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  1. Nate on Jalen: “We’re still developing, but we’re competing now,” McMillan said. “It’s not about giving that guy that opportunity and continuing to just let him work on it. We’re not in that developing stage where we are giving things to our young team. We need for them to be productive in their growth.”
  2. Contract details...Year 1 - $14,508,929Year 2 - $15,669,643Year 3 - $16,830,357Year 4 - $17,991,071
  3. 6PM Eastern deadline today to come to an agreement or he hits RFAcy next offseason. Other players signing early extensions: Mikal Bridges 4/$90 Jaren Jackson Jr 4/$105 Terance Mann 4//$22 Wendell Carter Jr 4/$50
  4. Give the Rook Solo's minutes of Gallo can't go.
  5. Trae with 27pts/15 assists in 3 quarters....and only 2 freethrows.
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