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  1. Ryan INT reminds me of Shanny year 1.. Need to clean up those but offense and D both stepped up when needed
  2. I'll be shocked if they changed this call
  3. In order to trade down, you have to have partner.. May be no call came
  4. Peter king called this few days ago
  5. I won't count the Bears D out yet
  6. Goff missed twice...
  7. Both sides have packed up
  8. This team is a mess... Defense can't stop a Jack
  9. LOL butterfingers today
  10. It's called smash mouth football
  11. We need a time grinding drive with TD again
  12. May be he told coaches if you rush 3.. I'll bench myself
  13. I was screaming in the stadium that's why you don't INACTIVE Tavecchio... If you have no confidence in your kicker then don't activate him
  14. They are saving him for saints game but the season might be over this weekend. If he's cleared then he should get 10-15 snap this weekend to get rust off because there's no way.. He's playing a whole game next week coming off the bench
  15. Quinn ain't what we all thought he was...