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  1. People forget that we led the league in rushing in 04-06 when Vick was at quarterback. Additionally, Vick had time in the pocket but took sacks because he could not read defenses. The same with Joey last year. When Redman took over we suddenly had a running game and a passing game. Murlarky is going to run a zone scheme which will alow Forney to return back to form. Sam Baker will fit well into the new system.
  2. According the Steve Wyche: 1. The Falcons do not have any takers in a trade. No teams below them are willing to pay the money to move up. 2. Falcons will talke Ryan if Dorsey is gone at 2. Steve stated that there is no other player on the board with the same value as Ryan at that spot. Steve Wyche seem to be 100% sure that it would be Ryan if Dorsey is gone
  3. THe Falcons are the only team that has worked out Andre and attended his personal workouts. THe Falcons will probably use their first four picks on DT, S, LB, OT (Glenn Dorsey, Kenny Phillips, Dan Corner, and Sam Baker) Andre Woodson would be their waiting for the Falcons in the third round. Remember that the Falcons are going to run a two TE sets with a power running game. Woodson is the perfect play action quarterback similar to Jason Campbell
  4. Julius Hodge and Jack from Tech owned Chris Paul in College. That is why Billy Knight did not draft paul because every time he saw him live against Tech Jack would shut him down.
  5. Take the sport out of the scenario and view the similarities. Matt Ryan will be the "TRUTH" just like Chris Paul. Why do you think that the Falcon's front office has a 50/50 split. McKay is trying to convince the Rook to take Ryan.
  6. Chris Paul was hated by fans (Especially Hawks Fans) when he declared for the draft. He was slightly abover average and scouts wondered if his size and game would transfer to the NBA. Additionally, there were additional PG in the 2005 draft of similar talent. The thing that seperated Paul was his heart and desire to be great. Matt Ryan is in the same exact situation. He is hated by Fans and loved by scouts, GMs, and Draft Experts. His heart and desire motivated subpar talent to the ACC championship game. I hope that Atlanta does not make the same mistake twice:)
  7. Falcons camp need to link to Adam Scheffer that they are going to take Matt Ryan at number 3. This has already started because Adam reports everyday on NFL network that the Falcons will take Ryan. The Chiefs now have the 17th pick and can afford to offer St. Louis a second round pick to move only two spots down to #5 where Chris Long or Gholston will be there. They can go ahead and take Ryan. The same thing with the Jets who alread had trade discussions with the Rams. If the Falcons continue the Pro Ryan campaign, then some one will trade to two to get him and leave Dorsey in our laps.
  8. Arthur wants a Franchise Quarterback to be the new face of this franchise. He talked about it all year long after Vick went to prison. The buzz around the Jets, Chiefs, Ravens, and Panthers being in love with Ryan is going to cause Arthur to make the call. I am also pretty sure that Arcosi is assisting blank in this decision. Although many people on this board still feel that TD is calling the shots, Blank and Arcorsi will make the call with the first pick. We remember how Arcorsi traded picks to get to Elli Manning.
  9. I watch all of Brohm's games last year and there was a representative from the Ravens at every games. Reportedly the Scouts and the front office are in love with Brohm. Baltimore can not afford to wait until the second round because Brohm, Flacco, and Henne will be long gone. They are going to pull the trigger on a quarterback. Ryan is a lock to either the Jets or the Chiefs. A decision is going to have to be made on whether or not we take a quarterback early or wait later
  10. We did not work out Jamaal Anderson last year but he was still drafted top 8
  11. It is almost a lock that Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey are going 1 and 2. The teams are yet to be determined. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and Adam Sheffer have confirmed that they are one and two. Sed Ellis would be the Falcon's draft pick over Matt Ryan. Sed and Dorsey are the only two player that play the three techniqueunder tackle in the 4-3. Pat Kirwan stated on Sirius yesterday that you have to draft a three technique tackle when you have the chance. He listed Detroit and Kansas City as teams who defenses have struggled due to not having a three technique tackle. Since Murlarkey is running a si
  12. Paul Boudreau has already started to see things that the previous administration missed:Justin Blalock- Dude was a beast in college at RT. He played in power run game with Texas and opened a lot of holes for Vince and a slew of running backs. Petrino comes in places him at left guard where he has to deal with stunts and blitzes. If Tyson Clabo can play RT, then Justin can be a Pro Bowler Quinn Ojinnaka- The most athletic lineman we have on the team and the best feet. Now we move him to Left Guard to pull and deal with stunts. It is amazing that after Paul watched film it was obvious that Blalo
  13. Birds of Prey, Please refer to the John Clayton article that AB is pushing TD to draft Dorsey. This is confirmed by Peter King stating that Falcon management flew to Baton Rouge on Saturday.
  14. There is no way that Blank is going to let a first year GM along with a rookie coach make that decisions. He will consult with Arcosi after obtaining intel from TD. Whoever we pick will be Blank's decision. It was blank and mckay that overulled Petrino and took Jamaal over Okoye last year.
  15. Compares To: JOHN ABRAHAM-Atlanta...Both players rely on a perfect blend of strength and suddenness off the snap to wreak havoc in the backfield. Gholston has a relentless motor in pursuit. If he had more on-field experience, he could be an outstanding linebacker at the next level. However, with teams looking for hybrid Cover-2 pass rushers, he is perfectly capable of impacting the backfield coming off the edge or dropping back into the zone to cover vs. the pass. He is still a raw talent that gets by on his athletic ability, but in a few years, with patient coaching and more experience, he ha
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