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  1. Yep. I would pay a DE $10 million a year for that type of production
  2. That's not what I mean Cap. I'm not talking about him saying he was going to leave Utah. I don't know Snead. Never have talk to Snead. He could be a liar. I don't know. I know Urban. I've talked to a lot of coaches, players, even my own teammates. Urban is a liar. And with the gang stuff. I'm very sensitive about that. Because gangs was apart of my life. And you don't have to be a gang member to be apart of hip hop. That's an image people want to give off because they think it's cool. I remember when I was 11 I walk to a store off Crenshaw I was wearing a red shirt and almost got killed for that. But your right. He is smart enough to realize it was dumb.
  3. It's very hard to go undefeated in the NFL. Only 1 team has ever done it. So I would say it's harder to win a Super Bowl than a NC. Like I said in the NFL the players are bigger and faster. The worst team in the NFL (Rams) would beat Alabama right now by 3 TD's or more. But I do understand your point
  4. I didn't know about the gun. My mistake. But you don't even know how serious it is to false claim a gang. I grew up in L.A. I've had friends murdered because they did that. It's so stupid to claim a gang and throw up their sign. DUMB!
  5. The proof is my own two eyes. The **** proof is when Urban was the HC at Utah he lied to 10 of my teammates. This isn't something I make up because I don't care for him. Urban doesn't pay my bills or take care of my family. What reason would I have to lie about what Urban does or don't do? I knew Urban before you guys at UF even knew he was a good coach. I have been knowing Urban (not on a personal level) since I was 16 years old. The man lies to recruits. And I believe Snead because what reason would he have to lie? Because he is scared of competition. That's why he lied huh?
  6. Carroll is about to make $7 million a year as the Seahawks coach. What coach makes that much in college? And winning the National title isn't even the same as winning the Super Bowl. The NFL is a much harder league with better players. That's like saying winning the BCS title is the same as winning the FCS national title. Also it's the NFL policy to give players and coaches bonuses if they make the playoffs and Pro Bowl. Not including what some coaches have in their contracts with regards to bonuses. But your right it is my opinion.
  7. They would have to pay him $21 million if they tag him again. No player is worth that much. The only way they tag him is if they know they can trade him.
  8. I understand about the pay. But winning the Super Bowl>>>Winning a National Championship. And plus in the NFL, you have so many bonuses with going to the playoffs, going to the pro bowl, going to the Super Bowl in the end it pays more. Not to mention you can get that pension once you retire. None of that can happen in college.
  9. actually it was $17 million. But that's not the point. He said his production would drop if he got a huge contract. I just proved him wrong. And Peppers has had 1 bad year. And for $10 million a year I would love to get him in ATL.
  10. Two of your recruits are throwing up gang signs and holding an automatic weapon. Posing and trying to act like a gangsta. And this is the image that the University of Florida wants to uphold? Seems like winning and making money is all that matters there.
  11. No need to call the person a punk. He was an 18 year old kid at the time. But I will tell you who is a punk. That would be Urban Meyer. Why would Snead have to lie? Urban lies lies and keep lying. Yet most UF fans are too ignorant to know it. Sad actually.
  12. He got a massive contract this year and his production went up
  13. I guess if USC recruited wannabe gangsters and criminals like UF than perhaps we would have an all star recruiting class. Or if we lied to recruits telling them we are recruiting a QB to play LB, than we would be just like you guys. But alas we aren't.
  14. Had Suggs to. Dang how did I not win the Championship
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