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  1. He's been in it for way longer... he was drafted by Mora to run Gregg Knapp's WCO. The terminology and concepts are basically the same. Shaub ran the WCO for his entire college career at UVA too. Basically he has more years in the system then Matt has in the league.
  2. http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1163416-2012-nfl-draft-grades-full-draft-results-report-card/page/29 It's impossible to assign a grade this early... I'm just going to leave this here. For comparison I think we got a B that year..
  3. Playing devils advocate here, but a lot of people expected Massaquoi to beast when he left here, he was out of the league last year. Now granted Shelby actually got on the field in Miami and had production so it's a little different. I would say I'm optimistic overall.
  4. I will say this there were a lot of Redskins fans right next to me. They were being obnoxious for most of the game. That probably got me going a bit more to the point where anytime something good for us happened I had to scream just a little bit louder. It was so sweet to watch the disheveled look on tower their faces when Alford put the team on his back. All and all the Redskins fans were good sports but they were horrible to sit next to.
  5. Section 105 today. I don't have a voice currently... there were plenty of people in my section doing their part
  6. I just think that he is a good receiver, but "meh" special team contributer.
  7. I didn't get a chance to hear it. Matthews will have his work cut out for him today. I would be really scared if Harris took over for him. Hopefully Long can quickly get up to speed
  8. So we dumped polumbus and long is still inactive? I don't like Harris as the swing tackle.
  9. Don't know.... maybe a signing....
  10. I think it has to do with having 3 similar backs. Coleman offers the speed and quickness smith does. Freeman offers one cut ability and better pass protection but none of the three can push a pile. I imagine we are going to keep someone that has more size and strength to give us some versatility on short yardage.
  11. They drafted him for the future when we have Matt and Julio locked up and it's time to negotiate with Trufant it will give us the option to not lock up 1/3 of our cap on three players...Hopefully he can turn It around quickly.
  12. Has anyone ever read "War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team"? There are chapters in there on TD's Time with the Falcons and Pioli's time with the Chiefs. The year that Justin Houston came out TD called Pioli directly and gave him crap for taking him because we really wanted him. I think we were trying to trade up for him. I know there were reports of us trying to trade up last year to snag Dee Ford. Bottom line I think we have tried to get a pass rusher for a while but I think we have constantly reached on the guys we have ended up taking. The Houston story is similar, to Gregory. Houston also tested positive at his combine then didn't come off the board until #70 overall. I'd be happy with Gregory in round 2, but if he continued to fall and we could get an impact starter at OG or FS in round 2, then come back around and steal Gregory in round 3 (or trade up)... This team would get an A+ in my book
  13. Oh good old message board. I love how everything is always so black and white....
  14. Michael Oher? If he came in to play RT he wouldn't command a huge salary. Obviously he wouldn't be the same as getting someone like Robinson or Matthews in the draft, but the salaries would work out better because we could pay him like a RT, and not have to dedicate a huge salary to Baker and a draft pick.
  15. If we add an OT via free agency I could truly see us double dipping at Rush OLB to finish our conversion to a 3-4. We would stay put at 6 and take Mack, and then trade up to the late first and take Dee Ford. Our pass rush could be sick!
  16. I actually think he looks a lot better this week. Dummerville blew past him on a screen. He just needs to execute better. His run blocking looks a lot better this week
  17. I specifically remember that play. Holmes kicked his guy out, but Atkins got across Reynolds face and got into the hole. Jackson had to bounce and ran right into Holmes' guy.
  18. why is it always so black and white on this board?
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