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  1. We should be used by now lol
  2. Lots of tie-breaker might be cleared before we take a snap on Monday.
  3. Here's a scenario where Panthers, Falcons, Dallas, GB and Seattle all ends up 10-6 Falcons and panthers are both out -- I'm all confused... (I'm not playing anymore lol) http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine/_/results/400951816~2~400951806~1~400951777~2~400951811~1~400951705~2~400951768~1~400951808~1~400951809~1~400951772~2~400951774~2~400951812~1~400951813~2~400951778~2~400951814~2~400951781~1~400951784~2~400951637~2~400951602~1~400951642~2~400951667~1~400951671~1~400951613~1~400951675~2~400951617~1~400951682~1~400951621~1~400951709~1~400951625~1~400951714~2~400951631~1~400951719~2~400951734~1~400951759~2~400951762~1~400951764~2~400951741~2~400951745~1~400951788~1~400951789~1~400951748~1~400951750~1~400951791~1~400951792~1~400951756~1~400951793~1~400951757~2
  4. Sorry I looked at something else... We got tie breaker over everyone ..
  5. 3 way tie is bad for us. I just want Hawks to drop a game this weekend so we get more breathing room
  6. Panthers are getting in the playoff.. Like it or not. Also, I'm hoping for Hawks loss against Rams so we get some breathing room (as long as we beat the bucs)
  7. Our Best scenario Rams beat the Hawks so it means Win 2 of the next 3.. Rams loss mean we got 3 way ties and in the next 2 weeks .. We needs either Rams or Hawks to keep dropping games...
  8. I never take Bucs easily esp Winston since he has 3-1 record against us
  9. Ryan is so average QB that all of his ast OC became HC /purple
  10. Falcons have to win 2 of the 3 games if Rams beat the Hawks next week. However, I'd like to win all 3 to take over the division.
  11. I think most of them predicting 3 way tie in the coming weeks or expected Panthers/Hawks to drop the game yesterday.
  12. Ben throws around 60+ passes
  13. Time to flip the channel.. Let's go iggles.. I puked
  14. Yes yes yes
  15. Needs first down.. I've a feeling that jags D would come to the field one more. Falcons God can't end the game that easy lol