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  1. Are you fan enough to support this team?

  2. Still here. Still waiting...

  3. I still enjoyed going to P1 game, even though we lost.

  4. Is football back yet?

  5. At least there's college ball.

  6. Who's paying these judges' salaries? We are. Fans/taxpayers!

  7. ...Ugh...offseason

  8. Stop digging up old topics and go spam at someone else's board.

  9. I'm in Warner Robins, man. I definitely hear you on the living "in" Macon thing.

  10. Wait. Mojo, you're in Macon? If so, awesome!

  11. Oh wow. Didn't know that. Good luck over there and stay safe. I'm sure you're still looking forward to the season, even over there. :D

  12. Naw i didn't. I'm in South Korea right now. Won't be back til Jan 2011. I'm coming homw in 11 days though for my 30day midtour. Only game i'll make this year would be Chiefs preseason game..unless we get home playoff games..which I'm sure we will

  13. Did you make it to Wally World to see "the Hammer" a week or so back?

  14. No I didn't. Is it near the base? I'll have to ride around and see if I can find it. That's pretty awesome.

  15. whats up my fellow warner robins falcon fan! you see the Jurious Norwood Billbouard on 247?

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