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  1. I cant waits to see who win it this weak!
  2. I has a questions: Why do the Falcon haves a flat top hair? That be the worst, most outdate hair they is!
  3. That sound like my Auntie Esther after she get $4000 back child credit on her tax refuns. She spends it by the nex day, yo!
  4. If you thinks this be funny, then you gay dog:
  5. It terrify me that Muslim may takes over the world. They be so intolerant of womens and other culture and belief. They have strict law about premarry sex and they makes they womens wear too much close.
  6. This be good news. I hope he come to Louisvilles!
  7. I gess sum of you has a problems with a brotha doing it. VEry racists.
  8. do this be Payton Mannings who post here?
  9. Thanks Ninenickle- you looks buff in you pic. You been takes steroid?
  10. I tole you fool 2 year ago that he will leads us to promise land!
  11. Thighs like what, what, what IT'S RUSS DIGGITY MUTHA****IN DOGG!
  12. This thread remind me of that guy Iowashorses. He post the lamest story all the times. Where he be now?
  13. You guys dont wanna mess wit da dawg, e sick the dog pound on yo ***!
  14. RussdiggityDawgs, you be my hero, yo. Maybe we can kick it old schools some times! You da illest!
  15. Here be mines, yo: 1.2pac - All Eyez On Me - kumbaya 2.Biggie - Life After Death - Zipadee Dooda 3.Naughties by Natures - The Big Picture - Hips Hops Hoorays 4.Nas - It Was Written - Represent 5.Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death - Time's Up
  16. Yo RussdiggityDog, what up my dog???? Yo yo yo!
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