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  1. Falcons' Mount Rushmore should only have the players who are/will be HOF's. Prime Humphrey Julio Ryan I've got lots of love for Nobis, Kenn, Tuggle, Abe, Andrews, Bartkowski, and Roddy; but I'm not sure any of them make it into the hall.
  2. the DHop trade set the standard at a 2nd, a player, and a pick swap (4ths). If the team isn't willing to give up the right player, I don't see why we can't squeeze a 1st out of it.
  3. If Aaron Donald fits in the 3-4, then so does Grady. DLed is taking too many cues from the Terence Moore playbook. It's less about real news or actual football knowledge and more about a headline or hot take. I get it. Controversial comments bring more attention to the articles and interviews. It's just tiring.
  4. I can dig it, but I'd use our last 6th rounder to get a plugger DT like Slaton or Tonga. I'd pick a different safety with our third, but agree with your logic. Holland is my guy if he falls that low.
  5. I agree. In this mock I'd grab Horn or Fairley at 15. I could even live with Harris, Moehrig, or a pass rusher. LB is the strength of our defense right now.
  6. He's a Grady Jarrett clone. I'd definitely pull the trigger if he's there in the 5th.
  7. There is other talent at 15 that would be better value and fit. If it fell like this, there's no way that we pass on Fairley. If there is a run on edge prospects, I can see Basham with 2a, but we'd go safety with 2b. According to this mock, Grant and Holland would be there.
  8. Denver will be looking to get into the top 4. Sounds like trade down time to me.
  9. The more I analyze this draft, trading down is the way to go. I'd target Denver as a partner first. If not them, I'd look to San Fran and then New England. The middle rounds of this draft are where the real treasure lies. I'd try to hit our trade partner pretty hard.
  10. Criticisms sound a lot like Dak Prescott's coming out of college. Dallas got a lot of value with that pick. GM's are scared to miss like that again. It's the reason why guys like Jordan Love went in the first on previous years. He may slip out of the top 15, but will definitely go in the first round.
  11. I would do flips on the trade scenarios if they were to happen. All those 2nd and 3rd rounders would help us tremendously. With that said, if Lance is on the board at 13, I'd take him. That's decent value for a guy with that sort of upside. There are several corners who will be 2nd rounders that could do a great job (Samuel, Melifonwu, Adebo, Williams, etc.).
  12. The ones that I like have already been called out in this thread. I'd double down. McNeil will likely be a 2-3 round pick, but Slaton could slide to the 6th. I'd grab both of them, as I think McNeil is very much like Grady and has some position flexibility.
  13. This is fantastic. I would look very hard at Trey Lance, but I get why you'd do this. You checked every box.
  14. I'd love this. I'm with @RING OF HONOR on this one. If you can get a 1st for Julio, sell while the value is high. A guy like Patrick Jones may slide, and you can get a servicible DE in the late first.
  15. Patrick Jones II would be my guy. I think he has the talent to sneak into the 1st round. I'd definitely take him in the 2nd.
  16. I like many of the players, but I don't think your round projection is anywhere close.
  17. I think that Quinn and Shanahan had a tenuous relationship. I also believe that Raheem Morris was moved to offense to keep an eye on Shanahan, as Quinn and Shanahan likely had poor communication. The offense was on Shanahan Island, and Quinn didn't want a guy like Lafluer to continue operating that way. It's a pride problem.
  18. To me, this is a fail for Matt. All of the action was in the center of the field. As soon as he saw Adams breaking so hard, he should have been keyed in on the slot receiver running a post corner. That was an easy 6, and Matt had time to make that read. Adams ran at Julio directly after the snap. There was zero hesitation. Matt has to see that. If Matt makes that read a couple of times, the safety will get indecisive, because he's forced to choose and he knows that Matt is keyed on him. That's what made Shanny's scheme great. Shanny would have also used motion to make the read easier. One of the safeties would likely have declared coverage pre-snap.
  19. That was several days ago and he's fine. The next day McClure said he looked good in practice. All is well.
  20. 60 TD's is insurmountable. Manning is #1 with Ryan at a close #2.
  21. This is absolutely correct, but you can win both ways. I wouldn't call Pete Carroll a strategist either, but he surrounded himself with great coaches and personnel. Quinn is literally copying that model, and was a victim of his own success. Quinn's biggest downfall was his pride in retaining Shanahan disciples. Had he done that, I doubt that this would even be a conversation. With that being said, the only way to future-proof your team is to hire a strategist. They know their system as good (if not better) than their coordinators, so it doesn't matter as much if staff leaves. This is what makes Belichick, Sean Peyton, and Andy Reid so good. I was hoping for that defensively with Quinn, but it's now obvious that his success as a coordinator in Seattle was due to a unique blend of talent that was perfect for the cover 3/ 4-3 under.
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