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  1. I guess no NBA team did. Jeremy Lin has signed with the Beijing Shougang Ducks in China. Lin turned 31 last week and played in the NBA for nine seasons. Lin received tepid interest from NBA teams this offseason.
  2. I think the rookies realize the make up of the Hawks with Trae and JC makes Cam's transition easier. They've seen what Trae has done for a guy like Len.
  3. From Summer League Trae was doubled.
  4. Preseason Schedule:
  5. We didn't trade him for any goods last year at the deadline. We bought him out.
  6. That's too much, vet min 1 year deal is his worth.
  7. Which good young talent have the Hawks traded?
  8. Un-feakin-believa-bull. Smdh.
  9. Bol Bol update....word is Denver will be signing him to a 2W GLeague Contract. From top 10 pick to a two way? WOW! I feel for the kid - his medicals must REALLY be bad.
  10. TS interview from Summer League.
  11. Home Opener: Saturday Oct 24th, vs Magic MLK game back in the A: January 20th, 2020 vs Toronto. https://www.nba.com/hawks/schedule/1920?utm_source=w_h&utm_medium=vig_mnb_-&utm_campaign=1920scedon&utm_term=flexpage&utm_content=0809