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  1. I agree with most of this assessment. The ST will be a factor. I trust Matt Bryant vs Everybody. The problem is their scheme can outwit opposing Ds. This is somewhat true; however, Shanny was the best and is still the best at outwitting opposing Ds. We battled Shanny in practice for 2 years. DQ and Manuel know where the Ds weakness is located. One thing for sure, Kyle exploited it in practice. McVay is good and he’s cut from that same cloth but he’s no Shanny. The defense will be ready. We win a close one based on the kicker in this game. Go Falcons!
  2. Feels like Super Bowl week. All of the unknowns. The season is almost over. Eerily similar, did Free roll up on Mack again on the fumble (butt fumble)?
  3. Another holding on 75 against 59, wouldn’t have affected the play. However, no different when Free got loose and Matthews was called for holding
  4. This team was causing these same feelings last year. We were just outscoring everyone and letting them back in the game late.
  5. Personally I thought he ran too much which affected some of his throws. Especially the one in the red zone to Hardy. He wasn’t able to drive the ball without his legs.
  6. Special Teams is the key. Sean Payton will have a punt block or fake punt in this game. We need to be ready. Maybe an onside kick. Just prepare for it.
  7. I’m waiting on a few customers to call back with interest. I’m traveling now to Atlanta.
  8. I’m in town for work. Huge Falcons fan. Only need 1 ticket. Would I have to purchase both?