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  1. I swear bud if I could ship you an antidote for it I’d overnight it to you! I hate seeing another good man tormented for life!!
  2. Bless it. You mad kid lollollol
  3. Doubt it kid. Even if you’re age older you ain’t falcon screwed older lol
  4. Soon there will be one with “delayed denial” which all you kids have lollollol! I’ll eat crow if time proves me wrong! Got my fork, I’m waiting boyzzzz!!!
  5. Blah blah blah! Didn’t even read this garbage! Same ole pattern this organization always spews! Either win the SB or stfu already!!
  6. You should consider rehab at this point it seems.....
  7. Nope not at all. This is a post from watching this organization for 46 years! You want flowers and bunny rabbit post from a realist that has been bit by this organizations floundering over and over? Keep looking kid! You ain’t gonna get that from me!
  8. Lol thing is y’all all know the OP is right, just can’t stand to admit it lollollol! Watch time prove the OP right kids!!
  9. Lol talk to me in 46 years kid.......
  10. Well ok then. Have fun with all that I guess....
  11. Love this team and it’s not a choice!! Been with them for 46 years! Having said that, time has made me swallow many many hard pills this organization has created. I was there in the 80’s with the 12-4 Leeman Bennett team that lost to the Cowboys, the loss to the Broncos in the SB, and I was there for the biggest choke in sports history 28-3 in Houston so having said that I’ll be a realist and say this current QB/Julio led teams window is closed. Neither of these good guys will ever win the Lombardi. Like it or don’t like it it’s just the cold hard truth. Hopefully we draft well in the ne
  12. We don’t have this lol! Delusional much?! 1-4 at 4pm Sunday! Be a realist man! No way Pittsburgh is losing to this team at home lol lol!
  13. There is not two people on earth more different! Vic needs a huge shot of what Tak was born with, DOG!!!
  14. Please stop making this man talk about anything after our games! Shut up and fix it or keep sucking coach!
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