennis and Prince are moved for picks.
  4. Caught this snippet earlier: Steve Koonin, Hawks CEO - Radio Interview 92.8 The GameHost: I do want to ask you about our coach, he has withdrawn from Suns coaching search, your thoughts:Koonin: Well, I mean look, it's a little difficult to talk about. There is uuuummm...- if I had to handicap it, I think this could be much ado about nothing. It's an unusual time in the NBA, there's a lot of coaches spinning on the carousel. We'll see what happens, but I'm very optimistic good things are coming.Host: When you give a guy permission, fans read this as adios!Koonin: No, I think that would be the wrong way to read things. I think again you know - it is unusual I grant you that, but there's a story and it will come at the right time and everything is quite positive.Then they moved unto the arena renovation which stsrts on Sunday.
  5. Knicks may have interest but I haven't seen anything that says the Hawks have given permission. Did see this though:
  6. Add Bud and Ressler too. Woj on his pod (don't giggle) dropped a lil tidbit that may be referring to the Hawks.
  7. Other Coaching trades and compensation: Actually, I forgot about these other coach trades:Stan Van Gundy: traded from MIA to Orl for a 2nd and the right to swap 1sts, even though he was no longer the coach but still under contract. Gundy resigned as coach but still stayed with the team in a diff. capacity. Orl still had to compensate the Heat.Pat Riley: traded from NYK to MIA for a future 1st (turned into 19th pick overall in 96). There was a tampering charge filed by NYK in this cuffufle. i think pick #16 from the Suns is ideal.
  8. Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer met with Phoenix Suns management and ownership on Monday and Tuesday, exploring the possibility of him becoming the Suns' next head coach, league sources told ESPN. Budenholzer met with Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and owner Robert Sarver over the two days, league sources said, after Atlanta granted him permission to meet with Phoenix late last week. The Hawks and Budenholzer are both open to ending their partnership, but there are several hurdles that would need to be cleared before that could happen, including the Suns making an offer and agreeing to a contract and possible compensation to Atlanta.
  9. Overreact much? Hawks once had a 13 win season. Made it to the playoffs in 3 years (IIRC) under Mike Woodson.
  10. I think it's important to note how Bud got POBO position to begin with. He was a 2nd year head coach suddenly thrust with responsible he wasn't ready for. He wasn't coaching long enough to gain that but with a new owner and all the Ferry turmoil he wanted some kind of Organizational continuity. Even Wilcox, the AGM at the time had little experience to be GM. The were both learning on the job Bud's natural affinity for coaching overrode is desire to be an effective POBO. The scales tipped to coaching and WINNING more so than also looking towards the future. It's a balancing act that takes time to master and I don't think he had the experience for it along with an inexperienced GM and new owner. The biggest failings was not getting something in return for Horgord and Millsap. Bringing in Dwight I also didn't like, but I still think signing Dwight was more owner and Koonin driven. Hometown boy returns home, blah blah blah. Having said that is wasn't a total abject failure in both roles particulary when it came to the draft: 1. Trading Payne (Ferry pick) for this Minny pick we are about to cash in on #19 - BudCox, they saw that Payne wasn't an NBA player and cashed out early instead of investing time and money.2. Trading #18 for THJr is a push, (i think if Bud was still in charge he might still be here)3. Trading Teague for #12 pick which netted us Taurean4. Drafting Bembry5. Trading Korver for 2019 Cavs 1st6. And yes, I'll give BudCox some credit for both Collins and Dorsey. As Schlenk noted he was scouting later picks with GSW and he relied on the existing Hawks scouting department and BudCox for the work they did on the #19 pick research. Additionally, Collins was on the radar before Schlenk was hired thru Hawks minority Owner Mit Shah who is a Wake Forest alum and had BudCox go to a few of his college games (I previously posted the article) to scout him. Excerpt: "Mit Shah is a Wake Forest alum and a major benefactor to the school. He recently donated $5 million to the school to build a basketball practice facility. Shah also happens to be a co-owner of the Hawks as he joined the investment team led by principal owner Tony Ressler that purchased the team two years ago. “He was always nudging me and saying, ‘If you are around at 19, we are going to take you,’” the 19-year-old Collins said. “He came through on his word. I’m happy to be a Hawk. I’m happy to be in Atlanta.” Shah did more than suggest Collins could be a Hawk. He brought assistant general manager Jeff Peterson to a Wake Forest-Duke game. He spoke to coach Mike Budenholzer about Collins several times before an interview at the NBA Scouting Combine in May. “We really thought there was no chance he would be there when we picked and there was absolutely no chance he was going to get by us at 19,” Shah said. Shah was in the Hawks’ war room on draft night Thursday. Manning was at the draft in Brooklyn to support Collins. They began a rapid text exchange when it became clear the Hawks were going to select Collins. Shah described the Hawks’ room as “ecstatic” with the selection."
  11. Yes, Doc Rivers was traded from Boston to Clippers for a protect 1st rounder since he was still under contract.
  12. David Fizdale also interviewing with Suns.
  13. There's this: David Fizdale has job interviews scheduled this week for vacant head-coaching positions with the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns. But for now, Fizdale plans to attend Game 1 of the Warriors-Spurs series on Saturday so he can learn more. – viaSan Jose Mercury-News