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  1. Someone is waiting to say that he was padding stats
  2. And Quinn hired a coach for game management lol
  3. That can not be true. Because he’s padding stats. Indy game needed a defense stop hmm Ryan didn’t contain their offense. Houston game needed a stop hmmm Ryan couldn’t contain their offense /purple
  4. But it’s Still the same D
  5. offense has given up
  6. We really don’t know how to play against AFC so call it 1-5 right now.
  7. This team has packed up
  8. C’mon Ryan. You can’t run. Find someone
  9. This team is Quinn team with no accountability
  10. Not Mack kills the drive
  11. Ryan looks scared there
  12. Titans said hold by beer DQ
  13. Is anyone really open on this team lol