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  1. I agree with this. I'd kick the tires on resigning Beasley on a team-friendly, incentive-laden contract. I'd throw the rest at Demarcus Lawrence (if not tagged), Frank Clark, or Trey Flowers. Then I would draft a mid-round DE like Jaylon Ferguson for development.
  2. He is a unicorn, and I like unicorns. I believe that (if the coaches are as good as they think they are), then you draft the players who have obvious height/weight/speed/strength advantages. Take the freaks and mold them into football players. Davis would be a great fit. I too believe that we should double dip, and wouldn't mind picking up Buggs/ Beckner/ Russell/ etc. in a later round as well.
  3. It was a great play; however, I remember him being king of the unproductive bubble screen as well. Not to mention a really poor rushing/blocking scheme. I be fair and admit that the run game was affected by subpar talent.
  4. Seems like people are totally forgetting about Koetter's predictability in crunch time. I haven't forgotten about his poor play calling in the clutch. Kubiak is the clear answer. after that, I'd be looking at coordinators that no one has mentioned yet.
  5. Some of you should re-watch that game. Beasley received extra attention all day. He was either doubled or chipped on most of his rush opportunities. He hasn't played well this year, but the NO game is not one to judge him on.
  6. Single high is predicated on the front 4 stopping the run and generating pressure. We don't do that, and that's why it isn't working.
  7. We definitely need more edge talent, but your best defensive players haven't been on the field. The scheme is built around those guys. Everyone knew that the offense would need to be lights out yesterday. If anything, the play of the OL and RB's in pass pro was atrocious yesterday. We have been asking for an investment in blue chip O-Linemen in the draft for years. That's where Dimitroff consistently fails. In a game like yesterday, we should have been able to control the clock. We couldn't, so we got whipped.
  8. Come on, man. Prior to the injuries, we were projected to have a top 10 defense. Sometimes the cards just don't fall the right way.
  9. This also shows how much you miss Deion Jones in coverage.
  10. This should have been a back shoulder throw. Plenty of room between Julio and the pilon. DB was lined up to the inside and behind Julio. It would have been an easy 6.
  11. Ha'Loi Kikaha Lorenzo Mauldin Trent Thompson Kevin Dodd (Re-unite him with his teammates and put him in the right position as DE) Leonte Caroo Joe Ostman Kony Ealy
  12. I saw this on twitter last night. I love this guy's work. Is he a board member?
  13. That same description was used for Grady Jarrett during his draft commentary.
  14. That's Kenny Osuwah (the assistant equipment manager).
  15. Make Hall a LB. He was known for his striking ability at Texas.
  16. Just as a comp to Debo's & Duke's Pro Day: Deion Jones 6'-0 7/8", 221 4.38 & 4.42 40 35.5" Vert 10' 0" Broad 4.26 Shuttle Duke Riley 6' 0 3/8" 4.65 & 4.64 40 34.5" Vert 10' 2" Broad 4.56 shuttle I'd say that's about as close of a comp as you can get. Guys, meet your backup MLB, or even starting WLB. His measurables are better than Duke's, and he's slightly more explosive than Deion. On numbers (and one highlight film) alone, this could be a whale of a steal.
  17. A couple of things: As stated, we go BPA. Josh Jackson solves a nickel problem by kicking Rocky or Tru inside. I used several big boards in consideration. PJ Hall is listed in every round except the 1st. Who knows where he lands. Callaway is a wild card. He could be a day two pick. He could go undrafted. Fullbacks are typically undrafted. I'm expecting these particular ones not to be. Bellamy is projected as a 7 round choice or PFA by a bunch of people (including nfl.com). I see him getting lost in the sauce, as there is no one thing he does really well. I fully expect to fill out the LB roster with vet min guys. Same as last year. Expecting Duke to play better, and Ishmael to see more time there too.
  18. Projections have been all over the place, so I assumed that none of the first round DT's that we want fall to us. We stay put and go BPA. 1st Round - Joshua Jackson - CB (Lockdown corner making our secondary extremely dangerous) 2nd Round - Rasheem Green - DE/DT (Our Bennett clone. More ball aware than Bryan, and only a little lighter. DE in base and kicks inside on rush downs) 3rd Round - Tim Settle - DT - (Our new 1 technique. Plays with great pad level and explosion off the line. Nathan Shepard is the alternate pick here). 4th Round - Kalen Ballage - RB (Big/fast Teco replacement. for 2019. Could be used in short yardage this year) 6th Round - Antonio Callaway - WR - (First round talent who will straighten up in our locker room. Our 3rd receiver and returner from day 1) 7A Round - PJ Hall - DT (Grady clone with freak numbers) 7B Round - Jordan Akins - TE (Underrated TE prospect from a good program) Priority Free Agents - Riley Ferguson, Nick Bawden, JD Moore, Davin Bellamy
  19. I'd make a few changes, but wouldn't be made at this at all.
  20. You just let go of two DE's (Clayborn & Shelby). You've got to replace that.
  21. Look at the tape. The combine should never trump the tape. He plays with great pad level, and explodes off of the ball. I'd go so far as to say that Tremaine Edmunds was helped greatly by Settle's play. LOOK AT THE TAPE!!!!!!!
  22. Mayock had him graded as the #1 nickel corner in the draft last year.
  23. 1st example .........Jalen Collins. However, I would take a flyer on Wilkinson on a prove it deal. I also want Antonio Callaway from Florida in the mid to late rounds of the draft.
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