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  1. Well of course as over the long term you'd make money, but the assumed odds of this hypothetical scenario were 1:1. My whole point was that I would accept this bet that would never realistically exist. Just having a little fun with the OP's proposition.
  2. Very true. It's all hypothetical, it wouldn't exist. Who would be willing to take the 5% success rate to bet against me (besides people who play the lottery)? That's why if someone said I could play a game with only 5% risk of total loss and back it up, I'd take it.
  3. I'd take that bet all day, every day at 95%. Casinos make billions off of games with only a 51-55% success rate.
  4. I'm 36 and have been watching the Falcons since '94, so I guess that's about 20 years. A great 20 year anniversary present would be a Super Bowl!! C'mon D!
  5. Our O-Line gave Matt Ryan some great protection today! After hearing all about how incredible the 49ers D-Line is, it was great to see Ryan under very little pressure all day and was able to do work. Huge improvement over the last... well... in longer than I can remember. Hope we can continue to build on this next season. Also, can we get someone scary for our D-Line in the draft or FA or something?
  6. How about "See If Your Team Can Overcome This Lead (don't worry, we'll help)"?
  7. Saw this as the summary of that conversation: Sando: The 49ers D is very strong and fast and will cause all kinds of problems for Matt Ryan. Yasinskas: Yes, I agree. Sando: Kaepernick is turning it on at the right time and Frank Gore will cause the Atlanta D fits. Yasinskas: Yeah, you're right. Sando: 49ers have great special teams and I expect to see at least 1 punt return and 1 kick off returned for TDs Yasinskas: Very true! I couldn't agree more Sando: Harbaugh is only in his 2nd year, but is light years above Mike Smith in play calling. Yasinskas: Yes sir. Sando: You lose a lot of debates don't you? Yasinskas: Absolutely! Sando: I slept with your wife last night. She said I was so much better than you. Yasinskas: Totally hit the nail on the head again!
  8. Man, with that many cheeseburgers on the line with bacon, I'll suit up and go get ya about 75 yards and 2 TDs! Don't stand between me and that many bacon cheeseburgers!
  9. ...had to get special permission to be in a bowl game, but if you listen to these idiots on NFLN and ESPN, you'd think that the Falcons had written a letter to Goodell begging for an exception to let them in the playoffs!! The Falcons are the #1 seed for a reason! The Falcons have home field advantage for a reason! And that reason is they beat every team on their schedule, including the media darlings Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, RG III and OMG... is it true? They even beat CAM NEWTON?? It's time for the Falcons to RISE UP, it's time for the media to SHUT UP, and it's time for the Seahawks to PACK UP and go home!!
  10. Week 14 (insert media source here) Power Rankings: 1. Houston Texans 2. New England Patriots 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. Green Packers 5. San Francisco 49ers 6. Denver Broncos 7. New York Giants 8. Chicago Bears 9. Seattle Seahawks 10. Atlanta Falcons I'm pretty sure this is accurate. I mean, the Falcons don't have any signature wins this year and have ya heard that they haven't won a playoff game in 3 tries?
  11. I hope you're right about the trend against the high profiles. I'm more concerned about this match-up than I am about the rematch with the Saints.
  12. I agree about needing to draft some tough guys for both O and D lines next year. Unfortunately, we're stuck with what we have this year. Haha yeah, I guess I should hope for the dud performance as well, but I also have/had Gronk, so not sure I can handle too many more set-backs.
  13. This is a two part post: First of all, I am worried about what Martin will do to the Falcons on Sunday. We have struggled against the run from average RBs this year and now we have to face a guy who is arguably one of the hottest backs in the league. Anyone think we have a chance to stop him and if so, how? Second, does anyone else have him on your fantasy team? You figure this guy will probably get 25+ pts this week against ATL, so how do you deal with the mix of emotions watching a guy on your fantasy team succeed at the expense of your real team? I think I want to see him get 5 - 40 yard runs during the game, but get stopped at ATL's 40 every time and have to punt
  14. Watching the game with my brother who does NOT watch football ever. Doesn't know much about the game. Told him when it was 1st and 10 on our second to last drive that the Falcons were going to hand it off to Turner and he was going to get stopped at the line of scrimmage. They did and Turner was stopped for no gain. I said to my bro, "See? Told ya!" His reply.... "Why do they do that? It's like they're wasting a play!"
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