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  1. He's been in it for way longer... he was drafted by Mora to run Gregg Knapp's WCO. The terminology and concepts are basically the same. Shaub ran the WCO for his entire college career at UVA too. Basically he has more years in the system then Matt has in the league.
  2. http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1163416-2012-nfl-draft-grades-full-draft-results-report-card/page/29 It's impossible to assign a grade this early... I'm just going to leave this here. For comparison I think we got a B that year..
  3. Playing devils advocate here, but a lot of people expected Massaquoi to beast when he left here, he was out of the league last year. Now granted Shelby actually got on the field in Miami and had production so it's a little different. I would say I'm optimistic overall.
  4. I will say this there were a lot of Redskins fans right next to me. They were being obnoxious for most of the game. That probably got me going a bit more to the point where anytime something good for us happened I had to scream just a little bit louder. It was so sweet to watch the disheveled look on tower their faces when Alford put the team on his back. All and all the Redskins fans were good sports but they were horrible to sit next to.
  5. Section 105 today. I don't have a voice currently... there were plenty of people in my section doing their part
  6. I just think that he is a good receiver, but "meh" special team contributer.
  7. I didn't get a chance to hear it. Matthews will have his work cut out for him today. I would be really scared if Harris took over for him. Hopefully Long can quickly get up to speed
  8. So we dumped polumbus and long is still inactive? I don't like Harris as the swing tackle.
  9. Don't know.... maybe a signing....
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