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  1. https://twitter.com/ATLHawks/status/899636208032038912
  2. No. I didn't like the Dwight signing but I also wasn't on board with signing Al to a 5 year max deal.
  3. 6 road games to start the season - thanks NBA. Denver and Millsap is the 1st home game.
  4. Team won't make announcement until pen meets paper.
  5. https://twitter.com/ATLHawks/status/885252747607425025
  6. https://twitter.com/ATLHawks/status/885252747607425025
  7. Rights to Thabo and Humphries renounced.
  8. I think Dallas matches any offer.
  9. Good Luck Do-it-All Paul.
  10. Plus Prince, Bembry, Cordinier from last year's draft as well as our three draftees from yesterday.
  11. I don't like trading the 31st pick, however, the Dwight experiment wasn't working. Recognizethe error and move on. I don't like Plumlee's contract as a stand alone but from an overall team perspective it's loosens up the cap flexibility, particularly now that late last night the salary cap projections for 2017-18 came out at $99 million, another decrease over initial projections. It'll be a tight squeeze for more teams now.
  12. 1 down *(Dwight) 1 to go (Baze)
  13. We traded Teague for #12. Who are we trading for #12? Baze won't get us anything close to #12. Detroit can't take on Baze's salary, they have to resign KC and will be in luxury tax ****. Hawks will more than likely have to include a pick with Baze to move him as he's now considered a bad contract based on his play this year.