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  1. When Brooking is playing OLB he knows how to take on a pulling Guard. He will not get kicked out and give up a big run to the outside. D Williams couldn't do this last year. All you have to do is look back at the NY Giants game. All night long they would pull a Guard and kick out Williams. This is another reason I believe that whoever we get in here to play LB for us in the future will be a lot bigger.
  2. wow, Ojinnaka? I thought he buried himself? Myabe I prematurely gave up on my predicition of Ojinnaka becoming a solid OT for us. :P remember the two teams that showed a lot of interest in Ojinnaka were Atlanta and NE. I still think there is something there, maybe Smith can get Ojinnaka to unlock his potential. I do think he though he would be better served as a Guard then at OT.
  3. i don't think he could have passed another teams physical
  4. where is cottam projected to go now. He was 7th round or FA before the good showing he had at the senior bowl. I am sure he is a lot higher now based on his size alone.
  5. agree. Cottam might be one of those gems TD prides himself on. His huge for a TE, and his forte is runblocking...he fits too perfectly for us not to make a pass at him.
  6. I could see as high as a 5th for done, but a 6th or 7th is more reasonable. Crump on the other hand could get us a 3rd or 4th pick (assuming he can pass a physical with his knee problems)
  7. well the NFL not the Atlanta Falcons is making the same argument that I just made.
  8. Albert Haynesworth, Marcus Stroud and Sean Rodgers would all be good choices for a NT, but Coleman was a UT. This legitamately opened up the arguement for Dorsey or Ellis.
  9. The thing is... he was payed to play football. I look at it as a loan. Basically it was money up front that he would have payed back in his services to the team (wins, fans in the seats, playoffs ect.) Now being in jail he cannot play, and thus cannot pay us back in his services; therefore he should pay us back with the actual money.
  10. I could certainly see us trying to score Alan Faneca and Flozzell Adams now in FA. If that ruleing gets reversed, I think we could afford them. If that were the case, Dorsey or Ellis in the 1st would be fine with me... that way we could draft Chris Williams or Gosder Cherilus with 2a and Chad Henne, Joe Flacco, or Andre' Woodson with 2b
  11. its certainly shaping up to be another long year, but in the long run it will pay huge dividends I believe it. As TD said we need to usher in a new paradigm.
  12. If we draft heavy oline this year and have a bad season I could see us using a high pick on Percy Harvin next year to play in the slot and be a Wes Welker type WR for us. Heck I could see us doing that this year and drafting Dorian Bryant.
  13. Wayne Gandy Kynan Forney Joe Horn Warrick Dunn and a bunch of scrubs
  14. McFadden has nothing to gain by running. All he can do is hurt himself by running poorly. Why would anyone want to run and risk losing future money?
  15. this really doesn't prove anything. we will look at multiple prospects. Although we did have a private workout with Laurant Robinson last year.
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