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  1. I just don't see this team beating up on the Eagles, so an 0-2 start is highly likely imo. You can't start the season that way and stay positive for long, especially after not winning a game in the preseason and the way the season ended last year. I'd be happy to just see the offense score a few touchdowns against the Eagles really, if they can do that against the dream team, even if the defense gets trounced by Vick at home, it's better than what they did today by a long shot! I just don't see the defense having ANY answers for Vick, his WR's, our their running game. I love Jones and all but
  2. Yeah, after this sad effort from the defense (which was no shock) and the offense (which was), I think next week things will only get worse. It's not going to be a lick of fun watching Vick return to the dome and light it up on Grimes, Decoud, and the rest of the secondary! I know one thing, TD will be asked a lot of questions this week about why he didn't use the draft to repair his secondary and went after a very costly WR instead, who by the way was only marginally better than "Stinkin' Jenkins" in his first game as a Falcon. I know he will be a beast for us for years but when it was so obv
  3. We better hope it's not serious because the Niners are looking to punish us for their lousy start and to prevent an 0-4 start. I much rather see Spoon out there over any of our other LB's! We need to get more pressure of a QB this week for sure and try for some turnovers. I want to see someone break Crabtree in half for sure, either Spoon, Lofton, or Peterson. I'd also like to see my favorite Falcon get on the field more, Finneran should be getting some more passes his way imo, especially with Ryan's accuracy still not where it should be. HD seems to have a case of the drops early on and Finn
  4. Steelers always get the calls at home!! We'll have to beat the refs to in this one!
  5. Love to see Turner benched for the rest of this one and let Smith give it a shot, not Norwood, he might get hurt too soon!
  6. Wonder who we should have picked over Baker!!!
  7. Ryan is still not sharp with all the incompletions (almost as many as he completed) and Turner can't run the ball period, might be nice to see another RB give it a try to change it up and save Turner from injury. The secondary is still awful as well but we knew that already.
  8. I think they will keep Smith where he is, since it's a given that Norwood will be injured at some point and they will need him to fill in and they already have RB-Nance on the PS. I'd go with Bruggeman going to the PS.
  9. I never had a doubt the Steelers would start Dixon over Batch, like everyone in the NFL, they are well aware of our issues on defense and would be stupid to not go with the more mobile QB. I have a feeling he could cause us a whole lot of problems from what I've seen from Smith's squad so far this pre-season. I just pray we can blitz him to death and help out our still shaky secondary, that isn't as fixed as I had hoped for after last season's bottom of the league effort. I think it's a must we blitz more against all of our opponents so Grimes and company aren't picked apart on a weekly basis.
  10. I look forward to seeing Moore take over for Coleman asap! After last season, I think Moore is much better prepared to take the reins and show TD and coach he's our future at safety.
  11. I heard they cut Gabe Derricks, hate to hear that with all the issues we've had at the position.
  12. I don't see Peterson being on the field as much after last year. Nic had issues for sure also but I'd say he got a bit better as the season progressed where Peterson did not.
  13. I'd rather HD remain out until he's truely ready than to rush it anyway. I think Meier can come in and play well for us in place of HD, if he to can stay healthy. I think with Meier and Peters, we drafted some solid insurance, we just need to squash the the injury bug. It seems to be following us quite closely here lately!
  14. I'd Rather have Williams on the field over Grimes for sure but I do agree that we have drafted too many CB's lately for them to not be starting by now or soon. We missed the boat with Houston for sure but fixed that situation by signing Robinson, now we just need to get one of the youngsters to step up and take the other side of the field for himself! I was hoping Franks and Owens would step up during camp and show us something. Can't wait to see them get started soon!
  15. Not sure JPW is all that much better than DJ but since Shockley wasn't ever going to get any kind of playing time behind Ryan and Redman, I'd rather he go somewhere he will get a chance at playing ball, even if it's in the UFL.
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