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  1. 1 hour ago, autigerfan said:

    No doubt he is better than what we have currently.  I'm starting to think taking our lumps with Mayfield may not be the worst option.  If Henny takes a step forward and Matthews should be able to help him to not embarrass himself.  It will be ugly at times, but might as well see what he has. 

    Agreed. If he is the future of that position here, then let him take his lumps and learn on the job. He will look different next to the ones anyway.

  2. 22 hours ago, autigerfan said:

    Bullard is an interesting pick.  His career appeared to be on life support but he is currently penciled in as a starter.  I personally hope Marlon Davidson rises to the occasion as I think he has a higher upside and can be a force alongside Grady.  This staff doesn't care where you were drafted though for sure. 

    Coming out of UF, Bullard was supposed to be a beast. Injuries and bad luck have hurt him. I'm hoping he can turn it around here.

  3. Matt Ryan with time has always been a killer. The problem is that we've always ran shoddy lines out in front of him. It's not a coincidence that (in the years where his OL has performed well), we've made deep runs in the playoffs.

    Matt isn't my favorite QB, but we can win with him. We've got to get the trenches right.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Beef said:

    I’m so sick of DLed. Yet again he was on the radio spewing ignorant drivel. This time with Dukes & Bell.

    They ask him about Grady and he says Grady won’t fit in the 3-4 because he’s never played NT, and he’s supposedly also not right for a 3-4 DE either. And as a result DLed believes Grady wants to leave and TF is likely shopping him or will let him walk in FA.

    What a crock.  Grady has easily played 30-35% of his total snaps in the 0-1i technique in DQ’s 4-3 Under formation.  That’s effectively a NT just with different jargon. So we’re talking thousands of snaps at NT in his career.

    Not to mention, a 3-4 DE typically plays between the 3-5 technique. And Grady has played thousands of snaps at all those, too. Mostly the 4i.

    Grady has rushed every freaking inside gap and faced every position on an OL while consistently facing double-teams, too.  It’s just asinine to suggest all this changes simply because we call our scheme a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 Under.

    DLed also keeps insisting that it’s going to put us $13m over the cap to sign our draft class.  The guy doesn’t even know that only the top-51 are counted, and that only the top-5 draftees cost enough to fit in the top-51, and they only cost ~$6.2m after you drop the bottom-5 off the top-51.

    So he’s STILL going on the radio saying we pretty much have to trade Julio because there’s no other way to free up $13 million. And now he’s also saying Grady likely gone soon too because he doesn’t fit the 3-4.

    How does this insufferable ignorant clown have this job?!?

    If Aaron Donald fits in the 3-4, then so does Grady. DLed is taking too many cues from the Terence Moore playbook. It's less about real news or actual football knowledge and more about a headline or hot take. I get it. Controversial comments bring more attention to the articles and interviews. It's just tiring.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Artys Arryn said:

    JOK at SS would be really nice. 

    That said, in this same scenario I'd rather have Jaycee Horn. He's not that far behind Surtain for me. 

    As for compensation, I want 3 1sts and some boot. As some have stated, those 1s will not be top 10 picks so their value isn't as high as other teams. 

    I agree. In this mock I'd grab Horn or Fairley at 15. I could even live with Harris, Moehrig, or a pass rusher. LB is the strength of our defense right now.


  6. There is other talent at 15 that would be better value and fit. If it fell like this, there's no way that we pass on Fairley. If there is a run on edge prospects, I can see Basham with 2a, but we'd go safety with 2b. According to this mock, Grant and Holland would be there.

  7. 16 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

    Well if Lance falls to the 4th I would be happy to see him drafted, but not at 4th overall. Even to your point if we traded down quite a bit or traded up to late round one I could find it easier to swallow.

    The more I analyze this draft, trading down is the way to go. I'd target Denver as a partner first. If not them, I'd look to San Fran and then New England. The middle rounds of this draft are where the real treasure lies. I'd try to hit our trade partner pretty hard.

  8. Criticisms sound a lot like Dak Prescott's coming out of college. Dallas got a lot of value with that pick. GM's are scared to miss like that again. It's the reason why guys like Jordan Love went in the first on previous years. He may slip out of the top 15, but will definitely go in the first round.

  9. I would do flips on the trade scenarios if they were to happen. All those 2nd and 3rd rounders would help us tremendously.

    With that said, if Lance is on the board at 13, I'd take him. That's decent value for a guy with that sort of upside. There are several corners who will be 2nd rounders that could do a great job (Samuel, Melifonwu, Adebo, Williams, etc.).

  10. 51 minutes ago, Goober Pyle said:


    To me, this is a fail for Matt. All of the action was in the center of the field. As soon as he saw Adams breaking so hard, he should have been keyed in on the slot receiver running a post corner. That was an easy 6, and Matt had time to make that read. Adams ran at Julio directly after the snap. There was zero hesitation. Matt has to see that. If Matt makes that read a couple of times, the safety will get indecisive, because he's forced to choose and he knows that Matt is keyed on him. That's what made Shanny's scheme great. Shanny would have also used motion to make the read easier. One of the safeties would likely have declared coverage pre-snap.

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