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  1. Go Rams
  2. We want the Cowboys to win the NFC East since we beat Washington head to head. The Eagles beat us but they are falling apart. So I’m cheering for the Falcons and Cowboys to beat the Saints
  3. I really hope Oliver can hold down the one of the outside CB positions. Either Tru or Alford (prefer Alford) on the inside would be an upgrade
  4. You would think Veterans like Matt, Julio or Sanu studied tape on the Eagles secondary to notice the problem with rub routes. Don’t the players get cut ups prior to the game. Someone should have been in Sarks ear. Just ****
  5. I think Knapp is there to help Matt so Sark doesn’t have to be the QB coach too. He was the QB coach babysitter last year. He’s gone and replaced by Knapp. This is offense is about to be fire this year (maybe not 2016 but very close)