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  1. I am dead serious about Paul Johnson. Also, I think the medical attention is needed in Flowery Branch - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is defined as insanity. This Paul Johnson idea has the potential very little downside risk (we just went 10-22 over last two seasons) and has high rewards. When all else fails - Think!
  2. I agree, no McDaniel. I created the below topic and for some reason it was deleted. As a 25 year season ticket holder and 46 year fan, I'd like to understand why... Okay, its time for the ATL Falcons to think outside the box. I believe Paul Johnson and the triple O would be an excellent choice for the Falcons. Agreed, we need defensive help also, but hear me out. This is why PJ and the triple O would work. 1) Defenses in the NFL are built to defend the pass. 2) Tackling has all but been banned in the NFL (ATL Arm Tackling League) and defenses would be quickly worn down. 3) Its radic
  3. Ralphie would be a terrific move! I actually wanted him instead of Smitty at the time. Never saw a better play caller or a guy who can get the most out of mediorce talent at any level...
  4. ANYBODY but #21, the most selfish, all about me player the Falcons ever had. Still waiting to see his first form tackle. His induction is a disgrace to all former, current and Falcon players to be, not to mention the fans. Auther Blank - Tear down that Rag from the rafters !!!
  5. Hm... Jagger, maybe they named him after the drink of the day when he was concieved - Jaggermeister
  6. Aundry Bruce can rest in peace now. This is the biggest blunder in frachise history. At least Aundry only cost us 1 pick.
  7. Easy answer, No, No, No, No, dumbest thing I have ever seen... One the bright side, I think parking just got better.
  8. We'll said in my 40 years of being a fan, this one takes the cake, angry and sad...
  9. Congrats Brian!!!, you left it all on the field and played it the way it was suppose to be. You are and have always been a class act both on and off the field. I remember Brian volunteering at my children's elementary school in Suwannee, and never being to busy to stop and say hi and thank you to this fan while he was buying jewelry for his wife at Christmas time. Or again saying thank you again when approaching him in Rite Aid while buying ibuprofen for those knees during his rehab. Class Act with a capital C. Best of Luck Brain. Hoping to hear you on the 680 the fan or maybe in the booth!
  10. As a season ticket holder going back to the days at Fulton County stadium, I used to enjoy the hot sun and cold beer. However back then you could bring in a couple thermoses filled with your own beer, and food from tailgating, and there was plenty of space for parking as well. That was great. Give me that and I’d go for it. However, I’m not sure the new place will have the tailgating facilities, nor the ability to carry in your own concessions. So, as far as I’m concerned if were gonna be treated like movie theater patrons, then lets watch it in a movie theater (ie. Dome). Personally, I’
  11. Hm… Not really concerned about his weight and dat big ace is big asset no pun intended. The problem I have with him is being the 'Churner'. Its like he loafs up to the line of scrimmage standing straight up, and starts churning his legs looking for an arm tackle break out of. How about hitting the dag dum hole with some authority, playing underneath his pads and using dat big ace to explode up and thru people? At his stature, 5-11 and 245 lbs, he be a monster nobody would be able to tackle… Just image #31 in that frame. Come on Turner, chin up, butt down and run the ball!
  12. Best Idea yet. It’s a disgrace to all previous and future Falcon players for him to be in the ROH. The most self centered, ‘all about me’ player to ever put on the Red and Black. I’d take it a step further - he don’t belong in the HOF. One dimensional coverage corner who has yet to make his first NFL form tackle. Also ran a couple punt and kickoff’s back when he wasn’t holding out or doing some baseball gig – perhaps this why he is so selfish in the first place (really a baseball player) He just don’t cut it in my book, for ROH or HOF.
  13. Agreed, on the predictability... However, I can tell ya why to blame Turner 'churner', not 'burner' – He hits the hole standing straight up. If he would ever learn to hit the hole and play underneath his pads like Snelling he would be unstoppable. This business of hitting hole standing straight up has got to stop... Come on Smitty how about some Oklahoma drills for him...
  14. Have to agree, play calling was way too predictable... If I can tell my son, the next play from section 228, there is a problem...
  15. Amen, Congrats and WTG Authur, Smitty, the entire coaching staff, and every man on the 53 man roster and practice squad. You make us proud to be fans of the Atlanta Falcons!
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