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  1. That was fun. The Hawks will play defense. Love Collins' activity, missed 2 easy dunks - he's gonna be really fun to watch. Delaney benched for Magette (he could be Bud's son, ). I like Bembry driving and scoring inside.
  2. Note: The 2020 2nd via Portland is protected 31-55, so let's hope in 3 years Portland finisishes in the top 5 in the regular season or we get nothing. Still a good deal. Good thing is we can use that same pick to complete another deal.
  3. Good deal for the Hawks. Hawks sold the Felder pick to Cavs 2 years ago for either $2 or $3mil (I think) in cash. Now he goes back to the Hawks for free plus a 2nd round pick. Hawks are also receiving $3 mil in cash plus another 2nd.
  4. Bembry Loves the new offense; Love this part about his own defense even more.. I would agree just from the small sample size. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=20972982
  5. Looked good for the most part. This team will play defense every night.
  6. I'm really loving Bembry. He reminds me of Scottie Pippen (not much scoring) but his ability to run the offense and defend.
  7. Cut again...
  8. In this NBA with small ball centers, he fits right in. It shouldn't be a constant but rather spot situations.
  9. Game tonighton Foxsport SE.
  10. As a small ball 5, he's capable enough. But he needs a little bulk to handle the daily rigors consistently. He needs his grown man strength which will come as he matures. With Muscala about to flunk out of Bud-U (his preseason has been all kinds of bad), Collins just might see more time at C.