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  1. Team won't make announcement until pen meets paper.
  2. https://twitter.com/ATLHawks/status/885252747607425025
  3. https://twitter.com/ATLHawks/status/885252747607425025
  4. Rights to Thabo and Humphries renounced.
  5. I think Dallas matches any offer.
  6. Good Luck Do-it-All Paul.
  7. Plus Prince, Bembry, Cordinier from last year's draft as well as our three draftees from yesterday.
  8. I don't like trading the 31st pick, however, the Dwight experiment wasn't working. Recognizethe error and move on. I don't like Plumlee's contract as a stand alone but from an overall team perspective it's loosens up the cap flexibility, particularly now that late last night the salary cap projections for 2017-18 came out at $99 million, another decrease over initial projections. It'll be a tight squeeze for more teams now.
  9. 1 down *(Dwight) 1 to go (Baze)
  10. We traded Teague for #12. Who are we trading for #12? Baze won't get us anything close to #12. Detroit can't take on Baze's salary, they have to resign KC and will be in luxury tax ****. Hawks will more than likely have to include a pick with Baze to move him as he's now considered a bad contract based on his play this year.
  11. More like DeAndre Jordan or even Tyson Chandler. Defense and rebounding, put backs, PnR.
  12. Bud flew to Germany mainly to scout EuroLeague and watch our current Draft and Stash players. He also ran into Pero, lol. It's not only about Bud 'using Dwight right' it's also about Dwight changing his mindset about how we play. We aren't dumping the ball in and 'watch him go to work in the post'. He barely sets a decent screen with that big body, barely steps out on PnR defense. Needs to do more rolling harder to basket. I do agree that too many times, players miss him in the post when he's established quick deep position where he can just get the ball and go. Too many 'post' moves offers nothing but turnovers and missed shots. He's not Orlando Dwight where his quickness and athleticism overpowered guys.
  13. Because teams defend the 1-5 PnR differently with Dennis and Dwight. Dennis spoke about it in a interview. He's also had too many TOs forcing it to Dwight. A Baze or Millsap lob is more unexpected so teams defend it differently.