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  1. Just following your lead. You came to OUR message board taunting the below. Stay classy. "acting like you didn't get punked in the playoffs last year, is pretty pathetic as well.....Tell me again how long ago you won a Lombardi?" "Talk to me when you win a Lombardi, which won't be anytime soon" Yes, why, OP is a phaggot.
  2. This thread and the OP is a load of BS, as are the twinks that think like the OP. "I am calling a loss this weekend and with that I ask IF we go 0-2 (Which we will)"
  3. Case in point, I 1-starred this thread. You probably 5-starred it. EDIT: this thread http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3985191-after-the-rams-game-if-we-go-0-2-expectations-for-the-remainder-of-the-season/
  4. Props to you for defending our team against a Rams troll who wants all of us to expect defeat on Sunday. Moron's gonna moron.
  5. I bet if the Falcons win you will be nowhere to be found. Can't wait to see the Rams lose with SJAX being the key lol
  6. How much longer before you can take that sig and avy off....
  7. That doesn't help prove your point. The offense caused the D to be on the field for too long. Those boys were gassed. A decent running game and we win that game.
  8. Definitely crickets lol I respect the **** out of clownorg but I disagree completely that if, for instance, Mike Smith were to kick the bucket next off season that we would plummet to pre-2008 status. Mike Smith is a good coach and I don't want him fired. But he has shown his stupidity on more than one occasion. But like someone else said, SJAX catches that TD pass and this thread doesn't exist.
  9. Rich. Put a player who SHAMED the organization into the Ring of HONOR.
  10. As of now that's exactly what I want in the early rounds of course. Trenches and LB.
  11. Trying to think of a tougher one. Help me out, Mrs. Davis.
  12. Right now we gotta worry about Baker being injury prone...phuck this schit.
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