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  1. Naw i didn't. I'm in South Korea right now. Won't be back til Jan 2011. I'm coming homw in 11 days though for my 30day midtour. Only game i'll make this year would be Chiefs preseason game..unless we get home playoff games..which I'm sure we will

  2. Which is kind of comical considering we're supposedly not one of the better fanbases.
  3. whats up my fellow warner robins falcon fan! you see the Jurious Norwood Billbouard on 247?

  4. Aww, she's not doing the b-day justice. Tell her we Nov. 4th girls should all stick together as rabid Falcon fans! lol.

  5. Great day to be born. =) You and your wife headed to the opener??

  6. LOL, Thanks dude. Do u get a chance to go to any games? I try to make it up to Atlanta every year for the Bucs&Falcons game.