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  1. I'd rather have Bembry than Dorsey. Bembry has not played a full season of NBA games. Twenty something games in 1st year, 2nd season was a lost season due to injury. I love the improvement in his 3 point shots so far.
  2. RJ Hunter is not NBA caliber. Bembry just needs to control his TOs and finish at the rim since he can get there so easily.
  3. Things I liked (besides the obvious): Trae's 1 Turnover Huerter's 10 rebounds and 4 assists (I had no clue he was such a good rebounder and passer). His defense wasn't bad either. What a homecoming for Spellman Len finally with double digit rebounds. Bembry making 3 of 4 from 3. I loved that ALL 3 of our rookies played really well in our 1st Win. What a memory for them. GO HAWKS!!!
  4. Injuries piling up
  5. Len has NOT been good so far. 4 rebounds last night. He has to give more. He gets blocked by the rim a lot. Edited.
  6. Very True. The offense is putting up point but that defense, what defense? Putrid so far.
  7. Should have been his 1st double double.
  8. I like what I'm seeing for Trae and Taurean. Good to see Huerter get more minutes. He's a good passer and decent on defense.
  9. No Spellman tonight, injured ankle. That leaves Ken, Plumless and Poythress as the bigs. I forsee a lot of small ball lineups with Prince at PF. Bembry may see time at SF with Dorsey filling in at SG. Huerter may get early minutes as well.
  10. I hope not either, but from the article I posted above with videos, it appears that at least some weren't all his fault but his teammates slow rotation, not rotating or making the wrong read. All fixable with time on the floor together.
  11. Turnovers doomed us last game in 2nd quarter. Hopefully, it looks like some of this is fixable with players making timely and correct reads. Great breakdown of TOs and what lead to them.
  12. Vince Speaks: "Vince Carter had a different view of the reason why the Hawks crumbled on defense in the second quarter. The Hawks’ shots weren’t falling. On teams he has been on in the past, when shots don’t go in, players sometimes tend to forget they have to play defense and don’t get back after an empty offensive possession. At halftime, Carter took it upon himself to tell the locker room that it’s natural to feel defeated if the ball isn’t going in the basket. But players have to move on and not let it bleed into defense. “We have to understand that regardless of if we’re playing lights out offensively or laying an egg, we can still defend,” Carter said. “Our effort has to be there. That’s something we can’t allow. This is a blessing in disguise because we felt like we played well in the preseason. Now we can watch film and see what went wrong. We can’t fool ourselves because the film doesn’t lie. I think it’s good for us to see the painful truth. I think it’s how we grow. It’s tough when you win by 20 or 30 to grow because all you look at are the positives and see us just hitting shots. Now we can grow. This is how we can get better. We’ll see all of our faults and see what was asked of us and what we didn’t do. This is good.” I like this alot!