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  1. I cant wait to see the all-22 on GamePass when its posted
  2. I am being optimistic. 3,,,, 2 more soon and another where the defense carries us.
  3. Not a Rams fan but anti Patriots!!!
  4. Over my life I have dropped several teams in various sports. Partly for lack of time to be a fan of "everything" but usually there was an "event" that sealed it for me. I was born in Texas and lots of family there but grew up in Ga. I was a fan of the Cowboys and Falcons until they fired Landry then I was "out" from the Cowboys Hawks fan until Dominique Wilkins left I was a Braves fan for a loooooooomg time. But living in another area and all the games not on TBS anymore. That waned. And when Chipper retired that was just it. I went to FSU and was a fan until they pushed Bobby Bowden out. I really only have the Falcons left as a team I truly care about. The Vick thing was as close as I came to dropping them. So I am here to stay probably. 28-3 and all.