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  1. ok fine
  2. Not true. Redskins in 1982
  3. 0-4 in the preseason Lead the league in rushing over 2k Lead the league in scoring defense 12-4 SB win in most boring Super Bowl ever 24-0 over Bengals Three TDs for Free
  4. First of all. I did not watch the game yet. I have a concert to play this first Sunday of December every year. I watch the score on my watch during the performance. Last year I missed the weird KC game. Anyway. Is it possible they spent a lot of last week on New Orleans instead of prepping for the Vikings. If they were to win one and lose one between these two games. The Vikes would have been the one to lose. Remember this was the exact same record we had this time last year.
  5. This is amazing stuff. Takes the emotion out of it and I love it.....
  6. She came home to see the new dog. I think the dog is going to be great luck.
  7. My daughter who is in college popped in in the first quarter but whenever she is there in the room bad things happen to my team. She finally left after the cowboys scored. We did not expect her today and when walked in. I was like "O heck!!!' She left and the Falcons never gave up another point...... On a good note, my wife no longer has any effect. She sat there the whole game.