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  1. Maybe if we hired Harbaugh, and if things continue to go downhill in Denver, Harbaugh could hire his old coordinator Vic Fangio and then we might have the kind of defense we've been missing for years.
  2. I thought our "rugby tackling" was supposed to be the wave of the future.
  3. It's hard to argue with what he says but that guy never has anything good to say about the Falcons.
  4. I agree, I never thought either of our teams were really worth hating. We were just longtime division rivals, bonded by geography and a shared history of failure. If anybody was worth hating from the NFC West, it was the Rams or 49ers, the California teams we were always looking up at. Dallas was also a worthy object of derision. Why get worked up over a fellow bottom feeder? While there seem to be some good people there, the overall atmosphere is pretty toxic where the Falcons are concerned. I
  5. I'm happy that good Saint fans like Chris got to enjoy last year. It's hard to be happy for people who have to remind the world every five minutes how much they hate the "Failclowns."
  6. I take it you've never read the Saints Report forum. Saint fans wrote the book on obsession.
  7. The obsession that Aint fans have with the Falcons never ceases to amaze.
  8. Apparently, Channel 61 in Chattanooga will be showing the Nashville Oilers AKA Tennessee Titans, game with the Redskins instead of the Falcon-Ram game. I was told that it was a network, rather than a local decision. Some big city suit decided that: (1) All viewers of Chattanooga TV reside in Tennessee. WRONG (2) All Southeast Tennessee residents prefer the Nashville team to the Falcons. WRONG (3) The loyalty of Chattanooga area Falcon fans counts for nothing. They might get the bandwagon jumping "Titan" fans for one week but they'll be gone next Sunday, while their loyal viewing audience gets
  9. Your memory is good. The Mitchell-Malone fight happened in 1974, when the team was falling apart in Van Brocklin's last year.
  10. Our local Fox affiliate, even though they show Falcon regular season games, sees fit to only broadcast Nashville Oiler-I mean Tennessee Titan-preseason games. A lot of simple minded people seem to think that all of us north of the border are supposed to root for the Nashville team even if we've been Falcon fans since the early days of the franchise, even if Atlanta is closer to Chattanooga than Nashville. I wish those people would just stick to their endless college football squabbling and leave the real football to the real fans.
  11. Falcon fans aren't obsessed with the Saints the same way you guys are with us. I remember Saint fans wearing "I Hate the Falcons" shirts as far back as the 1970s. Your team wins a Super Bowl and you still can't get us out of your heads. You guys would be thrilled with a 2-14 season as long as the Falcons went 0-16. I try to be happy for long suffering Saint fans but so many of you guys make it very hard to do.
  12. It's a shame that good fans are overshadowed by the jerks. I'm happy for the silent majority of Saint fans.
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