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  1. The talent is there. We just keep getting out coached. Three 100 hundred yard receivers, multiple sacks, just bad playcalling it has come down to.
  2. The running game was shut down yesterday. 14 times or a million times, it was going nowhere. Freeman ONLY had 12 yards on 12 attempts. It's obvious the running game was going nowhere yesterday. The problem yesterday was not letting Matty call audibles to change up the plays or using the hurry up offense. Let Matty be Matty, Shanny.
  3. Pass rush or not, defense wasn't the problem yesterday. Defense has been playing solid for the most part of this year. Shanny needs to let Matty loose.
  4. The way how our board has been going this week, you would think we haven't won a game at all this year. You can't please everyone, no matter what you do, even going undefeated.
  5. We have a running back who has 8 TDs already for the year. In years past, that prolly would've been Ryan throwing it to the endzone. Is it really a bad year? We are dominating in time of possession, total yards and QBR. Houston, Ryan sat out a whole quarter, with most of the third quarter giving runs to Freeman. I know Ryan didn't play to his best last week, and he'll be the FIRST to admit that, but with all the turnovers, the guy didn't play horrendous as some people make it out to seem. He still had the game under control and played when it mattered most. Look at his counterpart, Cous
  6. Steelers game in 2006...that game was AMAZING!!!!
  7. Seriously, today was the worst ever. It's the frigging deadskins fans.
  8. People are really trying hard to find something to hate, when the team is 5-0. It really shows people's true colors. Really really sad.
  9. I missed the last part of the fourth qtr. Thanks a million for this. Also does anyone know when Matty Ice trucks a defender? Thanks in advance.
  10. All of these are recipes for disaster, and losing big, yet we still won. Our team never put their head down, and rose up when we needed them to. This is a great confidence booster for the team. Big props to the Redskins defense, who forced us to win differently (I for one underestimated them). Now what will we do after a hard fought win on a short week? What can I say, but I'll be tuned in...GO FALCONS!!!
  11. The guy has a 'bad' game, but the yardage we put up on offense was far from bad. With all the QB issues in the league, I am sure there are people in this forum, who sees themselves as 'fans' but look for EVERY opportunity to bash Matty for the slightest thing he does wrong. The guy can ball out, and one thing can be sure, he plays his heart out and comes through when needed. Quite a few drops today, along with turnovers, sacks, bad penalties and missed FGs. We did great with all the crap that was against us today.
  12. This thread is trash. Our dline did an amazing job today. People acting like Mallet had all day to pick apart our defense. He was getting rid of the ball within two seconds.
  13. How many 3 and outs and drives ending with punts or turnovers, and you idiots complain about sacks? Just like the final score in this game doesn't depict how much of a blowout this game was. Anyone who looked at the STATS in this game doesn't see the complete story. With the STATS, one would think Julio was shut down. With the STATS, one would think the defense saved Ryan from losing this game. With the STATS, one would think we didn't get any or no pressure on the QB. Did you even watch the game, or just looked at the STATS?
  14. He missed a tackle today, but great way to redeem himself.
  15. Not sure what you guys are seeing, but every play I see this guy in (be it special teams or coverage), he doesn't look good.
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