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  1. Smashmouth vs. Finesse. Two completely different concepts.
  2. Not even. Falcons kicker missed a few too and the Vikings were considered the best in the regular season that year. Our team wouldn't have even been in that game towards the end without being really good. It all fell apart the next year, but at that point in time, in that season, we were one of the best teams. We just didn't play like it in the SB.
  3. Are you fan enough to support this team?

  4. You assume that this waste of space has more than four teeth.
  5. So, you old timers don't get disappointed with losses such as these? I doubt that to be the truth. I'm not gonna dump the team or anything, but I'm as disappointed as I've ever been in this team. Were my expectations too high? It would appear so, but only because the team claimed to be ready to take the next step. If they weren't, why bring back TG? He wouldn't have come back if he had not believed that. Do you think he's disappointed?
  6. It'd be different if this was 2007. We weren't supposed to be good back then.
  7. Some people just don't care about sports as much as others. That's pretty much what I get out of it. Some people should look up the definition of fanatic. You either are one or are not. If you're not, good for you. It is two sides of the same coin. I don't understand all the people knocking one side or the other. Get over yourselves and realize that everyone has inadequacies in their lives.
  8. Smitty's got Matt Bryant on his Fantasy Football team!
  9. You're not wrong. It's just that surely the Dolphins would have been ready for it. Then what do you do? Burn a TO? No. NIMO. You go for it.
  10. It was 4th and 1 on like the 3 yd line. We should have gone for it. We have no guts.
  11. Completely agree. We've got to be the worst second half team in the league this year, out of teams that play well enough in the first half to still be in the game in the second half. We appear to be either playing scared or playing way too comfortably. It seems as if we have the big head and always count on something happening to squeak out a win. It's not happening this year.
  12. The schedule cannot be used as an excuse. The team is never ready. It doesn't matter who we play. Georgia Southern would have given us trouble the other night.
  13. Too bad someone can't email a brain to that guy.
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