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  1. Len was so bad to start the season he got replaced by DAMIAN JONES......Eeeeeech. If he had played to his expected potential we wouldn't need to trade for Dedmon.
  2. And 2 Lakers and 1 Boston and Denver.
  3. Harrell will play off the bench. Harrell and Capela pairing would be ugly. Clogged paint. Harrell is 0-fer from 3 this season.
  4. Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the NBA suspending the season due to the Corona Virus outbreak and how Tony Ressler advised the team to handle hourly employees who are affected by suspension of the league. Steve told the guys the mandate given to him by owner Tony Ressler on the employees getting paid despite being able to work. “I am so proud to work for Tony Ressler.” Koonin said “Because before he said one word, he looked at me and said our employees will all be paid, part-time, full-time they will all be paid. You could just see the fear in peoples faces last night, and I pulled them aside and said you have my personal word you’re not going to see a difference.” Full Radio Interview: https://929thegame.radio.com/media/audio-channel/steve-koonin-with-dukes-bell-3-12-20
  5. It was 2 days ago he did it. Smh
  6. He thought this was funny.
  7. W.O.T.
  8. I take it as a reference to management roster construction. He also said this in the piece: "The move to acquire Capela was well received by the Hawks’ young players, Collins said, who all want to accelerate the process. He feels like that move told them that they’re being heard when it comes to upgrading the roster."
  9. He said more than just that in the entire article though. Very interesting OVERALL read!
  10. I'd prefer another backup PG than Teague, he's too on again, off again on offense and his defense has been bad. I don't know if Bembry will be brought back. We need serious scoring off the bench. Guys who are bucket getters. We need backups at PG, Wing, and PF. Here's my FA list: PG: Kris Dunn Wings: Joe Harris, Malik Beasley, Maurice Harkless PF: Davis Bertans, Montrezl Harrell, Paul Milsap