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  1. Maybe if we hired Harbaugh, and if things continue to go downhill in Denver, Harbaugh could hire his old coordinator Vic Fangio and then we might have the kind of defense we've been missing for years.
  2. I thought our "rugby tackling" was supposed to be the wave of the future.
  3. It's hard to argue with what he says but that guy never has anything good to say about the Falcons.
  4. I like Raekwon, but I heard the Unintentional Grounding say his poor pad level was akin to that of Ra'Shede Hageman.
  5. It's nice to know that our guys don't quit, or conversely, that our quitters are more talented than those of the Panthers.
  6. I would have but the CBS affiliate in Chattanooga didn't see fit to show the game. Maybe they were doing us a favor.
  7. I didn't remember that. There's a lot about that season that I've tried to forget just like I'm trying to forget about this season.
  8. It reminds me of when we wouldn't trade Tony Gonzales in his last season. Extra picks are like gold. You never know when you'll need one to trade for a Ty Sambrailo or Jordan Richards.
  9. Bill Walsh couldn't do much with our current collection of lineman. I didn't think we could miss Chris Chester and Andy Levitre so badly. Maybe we can improve on Sark, but the critical need is for young, strong and talented linemen with upside.
  10. Flapper? I may be a cockroach but I will never flap! Seriously, I have my ideas but I will be thrilled to be proved wrong by the Falcons, should they persist in doing things I may not agree with. My ego means nothing, The success of the team means everything,
  11. Actually, I've been an AFMB member since the days of Dan Reeves. I just hardly ever post until something rouses me out of my stupor.
  12. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. It's a real tl;dr special, but you brought up some interesting points and I want to vomit up my thoughts. How can a team exploit its talent if the part of the team that is always involved in every play? Ryan can't use his weapons if he's running for his life? How can our RBs make plays if they're constantly being hit at or behind the line? How can the talents of Deion Jones be utilized if the line is being driven back? How can our secondary cover people if the QB has all day to throw? Is it simplistic and old-fashioned to believe in the
  13. I'd be thrilled to draft Greedy Williams if we had already taken care of our lines.
  14. As much as I would hate it, it might be better to trade Julio for draft picks now. What's the use of having him if the the weakness of our lines will always limit his and the team's potential? We now have Ridley to fill the number one receiver role. It's a waste to have two number ones if the team has foundational flaws. Other than the QB position, we have a poor foundation in that our lines are weak. We do a good job at acquiring talent at peripheral positions but the lines are what the rest of the team work off of.
  15. You're right, but he's a lot smarter when he agrees with me.
  16. I've heard Michael Lombardi say that poor lines don't travel well.
  17. Inexperience and a lack of talent may cause players to look like they don't care. Jordan Richards may be trying as hard as anyone but he doesn't have the innate ability to make much of a difference. It's not the fault of the players, it's the fault of the circumstances they find themselves in.
  18. I'd hate to dump Quinn prematurely just to see him develop into a great coach with some other team. Some of his actions frustrate me but he's earned the right to another chance. It may be a ridiculous comparison, but Bill Belichick failed at his first head coaching job. So did Mike Shanahan. Quinn has obvious positive qualities as a talent evaluator and as a person who can deal with the personal aspects of coaching, Maybe the game management and strategy problems can resolve themselves over time.
  19. They weren't world beaters even when healthy. They struggle against top DLs. Compare our last few games against Philly to what the Aints did to them Sunday,
  20. I believe the Falcons' top priority should be a dynamic punt returner/WR. Our season has been sabotaged by the lack of a strong return game and the lack of another playmaker on offense. We need an explosive weapon for jet sweeps on the one foot line. Arthur Blank knows that Falcon fans always demand excitement, not winning, Rise Up.
  21. I'll mute it, not only for the fan noise but for the announcers' endless praise of the Aints and their lovable fans.
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