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  1. Say it aint so......The falcons are playing on CBS along with the Jaguars/Patriots game. The listings have us watching the Jags/Pats today. I just don't get how the Jags are priority even though we are out of the 75 mile radius of Jacksonville
  2. He's absolutely right, Im here in Savannah and I tried to listen to 790the zone yesterday and I heard these same terds saying the exact same thing. I had to check the sidebar to see exactly what show I was listening to. Its ususally Brandon Adams and some other guy but that was not the case yesterday. I even heard one of the guys say that he's been in the city for about 3 years and he roots for atlanta when they are doing good but he is a redskins fan. They were bashing Ryan saying last year is basically his ceiling.
  3. what we would need is for NY to go 2-2 including today and Dallas to go 1-3 including today( they are trailing 10-3 at this moment.
  4. Atlanta 3-0 NYG 2-2(including today) Dallas(1-3)including today) If dallas go 2-2 we are out regardless.
  5. Drew Brees and the Saints. What a slap in the face for Drew Brees to say. " look at the stands, there are more saints fans in here, this is OUR HOUSE, we win we get the bye week". Wow so is he basically saying we own the falcons and we now own the Ga dome
  6. Why are u embarrassed for the players. They knew what it was going to be just like you and I did. They could have countered that by doing what they are paid millions of dollars for and thats compete. And you can't honestly say that the team that trotted out there yesterday competed in any phase of the game. It seems as if they loss when they knew Ryan would be out and that was on Monday of last week. I would be embarrassed by them because I am a Falcon fan of 32 yrs, my point being all these people saying they are embarrassed b/c of the crowd behavior is asinine. The crowd has two options either cheer or boo. The home team gave them every reason to BOO and the opposing team had something that they could actually cheer for. Again dont get mad at the fans get mad at this organization who we support. I know I would have been there if I didnt have to sell my season tickets due to my job layoff. Mr. Blank, Mr. Dimitroff, and Mr. Smith are the people we need to hold accountable for this debacle. I hope they are up to the challenge this week, I mean the opposing team is only 12-0
  7. Why do I keep hearing people say they were embarrassed. Why are u embarrassed at the fans when the only people you need to be embarrassed by are the players. I know I am. Think for a moment that if the game was competitive would you be hearing the chants........NO!!!!! Even though people came to see Vick, the majority would be focused on the game and McNabb would not have been pulled at the start of the 4th quarter. However, since Coach Smith, BVG and the rest of the coaches and front office staff didnt have the player prepared, it became a blowout which then allowed McNabb to get pulled and for the spectacle known as MV7 to begin. And you are lucky that it only lasted one series b/c if Vick had not hurt is thumb on the drive, the score would have ended up 41-7
  8. my point is what makes you think they were all falcon fans. Some people bought tickets just to see Vick and other bought tickets because they are Eagles fans. Like I said and its obvious everyone not because the fans were cheering for the Eagles its simply due to Vick being a part of the Eagles. I didn't hear anyone complaining about the fanbase when the steeler came in here in 2006 and took over as well as when the Cowboys fans did the same thing in 2007. Next week there will probably more Saints fans in the building the Falcon fans, you know why they have an interesting product on the field and people will want to see it, it happens. This team should try to bring some real talent in here and stop trying to think they are the New England Patriots. Even New England never tried to compete with a secondary of first and second year players. You must have some veteran leadership. Oh thats right we did pick up Brian Williams, but guess what he got injured, now what. So you may want to think about selling your tickets if you are not willing to be a part of it.
  9. How dare you come to the game and root for the opposing team. What a disgrace to the city of denver and the organization. I hate bandwagon fans. LOL Falcon fans just calm down, this is nothing new **** it happened in 2006 when the Steeler came here but I didn't here much of an uproar, its only because of Mr Vick being on the opposing team is what have you guys in an uproar. **** you knew what it was going to be when Vick signed with the Eagles, therefore you had more than 3 months to decide if you wanted to be a part of the spectacle
  10. Well i got this info from this site. It actually goes from 2009 to 2014
  11. After going through the 4th toughest schedule in the league, we dont seem to get a much of a break. Even though we are facing the NFC West and AFC North and one opponent from the NFC North and NFC East. Just based on the teams records from this year. Except for Cleveland, there might not be any cupcakes on the schedule. The 49ers would probably be on track and Cinci and Baltimore and we all know Pitt will be ready to play. So if you're complaining this year, just get ready to complain more but just hope we dont have 4 teams coming off byes. Home Carolina New Orleans Tampa Arizona St. Louis Cincinnati Baltimore NFC North Road Carolina New Orleans Tampa Seattle San Francisco Cleveland Pittsburg NFC East
  12. All of you guys are so lame!!!!! This pic was photoshopped and the clown that took this from mediatakeout.com is such a loser. They post pics from years ago and post it as if it happened yesterday. Fail
  13. Yes i was hoping they could possibly pull out the division. Remember about three years ago, the saints got off to a hot start going like 6-0 and then ended like 10-6 or 11-5. They will lose and they will lose more than 2, however this team is playing like crap. Everyone will put some blame on Matt, but in reality he deserves all of the blame. The defense is what we thought it would be, the was giving the weapons to elevate himself to be one of he elite qb's but that has not happened. YKW took us to the NFC Champ game with Trevor Gaylor, Quentin McCord, and a bunch of other no names and a defense that was maybe worse than what we have now. SO MATT ITS ON YOU, IM WATCHING YOU ON SUNDAY MAN THE F%%K UP
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