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  1. I agree about the TE assessment, but I would like to see more of Palmer. I am not ready to write Owens off after one preseason game. We he got burned last night he was playing LCB and not NB. I want to see more from him in the Nickle spot. Weems looked pretty solid to me at WR last night. So did Douglas, Mier, and Harvey. We have great depth there imo. Weems was instructed to fair catch those punts last night. He was pretty solid last year, and we have great depth behind him with Franks. I don't think JPW was as bad as many on here think. He was pretty solid when he was playing with the
  2. I actually agree. idk why most on here are making him into a goat. That INT was more the result of a great defensive play than a bad decision. He had great command of the offense when the 2nd team guys were around him. When most of the guys were 3rd and 4th team guys around him he regressed a lot.
  3. It looked to me that on that long TD pass, he was playing outside and not at NB. we were in cover 3 so he had the wide receiver, but it is possible that we were looking at him somewhere besides the nickle spot. Not really an excuse, but I want to evaluate him some more at the nickle spot before I judge him.
  4. I agree I was actually pretty impressed before they switched out the guys around him to the 3rd string. I thought he has come a long way. That pick was a very good play by the defensive player. I still don't know if he can be the backup this year, but he has improved a lot.
  5. I thought he showed above average instincts, I just don't think he has the speed. I was trying to focus on our Linebackers in general. I didn't think Adkins showed anything, and I really wanted him to shine. I don't remember seeing Dent on the field all that much, but I came away really impressed with Robert James. It looks like Jame's concussion problems are finally past him.
  6. it looked to me that early on Peters was in the base 4-3 package and Jerry was rotating in every time we went to the Nickle package
  7. personally I think we will be looking for this seasons AFMB scapegoat. With no more JA98 and no more Jenkins... we don't have anyone to troll about :P
  8. we didn't stretch the field...... Ryan doesn't have the arm. OUR COACHING STAFF IS FULL OF CRAP!!!!!111111 OMG OMG. OMG ^we might see something like that. lol everyone just needs to relax and realize that its the first preseaon game.
  9. the depth we have built on our Oline is very versatile. Mike Johnson can play both Guard spots Joe Hawely can play both Guard spots and Center Andrew Jackson can play both Guard spots and Tackle (TD said he looks good at Tackle) Valdez (can play both Guard spots and tackle) Reynolds (can play Guard and tackle) this type of versatility is a godsend for the team. If we keep 9 Olinemen like we normally do our depth chart will feel a lot deeper there.
  10. yeah but we drafted Adkins late, and the expectations are not even in the same zip code as Gholston.
  11. Has anyone watched Adkins in camp? If he hasn't looked good this point will be moot.
  12. I just wish could get an update on him. He has the measurables to be an absolute stud in this league. He has always been short on the instincts. I just hope after 2 years of learning he is ready for an increased roll.
  13. I know some people say the coaching staff likes this kid, but looking over the roster I don't see a place for him unless we are going to get rid of someone like Coy Wire. WLB: Sean Weatherspoon | Mike Peterson MLB: Curtis Lofton | Akeem Dent SLB: Stephan Nicholas | Coy Wire -or- Spencer Adkins I know we could free up some cash by releasing Wire, but he really brings great leadership to this team. Do you think we will keep 7 LBs or will Adkins have to outperform Wire to make the team? How has Adkins looked? So far imo he has been the Sidbury of our LB cops.
  14. If Matthews shows any potential this preseason i think we might need to let him go. We could save some more money by getting rid of him; however, if Sidbury doesn't do anything we might need to go with Davis just form the standpoint of having a player that can actually contribute on Sunday.
  15. some are expecting for us to come out and try to have an 80 yard 3 play drive each series.
  16. If this board expects to see all these changes this friday in a series or two, expect to be let down. Whatever happens this Friday just remember its 1 preseason game. TD uses this as a talent evaluation more than anything.
  17. if you had replaced http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/ with http://life.atlantafalcons.com/ you were able to get around the problem. Obviously the board didn't have a lot of traffic tho.
  18. I love the depth we have on our Dline. With the rotation that we have our pass rush has the potential to be relentless. Now if only Sidbury can get on the field.
  19. As long as we make the playoffs i don't care if we go 9-7. We just gotta get in and get hot.
  20. I wouldn't mind going after Kevin Boss. I feel like he is a great blocker and could take on a roll as a great 2nd TE or H-back in our system.
  21. I tell you what... I really want Spoon to become the impact player we know we he can be. I want him to impact Cam Newton’s sternum... HARD.
  22. I'm sorry I meant the Long Snapper. We have what the I and the OP assume to be a lot of money tied up there. We brought in an UDFA, if we are impressed we need to go with him.
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