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  1. Goober, Prayers for your family. I can feel your hardship as I'm going through the same thing with my wife. She was diagnosed in March with triple negative stage 1 breast cancer. She has to do 10 rounds of chemo with surgery sometime between them. She so far has had 1 treatment that made her extremely tired and yes she started losing her hair. But good news the tumor seems to have shrunk some after just one treatment. She is 39. No family history. Prayers my friend.
  2. Get rid of these players with the coach. Dont care who thet are, they're making too much money anyway.
  3. Where has AB been this year? Haven't seen him on the sidelines or box. And to be honest i know this team has so many other issues but this is my first year even questioning Ryan. Usually I make excuses for him. I know the o line is crap again but not accurate, all receivers have to stretch for every ball.
  4. What crap, I live in South GA and CBS has the Miami / New England game on!
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