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  1. Can Payton do choke sign now lmao
  2. Payton tried to go #19 Ginn again.. That play worked against falcons and Panthers...
  3. Watching other teams putting TD.. Makes me cry
  4. Oh man... So close
  5. That's incomplete
  6. That play? Whole game.. Coleman has been the hot hand but we are going back to Freeman
  7. 20+ has been the key... Oh well Sark fcuked up very well
  8. Free known for missing block.. SB and now
  9. Seattle wants Sark.. Ship him
  10. Only Coleman should be in the game
  11. Can defense step up now
  12. We are stalling at 50 yards over and over
  13. Can we freaking throw to RB
  14. Coleman got a hot hand.. Use him please