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  1. 34-32 win or we think money Matt would miss it lol
  2. Ryan said wut looks lions, giants, and bills winning... Let me throw bone head INT
  3. I won't count the Bears D out yet
  4. Goff missed twice...
  5. Both sides have packed up
  6. This team is a mess... Defense can't stop a Jack
  7. LOL butterfingers today
  8. It's called smash mouth football
  9. We need a time grinding drive with TD again
  10. Sark needs to go... Needs a new WR coach... Needs a new D.C.... Needs body for OL.. Start the fire sale
  11. Do anyone watch this pathetic OL before blaming the QB?
  12. He should block and catch himself now
  13. I guess we are not going to win anything with Julio either.. He likes to fumble
  14. Our red zone offense is back