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  1. The Hawks have played well over the last 25 or so games but we are still in year ONE of the rebuild (i think we are ahead of the curve). This is our first season with our very own lottery pick (last year was the tear down). Lottery position still matters for the rebuild, Hawks still need to add top end talent to a team devoid of a lot of it. As UGABOZ says 'cut ties with guys like Baze and Prince', you want better players tgan them in the draft. Top end FAs like KD and AD aren't joining a rebuilding team, it's too soon. When the Hawks a competing for a playoff spot is when I think, well I hope FAs will give us a serious look. So I'm looking at 2020 which is also when Baze and Plumlee's contracts expire.
  2. How do the Hawks get Anthony Edwards to just come to the Hawks after his career with the Dawgs? He'll most likely put his name in the 2020 draft after a one and done season in Athens.
  3. Hawks are back tonight.
  4. Great Read!
  5. Hated JC's plane, but missing a million dunk attempts and still get a 50? smh. John at least made his dunk on 1st try.
  6. Uuummm....What.was.That?? C'mon Nique and Vince - yall let JC use props???? And he broke it. He crashed and burned. #DidNotLike
  7. Awesome Read with videos:
  8. Did you watch the game? He's allowed an off night....sometimes it just happens, the entire team.was i a malaise.
  9. Good showing by the young Hawks! Now grab the skills and dunk trophies and head on home!
  10. He's had 2 games all season of 2 or less rebounds: 1st game of the season - 2 rebounds Last night's game - 1 rebound. Last 8 games: 4, 16, 11, 12, 5, 4, 8, 1
  11. In 42 games this season: 8 games with 1-5 rebounds (3 of those games with minutes restrictions coming off injury and the game last night). 11 games with 6-9 rebounds 23 games with 10+ rebounds.
  12. They were still on a high from the Lakers win, Knicks on an 18 game losing streak - thought they could just show up and win. Looks like they thought the AS break started already.